Mary Kay Products Being Discontinued?

Yesterday Mary Kay Inc. announced a big sale to consultants. Instead of the normal 50% off suggested retail pricing, consultants can buy certain products for 60% off suggested retail price. They’re calling this Mary Kay Pink Weekend.

And you know what this kind of sale is always a dead giveaway for? These products are being discontinued!

Because Mary Kay churns consultants so fast, the vast majority don’t know what the real deal is with these sales. MK is made out to look generous by giving an extra discount. Consultants are encouraged to “stock up” on these products because you make more money once you sell them. (Never mind that “stocking up” means laying out a bunch of your own money to get the products, while they sit on your shelf collecting dust for months or years.)

What consultants don’t know is that once the products are discontinued, they come out of MK’s promotional materials and off your website. Customers don’t know you have them available unless you tell the directly.

Here are the products that are on sale, and very likely being discontinued soon:

  • TimeWise Replenishing Serum C+E® – Fixed wholesale price $24 ($60 suggested retail price).
  • TimeWise Repair® Revealing Radiance® Facial Peel – Fixed wholesale price $27.20 ($68 suggested retail price).
  • Mary Kay® Instant Puffiness Reducer – Fixed wholesale price $14 ($35 suggested retail price).
  • Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® HA + Ceramide Hydrator – Fixed wholesale price $15.20 ($38 suggested retail price)

Ladies, don’t be sucked in. Don’t buy any of these products unless you already sold them to someone.



  1. Next, a wave of directors offering some cheapo trinket for buying up the maximum of those items! Buy the max quantity of all of them and she’ll take you for coffee… but you’ll have to buy your own!!!

  2. There was a post about this sale in one of the director’s groups. The director said consultants should not be passing these discounts on to their customers because their focus should be selling as much as possible at full retail price. That most consultants will never EVER get the sales/downline needed to start earning commissions and that they’ll never be profitable if they are always discounting.

    • 1) Consultant buys a product at 50% off. Product doesn’t sell.
      2) Consultant buys same product at 60% off. Product still doesn’t sell.
      3) Now what?

      “…their focus should be selling as much as possible at full retail price.”
      Yet, these same directors are advising IBCs to do BOGO and GWP as ways to get a sale.

  3. So … anyone want to bet on how many of the four products will still be in the catalog next June?

  4. MK Corp is also trying to get “sales” to impact their year end bottom line. There will be another “great sale” in December, probably a flash sale.

    • I wonder how many consultants know about year-end inventory tax? Looks like corporate certainly does! Offload all that stuff so they don’t have to pay inventory tax on it!

      • Yep, same reason car dealerships and real retail outfits have huge clearance sales this time of year. It does match up with end of model year/ post Christmas/ make room for spring merch rhetoric but it’s really for insurance and tax purposes.

  5. Hi!

    Thank you so much for enlightening me on Mary Kay and MLMs in general. I have you to thank for as I was nearly entrapped by an MLM, not Mary Kay (but I see others being recruited into MK)
    Just out of curiosity, could you help me understand about virtual business which Mary Kay just started. Is it any different from stocking up on inventories? Thanks!


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