Heather Wickstrom is a Very Bitter Mary Kay Sales Director

Pink Truth offends Mary Kay sales director Heather Wickstrom. It has for years. I remember back in 2006 or 2007 when we were brand new, and she took it upon herself to contact me and say hateful things. I never forgot her name.

Heather can’t help but lie about Pink Truth over and over again. Here’s the latest:

The director in your group doesn’t report everything to legal. I’m not MK Legal. I’m me. She reports everything to me. 🙂

And no, I was never a top director. I was never even a director. You’ve been saying this for the last 15 or 16 years. Get over it. I’m a forensic accountant. I investigate fraud. I was in Mary Kay for a couple of years. I became a red jacket, saw the company for the scam that it was, and left to focus on my forensic accounting business.

Which turned out to be a fantastic move. As my sales director mocked and ridiculed me both to my face and to the unit behind my back, I was busy building a successful, sustainable business. She, on the other hand, spent more than 15 years on the hamster wheel, barely making enough money as as director to call it a “career,” and she now works retail, selling jewelry.

But yeah… I don’t carry the shame of having been a sales director in Mary Kay. So can we stop saying that now? You’re not helping anyone by continuing to promote misinformation such as this.



  1. Two things:

    1) Nothing you post on the internet is ever truly private.

    2) People feed information to Tracy (aka “that woman”; odd that you can’t remember her name because she seems to take up a disproportionate amount of room in your head) because things happen when they do. MK Legal doesn’t give a hoot about the shenanigans of its worker bees as long as they don’t make the company look bad *coughMoniqueAnthonycough*

    I wonder if the Tracymonster in her mind is a former top director because she’s just that clueless, or if she just can’t handle MK being pwned by a mere former Red Jacket and being pwned by a director is more palatable? I’m not good at thinking pinkfully.

    • My theory: Her claiming Tracy was a Director is a ploy to make Tracy look bad. I.e.: “SHE was a Director, and now she’s putting all of us Directors down! How hypocritical!”

      Or: “Mary Kay gave her so much, and THIS is how she shows gratitude?”

      That sort of thing.

      What I don’t understand is why Heather ian’t an NSD after all these years. Or maybe I do understand.

      • She’s dwelling on negativity instead of “bee-lieving” and raising her deserve level. It’s her own fault she’s not an NSD 😛

      • I wonder if the truth is that Heather has found out how wildly successful I am in my business, especially compared to MK nsds…. and so she tells herself over and over “Tracy is a failed director” so it makes her feel better?

        • An equally valid possibility.

          The root motive is to throw shade, as the kids put it these days. (Oops, gotta go. They’re on my lawn again!)

    • Pop, “ thinking pinkfully” is a great phrase. Let me see if I remember how to trademark it:

      Thinking Pinkfully ™

  2. If Mary Kay is so up-and-up and directors are honest and ethical, why would they be upset that what is shared in the director’s group ends up here? Wouldn’t they want to be transparent about their practices to demonstrate to the world how noble and wonderful mlms (excuse me – dual marketing mlms) are? By the tone of her post, you would think that they have something to hide…

  3. “she reports everything to legal.”

    What is legal doing about it?

    My guess is that a clerk in legal churns out form-letters about ignoring negative websites and to continue “conducting your business with integrity…in the Mary Kay tradition, etc.” Something like that.

  4. I just went to Heather’s FB page where she has over 6k followers. Do this: Look for her MK posts and then look at the number of people who comment. I think THAT is telling. If someone like Heather can’t get people to interact with her posts and polls and challenges using social media, what makes a new IBC think she can use social media to get people as new customers?

    As for her comment about Tracy, she is actually lessening her own argument and promoting PT. If someone has “earned” multiple trips as a director and THEN steps down, you would think that maybe there’s something wrong with MK if even a trip-earning director would step down and start PT.

    • As for her comment about Tracy, she is actually lessening her own argument and promoting PT. If someone has “earned” multiple trips as a director and THEN steps down, you would think that maybe there’s something wrong with MK if even a trip-earning director would step down and start PT.

      I was thinking the same thing. Once you get to such an elevated position, you know or at least suspect that the opportunity isn’t the bright shining dream that has been dangled in front of your eyes.

    • You’re right, she is absolutely inadvertently promoting PT. By telling everyone “everything posted here ends up over there,” you KNOW a lot of them are gonna go “oh! Oooh I’m gonna go see what they’re saying!”

    • …Heather can’t get people to interact with her posts and polls and challenges using social media…

      That’s cuz her target audience is too busy trying to figure out what to do with all their free time left over from their part-time work for executive pay.

      [If the illogic of that sentence doesn’t break your brain, the poor syntax surely will.]

  5. Isn’t talking smack or even acknowledging Pink Truth not an Income Producing Activity? 🤔


  6. If everything in the directors group ends up on Pink Truth, then Heather must read Pink Truth daily to be able to make such a statement. Glad she’s contributing to a legitimate website!

  7. Breaking new! Mary Kay’s lies have created the world’s largest snowball of Lives. You’ll see it in the next edition of the Guinness book of world records.

      • Almost, DA! Just type Ridiculous Downvote followed by one space and then ™ right after that space. I bet once you get the hang of it, you’ll be trademarking all sorts of PT phrases! Trademark away with abandon!

        • Shoot, I didn’t mean for the actual tm to show up. Okay, so you type Ridiculous Downvote (or Thinking Pinkfully, or Lazy Looser, or your PT phrase of choice, not in quotation marks), followed by one space, then the lowercase letters tm inside parentheses.

  8. So Heather has been in MK since at least 2006, right? Is she one of the top directors? If not, why? Or why isn’t she an NSD by now…certainly it can be achieved in under 16 years. I wonder if Detective Parsonsgreen can do a little digging and find out, or perhaps Tracy could parse that info from Applause magazine (as in, does Heather show up on any of the “lists”)?

    • Edit: per Google, “Heather Wickstrom began her Mary Kay business in Houston in July 2001 and debuted as a Sales Director in June 2003”.

      So…she’s been in for over 20 years.

      • One more: she has a 15 minute YouTube video titled Why start a Mary Kay business. I tried to watch the whole thing but only got through the first four minutes in which she talks about herself. If any of you has the patience to sit through the whole thing, please let us know of the interesting bits (like false income claims, lies, etc). The video is from 2019 and has 177 views. She did say she is a Caddy driver; I wonder if she still is? Does her unit make enough Caddy production, or is she doing a lot of production on her own to keep it?

  9. I love it when I get to live in someone’s head rent-free like this. It absolutely kills people like that Heather (not this Heather) to see someone so gloriously successful after leaving a “life-altering business opportunity.”

    Keep doing what you do.

    • Holy cow, you’re not kidding about those scary eyes! Those are horror movie eyes. And in all those pictures she’s so filtered and overly made up that I don’t want her anywhere near my skin. I’m creeping up on 50 myself but I don’t want to look like a demented Senior Citizen Barbie doll.

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