Mary Kay Director Heather Wickstrom Bites the Dust

Heather Wickstrom has been a long-time Mary Kay sales director, as well as a long suffering Pink Truth Critic. Heather was a big MARY KAY FOR LIFE person…. so it’s a little amusing that she just got the boot as a sales director, and now fancies herself a “social selling strategist.”

She was in Mary Kay for 22 years, and so very proud of her status as a Cadillac driver. But the never-NSD watched her dreams evaporate and had to find a new career. Heather is taking a page out of Michelle Cunningham’s book and telling people how to use social media to push their MLMs. I wonder what she’s going to do with all her MK inventory, now that she’s pushing products for a new MLM, Bellame, on her Instagram account.

Here’s Heather buying a car since her MK car had to be turned in.Here’s a little trip down memory lane with a “MK for life” type of post:

It will be fun to see if she violates her Mary Kay contract by contacting her MK people to recruit them to Bellame.

Starting over must me hard. I’d almost feel bad for Heather if she wasn’t so hateful to Pink Truth over the last 16 or so years. What a reality check to have your unit taken away from you and have to leave the company you were never going to be an NSD with…



  1. “Glamma”? 🤨

    I’m sure her sons just loooooved delivering her little pink parcels in their free time.

  2. Meanwhile, Bellame has a one-star rating with the Better Business Bureau and is not accredited by the BBB. The published complaints are all about customers being sent the wrong products (Bellame’s fault) and getting screwed around when they try to return or exchange them.

    May Heather be the kind of consultant such a company deserves.

  3. “social selling strategist.

    Yet another case of a Kaybot being a day late and a dollar short to the game. For the past three or four years, the boom for “social selling strategist” has peaked and it’s now attracting the last dregs from MLMers to Christian influencers who are trying to extract the last few pennies from their followers.

    There are thousands of other courses out there in the ether costing from nothing to thousands of dollars, it’s a maxed out market. Maybe Heather’s name alone might get her some pity purchases but making a dent in the market is well beyond her reach.

        • And well-deserved! Truth hurts, Kaybots!!

          Great job DA! Have you prepared an acceptance speech a la Heather’s ridiculous Oscar speech thanking everyone for ORDERING (not selling) to help her secure HER Caddy?

  4. If Heather is so successful, why wasn’t she an NSD?

    Also, has Mary Kay ever poached a consultant or director and brought them on board at corporate?

    • That’d be awkward. lol. Corporate and Kaybots spend so much time bashing J.O.B.S. & promoting the idea of being a “business owner”, it seems awkward to offer someone a …(shudder) job. I imagine it’s happened though. They probably just ignore the hypocrisy of it, like always.

  5. Quite the drop from Cadillac to Hyundai in the span of five years.

    However, the Hyundai is the better vehicle — better reliability, warranty, and gas mileage.

    • My guess is she missed a few months of production and they terminated her Director agreement, but could have remained a consultant if she wanted to.

    • Yeah, since she’s still listed as a consultant, it looks like she missed production. If they were terminating her for bad behavior, they would have terminated her contract all together and she wouldn’t still have a MK website.

  6. Heather Wickstrom probably does not realize that since leaving the Mary Kay sales force, she has a better chance of being welcomed here as a pink truth convert than she has at being welcomed to Mary Kay functions involving her former up-line.

    • How I see it, and I dare say: Not if she is now recruiting for Bellame, another MLM company. Same $hit, different toilet.

      • That’s fair, Char. I thought it went without saying that a Pink Truth “convert” would not support MLMs of any stripe.

  7. You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    “We did it. #teamwork Not only did we finish the Caddy, but we are on target for our first director trip.”—

    Please tell me women aren’t buying this BS. “Team” in MLM doesn’t equate to something like a professional football team and their winning efforts. If it did, all the players on the same team would be funding the quarterback’s salary and his trip to Disney World….out of their own pockets. Not the advertisers and not the ticket buyers, but rather the players on his own team.

    Lurkers, do not confuse, or make the excuse about different salary levels paid to different people on the same team. In a real team effort when money is involved, the money comes from non-players regardless of how it is distributed. Another confusion? If player’s money is first given to corporate, it is still player’s money.

    There is no “we” and “our” in MLM. Team/unit in the MK context means MLM downline. Downline pays for upline commission checks.

    Try this simple test: Ask yourself, “Why do you want to recruit someone?” The answer to that is why you yourself were recruited.

    And be honest. If it were really about helping recruits start their own business, you wouldn’t take a commission from their monetary investment. You want to make a commission from your recruits’ orders; it’s about you and your business. This “we” stuff is crap.

    So what’s going on here? Heather uses “we” to make her recruits feel better about them funding her commission checks and trips, and to keep them engaged. The use of “we” is really quite conniving when you stop and think about it.

  8. If there was “we” on a MK MLM team, we would ALL be driving a Pink Caddy and we would ALL be going on the trip. When a football team or baseball team wins the Super Bowl or World Series EVERYONE gets a ring even if they didn’t play one minute- they are still part of the team. I never understood the prestige of being in a Cadillac Unit, it doesn’t help your own bottom line-only your director’s. A director does not and can not “win” a Pink Cadillac on her own merit and sales. She is totally dependent on the consultants in her Unit ordering (not selling) a ton of product.

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