NSD Monique Anthony’s Big Felony Charges

UPDATE: Monique Vallair Anthony was terminated by Mary Kay Inc., effective July 1, 2022.

Mary Kay Inc. always talks about integrity and the go-give spirit. Apparently that was not a consideration when the company appointed Monique Vallair Anthony as a national sales director last year.

Either the company didn’t know about Monique’s two big felony cases, or they did their due diligence and decided they didn’t care because Monique brings in money for them. And if Mary Kay didn’t know about this…. HI MARY KAY INC…. do better homework so Pink Truth members don’t have to do it for you.

You see, Monique Anthony’s real name is Earleana Monique Tafesse. She has also been known as Monique Vallair, Earleana Vallair, Earleana Mitchell, Monique Mitchell, and Monique Tafesse. Why on earth would she not use her given first name of Earleana? Maybe she doesn’t like her first name. Or maybe it’s because of the two big felonies she’s carrying for FRAUD. Yep, financial fraud. And one of the cases even involved Mary Kay!!!

The cases are both in Harris County, Texas. One charge is for making a false statement to obtain credit in the amount of $30k to $150k:

And the other is for theft equal to or greater than $200,000:

You can read all the details of the two cases of The Sate of Texas vs. Tafesse, Earleana M (now known as Monique Vallair-Anthony here.) But I’ll also sum up the cases for you. So interesting!

Monique Anthony living it up in Maui while her fraud victims wait to get repaid. I wonder how it felt to ask her probation officer for a travel permit?

It all started in 2013 when Monique went and bought a $42k Mercedes and used false information to get a loan. She said her income was over $100k and used a fake pay stub from I Bar Rio (which had been closed for 5 years) as proof of income.

Then she went and got a $5k cash advance, and filed a false police report claiming she was a victim of identity theft, and the debt was written off. Then she got $20k from a line of credit using the fake I Bar Rio pay stub again. She then went and used the fake I Bar Rio pay stub to get a BMW for $45k, and no payments were made.

The next year, 2014, our not-yet-nsd friend went and got $16k on a line of credit with the fake pay stub, and falsely reported that she was a victim of identity theft, and that debt was written off too. In 2015, Monique went and got another BMW, this time for $55k and with the fake I Bar Rio pay stub. She also got a credit card, ran up $7k of charges, and made no payments on either the car loan or the credit card. Monique then used a fake pay stub from the State of Texas to get a $20k loan, and did the whole “my identity was stolen” routine AGAIN to have the loan written off.

But my favorite part of the Earleana/Monique story is how she admitted to these crimes on May 22, 2016 and June 7, 2016 when she was questioned by police….. but in December 2016 she did it all over again. This time with a fake pay stub from Mary Kay Inc.

This scheme involved getting a loan for a $60k Mercedes Benz and a $7k personal loan, both using the fake Mary Kay pay stub.

Monique Vallair Anthony’s Champions National Area

In case you were wondering, the total that she conned banks and finance companies out of was almost $279k. They received some of their money back through payments and repossession and sale of the collateral.

The state wanted Earleana/Monique to spend some time in prison. But the end result was that Monique was put on 7 years of probation. I suspect the terms of the probation were that she had to have no new charges, and she had to pay back the creditors that she bilked. The state asked for restitution of $170,246. So every time Monique cons a new recruit into purchasing a big Mary Kay inventory package and gets a commission check, maybe the creditors are getting paid?

I’ll bet Monique’s sister nsds are all real proud of her! Mary Kay is a values-based company!!!

So what happened to the “highest standards of integrity” that Mary Kay had in their nsd contract?

Or in their Advance brochure?

Oh I’m sure that the story will be that she changed her life and it’s awful for me to bring this up. Nope. You’re on felony probation for financial crimes. You have no business being appointed nsd for a company that touts ethics every chance they get, and being in a position of trust when it comes to the money of recruits. I suppose Monique got herself to nsd with her fabulous skills at conning people into giving her money….



  1. Deferred adjudication of guilt = 7 years of probation?

    Se’s about to slide out of the probation, but it’s surprising that MK didn’t do a background check on an NSD-to-be.

          • I think so. Her bond was $100,000 which means she had to put down at least $10,000 cash to get out of jail. Must have taken a little time to gather up the funds.

            • Good thing most MK consultants have an ATM in their home with all the inventory they have.

            • Do we know how long she’s been in MK? Because I’m starting to wonder if all of the money and fraud was during DIQ time and/or building a downline to get to NSD. How much of that fraudulent cash was used to buy inventories and products to create units?

  2. Technically, she didn’t violate section 8.7! It says nothing about banks, car dealers and credit card companies. And the same with the other clause, which also refers only to Mary Kay.

  3. I wonder what Friday’s Pink Truth critic will think of the caliber of this NSD.

      • Out of curiosity, Tracy, have you investigated any of the other NSD’s? I wonder if others are similarly criminal-minded.

        • No, it takes too much time to investigate one, so I’d need a tip.

          This one is all the work of an anonymous tipster. Monique made somebody mad!!!!

            • The units would roll up to her senior nsd, if there is one. If there isn’t one, then they are just without an area, and belong to what they used to call “go give area.”

      • By happy coincidence, the link to last Friday’s article is just below this one: “A Few Bitter People”!

          • Ooooohhhh…what if we all looked really hard for other stories like this and get a writeup to Tracy so that maybe she can do a “countdown to seminar” expose? Like five or seven or however many separate things we can put together that can be posted one a day until seminar? But when does seminar start…do we have time?

  4. I don’t attach much weight to Earleana using her middle name (Monique). My late mother hated her given first name (which, coincidentally, sounded kind of like Earleana) and always went by her middle name.

    Fully half of my family goes (or went) by their middle names. I do. So does our son. My maternal grandfather did, and both of my wife’s parents did. Oh, and my step-mom did, too (she didn’t like her first name, either).

    None of us ever committed financial fraud, though.

      • You’re just not setting your goals high enough. you have to Think BIG & increase your deserve level.

      • And to do it multiple times in a very short period of time…that takes chutzpah. And experience, IMO.

    • You are correct about the prevalence of middle name usage, Nay, BUT! I can testify lol that having grown up in Minnesota, for me, that was not at all common or usual. When I moved south as an adult, oh yes, it became prevalent for sure. I was astonished at the number of -people who went by their middle names, and when I moved even further south, I found that many convicts do indeed use the routine of middle names as first names to their advantage in crimes. Some will have three or four lines of continued variations on their given names.

      So it’s not suspicious in itself, but it does help her fit even more firmly in the category of a name being manipulated for criminal purposes.

    • I wouldn’t normally think anything of it either. But it’s common for fraudsters to change their names often to fly under the radar. It seems a little convenient for me that she just happens to go by about 10 different combinations of first and last names.

  5. I always say that if you’re a successful MLMer, you are a successful scammer. Nice to see this scammer actually has some felony convictions under her belt.

    Pity about her mugshots. Seems Texas doesn’t make them easy to find if you’re under community supervision and not currently incarcerated.

    • “I always say that if you’re a successful MLMer, you are a successful scammer.”

      Well put Char. Successful MLMers are always on the lookout for ways to game the system. I was fascinated by Tracy’s old write-up on Primerica, and how one rep was recruiting poor, desperate young adults for the sole purpose of taking the recruits’ contact lists for himself, since there was a payout at the time for those contacts. That was his angle to exploit, since he probably realized getting his young, poor, naïve recruits to come in for job interview was one thing…but getting that demographic to buy life insurance would be nearly impossible. So he went after a group he knew he could get in the door, then went after their contacts (easy) instead of their wallets (nearly impossible).

      It looks like Monique has figured out some things as well…but these things were not just unethical, they happened to be illegal as well. I can’t imagine the Primerica guy getting arrested for stealing contact info from recruits. Monique, on the other hand, was engaged in true fraud…stealing real money from real businesses. She’s very, very lucky that she has not (yet) spent time behind bars.

      Why would anyone question whether she would be drawn to do things unethically (or illegally) at Mary Kay when she has repeatedly engaged in fraudulent dealings outside of Mary Kay? MLM seems like a perfect fit for this fraudster.

      It if looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

  6. Mary Kay Background Check.

    Question 1: Have you committed a felony, Y or N?

    *answers no*

    Question 2: Do you pinky swear


    Question 3: Have you ordered at least $600 this quarter?


    Background Check Passed

  7. I would LOVE to see a local news station in Dallas park themselves outside the corporate office and/or the convention center during the Diamond Seminar and start asking questions. Bring out one of your investigative reporters and see what kind of response corporate has about this!

    • I just read through the entire indictment. She was out on BOND when she committed the next round of fraud for the Mercedes and $7,000 loan!

      No wonder the DA wanted her to face jail time.

  8. I’m thinking that those financial institutions listed under “Restitution” in the link should know that she’s an MK NSD making bank and affording 5k in rent each month. I think they might like all their money back if she hasn’t yet settled. Apparently she can afford it.

    • What’s interesting is that it’s hard to garnish money from someone if they don’t get a traditional paycheck.

      However, in this case, I expect that her deferred prosecution agreement says that if she doesn’t pay all the money back, she goes to prison. So I think they’ll eventually get their money.

  9. I just realized how fun it would be to compare myself to Monique.

    Monique HAS a probation officer.
    Tracy USED TO BE a probation officer.

    Monique COMMITS fraud for a living.
    Tracy INVESTIGATES fraud for a living.

    I’m sure we have much more in common but I’m too busy rolling on the floor laughing….

    • My sister is currently a probation officer in WI, it seems the probation officers in TX are way more relaxed with their people than mine is, there’s no way she’d allow one to take a trip to Hawaii –

      A few months ago a couple in our community was indicted on fraus charges, the court date is pending but the couple asked the judge for permission to go to the Caribbean as the husband won a free trip from his current employer. Considering the company they ran is also under FBI investigation for fraud, the answer was Hell No!!

      I asked my sister if that was allowed and she said yep people ask all the time for permission to take a vacation, it’s unbelievable. Altho their is also a large number who just go and don’t ask at all…

    • Tracy: “I’m sure we have much more in common …”

      If she were your supervillain-nemesis in a movie, this would be material for the inevitable “We’re not so different, you and I…” speech in the confrontation scene.

      (Boy, this article has been fun!)

  10. Cue the scrambling to untag themselves from group photos with her!
    What was that MK training about the people in your inner circle? Something like “you become more & more like the 10 people you spend the most time with.” GMB and plenty other big shots are seen “doing life” with this actual documented criminal… who’s influencing whom?
    Congratulations on breaking this story, Tracey! It’ll be a hard one to top for front page material!

    • All credit goes to the anonymous person who sent it to me. I did not find this on my own!

  11. I think her experience at using false information to get loans will come in handy for “helping” getting her down-line to find the credit card space to place big orders. Very valuable “skill” for an MLMer.

  12. So, do we think corporate will terminate her position immediately? Keep chugging along like they aren’t reading this & pretend there’s nothing wrong here? Or wait a few months and then terminate her, so it doesn’t look like they found out from Pink Truth?

    • Mary Kay is in a really bad position right now. If they don’t remove her as nsd (at least demote her, but possibly terminate her for not disclosing this), then their talk about ethics is nonsense. If they do remove her, then they’ve done so based on Pink Truth reporting, and it validates our existence. Choices, choices.

      • “We are where we are by the choices we’ve made or allowed others to make for us.”
        —NSD Linda Toupin

      • Oh, but will they be like others in prominent positions and so full of pride that they’ll deny it’s bad? It’s like the Wiz of Oz and the curtain. “Nothing to see here! Don’t look at those blogs/mugshots/comments. Look here at the shiny things we have for you to see!”

        Sean Key remained employed after his little photo session AND in a highly visible role. They’ll ignore it.

  13. I wonder if this is the talk of any MK groups on FB? I would LOVE to see what they are saying!

    • Not that I’ve seen so far – all the ones I have access too are heavily moderated and require post approval.

  14. My guess is she will not be terminated. Too many risks: misinformation, backlash by down-lines, revelations about other NSDs, a media firestorm, etc. MKC will wait for this to fade away. Maybe the company’s only action will be to put her on some type of “internal probation” — no pun intended.

    In any event, this would make a fascinating case study.

  15. Well isn’t this interesting that Ms. Monique Vallair Anthony seems to have a more recent (2021) problem with a debt collector? I bet you any money that this is a violation of her probation.

      • And yet some still have to have a warrant for them to pay their taxes! I’m wondering if a tax lien was ever on a certain NSD’s “macaroni and cheese” vision board.

    • Different person, Tracy. Her name is Monique, remember?

      Seriously, though, how is this not more financial fraud from our favorite multi-named defendant?

  16. Y’all, I am way to invested in this. It would almost be worth the $25 starter kit to watch it implode from the inside. Almost…

    • Don’t bother asking her to take it down, Monique. I already ripped it and will be doing some commentary on it for youtube soon.

    • Imagine the consultants in her area. They’re being told a lame story, I’m sure. She chose to step down for personal reasons. And then some of them consult the Google machine….

  17. Hey Tracy, I know this is a late comment but I have to ask:

    1) Is it the work of Pink Truth that outed Monique as a felony fraud, as in if not for this post she’d still be an NSD and MKCorp would still be paying her;
    2) If the answer to number one ^ is “yes”, what does that mean for Pink Truth and how truly important (and correct vs libellous) it is;
    3) if MKC is monitoring PT like the above might suggest, why are they doing so and how can they stop the PT train (okay that’s pretty rhetorical but I had to throw it in there);
    4) has readership increased significantly since the post, including new visitors;

    And lastly, if the above are true, and you’ve proven that:

    Mary Kay definitely follows this site and does damage control as best they can;
    Your readership has increased significantly from this;

    What can you and your PT crew do to continue the upswing? I bet most of us will be game for whatever suggestions you have. PT is at a precipice and has the upper hand. There is so much more damaging info we can find and present for the world to see…just give us ideas of where to start! 🙂

  18. I have an idea we could probably slip her in under the radar over there at Isagenix and I bet she’d go straight to the top. Imagine all the pooper scoopers over there.

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