MK Director Doesn’t Know She’s In an MLM

I always find it sad when Mary Kay ladies don’t realize they’re in a multi-level marketing company. They’ve been taught that MK is “direct sales” or “dual marketing” or “social selling”…. but certainly not MLM. Even Wikipedia knows that Mary Kay is MLM!

Maybe it’s willful ignorance. Maybe it’s denial. Maybe it’s an outright lie that the sales director is telling.

But Mary Kay sales director Jackie Craver is a little hot and bothered because MK is using the term “upline” in its new back end system for consultants, InTouch. THAT’S LIKE MLM.

And naturally, someone else in the Director Tips Group on Facebook is yelling SHUTUP SHUTUP SHUTUP. Director Amanda Hendershot would rather that Jackie not talk about the MLM-ness, and instead quietly tell MK Inc. what she thinks. We wouldn’t want to have an open and honest discussion with other directors about facts, after all.

It’s funny to me that Jackie Hopkins Craver is so shocked about Mary Kay being an MLM, since shes been in the company almost THIRTY YEARS!!! Wait…. didn’t I just mention that this is what we call crazy?

We shouldn’t say downline or upline. After all, that’s what Amway uses. (Exactly how is MK any better than Amway? It’s not. Same concept, different product used to make the pyramid scheme look legit.) Apparently if we say “one her team,” then it’s not so bad.

And ooh, it feels so network marketing-ish. (Because it IS network marketing, multi-level marketing, pyramid scheming.)

Cue the panic at Mary Kay Inc. when directors start calling and writing to complain about this. It seems even CORPORATE didn’t know they were an MLM? LOL. Of course they did.

But appearances have to be maintained, so the wording was quickly changed from Upline Recruiter to Sales Force Leader. Phew.



  1. Rather touchy about a few words, aren’t they? So they’d rather use a different set of synonyms instead.

  2. Fainting couches are thataway >>–> You’ll find a clutchable strand of pearls and a vial of smelling salts on each one.

    Ladies, if this is such a great, wonderful company and you just love it soooo much, what does it matter what they call your UPLINE? Because that’s what it is, regardless of what euphemism they’re using at the moment.

  3. I can just imagine the many meetings between all the different departments discussing this “issue” ad nauseam and brainstorming the different terms they could use instead. Anything to perpetuate the lie they aren’t MLM! No doubt there’s communication about the change to the directors. Unless MK Corp is trying to keep it on the down low. Lol

  4. How is MK better than Amway?

    Um, lets see. OK, got one – they haven’t yet changed their name because people figured out that they were a shady pyramid scheme? Guess they made a mistake naming the company after the founder. Whoops!

    • This poses an interesting question if Mary Kay had to change their name, what would it be?!!
      Cosmetics by Rogers Eckman Weaver Hallenback Louis Miller Ash

      True Beeliever Cosmetics

      K Corp

      Fleece Cosmetics (because they pull the wool over everyone’s eyes)

      Or I guess she could just choose one of her many previous last names & change as people catch on. The possibilities are endless. Some of my ideas were just too mean to type.

      • Yes! I’ve wondered that too. I’m surprised the name hasn’t been changed and the whole thing re-branded. It’s so outdated…

  5. “my sales force leaders” rather than “upline” is akin to “my life health advisor” rather than “doctor.” That usage of “upline” triggered such an uproar illustrates how insecure the “downline” um, I meant, “sales force followers” are.

  6. “the wording was quickly changed from Upline Recruiter to Sales Force Leader.”

    If they have an upline or leader, why does Jackie Hopkins Craver advertise herself as “Owner”? That is misleading and I’m surprised Mary Kay Corp allows it.

    To me, the fact that the word “upline” was even used to begin with indicates this was contracted out and not done my MK employees. Doesn’t anyone at MK Corp proofread or check verbiage before publishing?

  7. On the Mary Kay website (under Sell Mary Kay/FAQs), the company CLEARLY identifies itself as “Direct Sales.”

    What is the Mary Kay opportunity?
    The Mary Kay opportunity is a direct sales opportunity where a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant sells Mary Kay® products directly to her customers

    Why does its Independent Sales Force have such a problem using that term? Are they embarrassed?
    Stop with the dual marketing, social selling nonsense.

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