Cadillac Director Delivers for Amazon

We’ve told people over and over how “driving a pink Cadillac” does not equal success in Mary Kay. Many of the directors who drive the Cadillac are actually making co-pays every quarter because they don’t make minimum production. Even with the minimum production (yes… the vast majority are JUST making minimum production), the director is making about $47k a year before business expenses. That’s certainly not the big money you’re led to believe the super-successful pink Cadillac sales director is making.

But this is a whole new level of FAIL in Mary Kay. This MK sales director is doing deliveries for Amazon Flex. This is where you use your own car to do some deliveries for Amazon. The website Indeed says people make about $22 an hour doing this, so I’m not knocking it as a way to earn some decent money. It’s just the fact that we’re told that Cadillac directors are successful and making lots of money and can make unlimited earnings… but instead of “just holding a skincare class” this director is working for Amazon.


  1. I really hope some of the packages she’s delivering contain MK products being sold cheap by former IBCs who got wise to MK’s shenanigans and got out.

  2. Ironically, $22/hr translates to approx. $44K per year if working full time (before overtime). That $22/hr job could easily provide greater income than the average Mary Kay Cadillac driver with a little bit of overtime.

    Oh, and we know that most Cadillac drivers often “shore up” their orders with personal purchase to meet production, so you have to take those purchases off the $48K in commission/bonus income.

    I’ve heard it said that the top 2% of Mary Kay participants are making money. Not a chance, once you account for expenses. Research shows 99.6%…that’s 996 out of 1000 (or 249 out of 250) lose money in MLMs like Mary Kay. For every 1 person turning a profit, 249 must be losing money. There’s no way around that.



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