The Unlimited Earnings Lie

Here’s a promo piece that some Mary Kay recruiters use to lure women in. How wonderful does this sound?

Wanted: Enterprising woman to achieve unlimited earning potential while enriching the lives of others. Work duties include meeting new friends, interacting with prospective clients, as well supporting the community of women. Candidate will have the opportunity to make own hours, and will be compensated for their achievements with prizes and vacations.

Does this job sound appealing? Then you might have just what it takes to be one of the 1,500,000 million women already living the life as a consultant. As an Independent Beauty consultant you’ll have the freedom to make your own work hours and set time a side for your family. No experience required and you can work part-time or full-time from your own home. You will have great benefits of owning your own business.

What they don’t tell you:

We’ve talked a bunch about how the earnings in Mary Kay are fabricated. All you have to do is go through a few of the false earnings claims articles to see what I’m talking about.  Check out the articles on the income of MK sales directors. They are supposed to be making that “unlimited” income, and yet the vast majority of them have pathetically small earnings.


  1. There are no qualifications needed for the consultant. Anyone qualifies. It’s all what you will get out of the job/business/situation. That sounds legit. Just like every other job I’ve applied for.

    • Have you ever applied for a job that said:

      “sales staff must purchase their own inventory, which is not returnable if it doesn’t sell or is made obsolete”

      “sales staff must pay to attend any business meetings, weekly meetings, and conferences and pay their own travel and lodging expenses”

      “unpaid sales staff job duties include searching for new customers, phone calls to customers, inventory management, phone meetings with boss and co-workers, product presentations”

    • “There are no qualifications needed for the consultant.”

      Except for available credit.

      • Even that’s no problem, because you can just sign her up for the MK credit card and finagle the system to max it out right away (at a nearly usurious interest rate, with no thought or care as to how she’s going to pay it off.)

    • The only job that I ever applied for where you really didn’t need any qualifications was my high school job at McDonald’s.

  2. What a bunch of fluff. Sadly I think a lot of people fall for “part of your job is making new friends”.

    Of course they don’t tell you that those friends come at an ever increasing price and they are conditional.

  3. Does this job sound appealing?

    No, this job does not sound appealing, and the pitch is a grammatical nightmare. They must have hired the same person who wrote the instructions for my Alibaba ear buds: “Caution: loud making great the ears damage.”

    OK, I made up that last bit, but still…

    …as well supporting the community ?
    …opportunity to make own hours ?


    Oh, one more thing: I thought “job” was a bad word in MLM. Naughty, naughty.

  4. “unlimited earnings”

    Expenses coming from every direction. Offering discounts to move inventory so they can BUY MORE to reach a “goal.” Giving cash prizes just to get people to listen to their recruiting pitch.

    Unlimited spending is more like it.


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