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Sales Director and NSD Suits 2022

Mary Kay Inc. held its first in-person cult indoctrination session in two years! It was Leadership Conference, and it was held in Atlanta. This is where all sales directors and national sales directors gather for “training” and motivation. The event is billed as very exclusive, so those who are at red jacket or team leader level are strongly encouraged to go for directorship so they can attend too.

At this event, they always reveal the new suits (i.e. uniforms) for the seminar year that starts July 1. The current suits, pink for NSDs and blue floral, have been in circulation since the July 2020. But they were worn very little due to the lack of in-person events because of COVID-19. After two years of these suits, however, it’s time to get rid of them and get some new ones. In the past, the suits changed every year, but I notice in the promo piece below that this director suit is slated to be worn 2022 to 2024.

The NSDs will be in for a cost of $1,200 to $1,500 for this suit, and sales directors can plan on shelling out $400 to $700 for their ensembles. Here are the new suits for 2022, with the NSD suit in aqua, and the sales director suit in a weird plaid that looks like upholstery for the second time in a row.


  1. BestDecision

    I haven’t seen one person yet look good in that tweed. They went to the GA Aquarium again last night, and I think it’s the third or fourth time they’ve used it as bait/incentive/ostracizing. It’s all gotten so boring! And there’s a complete emptiness in a lot of their eyes, which we never saw when I was still in.

    Did you see the horribly-fitted suit Ryan Rodgers wore? He doesn’t even give off the same vibe he used to. I think numbers are so far down that even he is feeling it.

    Next up…The speeches about more Gold Medals and a special luncheon. And then classes!

  2. AnonyMouse

    Hmmmmm every two years now. That’s telling. Of course Corporate (whassup, Corporate, how you doin’) will spin it to make it look like this is a positive thing.

    “Lead in tweed”. Um. Okay. Maybe if it’s a classic Chanel tweed. But this ain’t it.

    1. TRACY

      Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy the sales directors don’t have to spend as much with a requirement for an annual suit purchase.

      But imagine how funky those suits are going to be and how sick of them the directors will be.

      1. AnonyMouse

        I wonder if enough of them complained. 🤔 Difficult to say, since we know we won’t get the entire story. But yeah. Dry cleaners are gonna be getting a boost at least!

  3. stopscammingpeople

    my mouth literally dropped open when I saw these photos that sales director has messaged me so many times.. we went to hs together and haven’t talked in YEARS. From her post I thought these were like just oh look what I got for working for MK but they’re really paying for them? Oh no no no yikes

    1. Heather

      St. John’s does not always line their jackets since lining affects how the knitwear can stretch and move.

      I’m guessing that the skirt Jamie is wearing is her own and not part of the NSD clownhooker attire. And I still cannot get past how ill-fitting her shoes are.

  4. Peggy Hicks

    If I had to choose between the suits that have been worn the last couple of years & the new ones pictured above, the new ones win BY. A. MILE. I wouldn’t have been caught dead in the pink jacket because I look dead wearing pink, & the directors’ suits looked like someone either shot the couch or stole the drapes! And don’t get me started on the hideous styles!!! On the other hand, the aqua fabric is really pretty, & the tweed actually looks halfway decent. And the styles aren’t awful.

    However, there’s NO WAY I would pay $1,200 for a jacket that’s unlined, especially when wool is a major part of the fabric blend. The fabric itself isn’t worth that kind of money, & the jacket isn’t tailored to fit each woman. Jamie needs to go up a size for each of the jackets she modeled. They’re too snug around her upper arms.

    One thing that would go a very long way toward being stylish while saving money is for each woman to have a good quality black straight or A-line skirt that’s lined, along with a pair of lined black pants (yeah, I know the drill about wearing pants, but times have changed & IMHO, MK needs to get with the program). These two items, along with a pair of classic black pumps, never go out of style, & will work with any jacket MK comes up with. For many years, I made my own clothes & always lined my skirts, pants & jackets. Clothes that are lined wear better & last a long time. MK, you can do better!!

    End of sermonette!! (LOL)

    1. morningstar

      If you are a person who sews please stop one day and look at the quality of St John. Items need to be tailored and it is expected as part of the purchase. My friend was a manger for many years (and yes the MK ladies spent big bucks) at a St John Store in CO. It is called Santana Knit, which is basically a 3 season wool made in Mexico. Fabulous drape and is NOT scratchy wool. No need to line pieces, Inside each is the year is was made and the season. Never pay full price. 85% off is good. They are great professional clothes that you can roll up in a ball for travel business meetings and will not wrinkle. The items shown here will be very similar and on sale online in 6months. 2nd hand stores, always ask…

      1. Heather

        I have some St. John’s pieces I purchased many moons ago on massive clearance. I loved them immensely. The tailoring was easy to do at the store, particularly as many items were steamed to let in/out for fitting. They were soft and not itchy at all. When I did a major closet purge many years ago, I put them on consignment at a local designer consignment shop. They sold in a week.

    2. TRACY

      The whole point of a St. John’s jacket in this case is the prestige of the brand. The NSDs get to say they wear this luxurious, expensive suit. Joke is on them. YOU paid $1200-1500 for a freaking UNIFORM.

  5. BestDecision

    “You will not advance with a company you constantly question.” Those words from Pam Shaw are precise proof of the manipulation in process. She lectured everyone from the Leadership stage, and I’ve been in the audience and felt the scolding and shunning that happens there. She, of course, loves to manipulate further with scripture woven into whatever topic she’s on. “Book 10” every single month used to stress me out because I didn’t hit it month after month.

    So many NSDs, like Pam, would preach to us about Gold Medals, but they either weren’t doing them alongside us with the CURRENT market (not 20 years ago) or they’d never even done one at all (like Allison LaMarr revealed to us).

    The reason people question MK isn’t a matter of loyalty. It’s because their bottom line is either shrinking or non-existent. The sign of integrity, much like with physicians, is welcoming questions and critical thinking. This snippet alone from Leadership tells me that MK is being questioned a lot because women are smart, bad stories travel at the speed of the internet now, and numbers are dropping.

    Tell me: Did you ever question MK when you were selling a lot? When you were making money? What about when you were making that “executive income”?

    Cheers for the women who aren’t walking like ducklings or sheep to the slaughter in MK right now. May they listen to their gut and get the heck out of there now.

  6. BestDecision

    Felt it was time to revisit this since Dallas will be an explosion of it next month. Lets do something fun and cause some traffic here. What’s an old lipstick color you remember?

    I’ll start: “Cherries Jubilee”

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