Every single year in Mary Kay, you will hear the “new year, new you” concept promoted. What a great catch phrase! The idea is that you can do a makeover for yourself to kick off the new year. Or if you’re really excited about MK, you could even sign up as a consultant to start a new adventure.

I would suggest to year that “new year, new you” should REALLY be the opportunity to learn more about the TRUTH of Mary Kay. If you’re a consultant, this is the time to GET OUT. If you’re considering signing up, DON’T DO IT. Take some time and look around Pink Truth in support of your decision to turn your back on the scam of Mary Kay.

We’ve got tons of information for you. Much of it is stuff that your recruiter and Mary Kay Inc. wish you would never know. The people here at Pink Truth aren’t lazy or bitter, and we’re not lying about Mary Kay. We have no vested interest in whether you are a part of MK or not. We simply want to share the truth with you.

The goal of this site is education. We want potential Mary Kay consultants (and current and former consultants too!) to know about the “other side” of Mary Kay. It’s not all Pink Cadillacs! What women are told by their recruiter and your upline is only part of the story. Pink Truth is here to tell the rest of the story.

Mary Kay Cosmetics has spent over 55 years developing and perfecting a positive image. The general public believes that Mary Kay is a company that helps women. The reality, however, is that Mary Kay Inc. is a predator. It preys on women who need something (extra money, more friends, a career, a purpose, etc.) and exploits those needs. Women are deceived in the recruiting process, and the deception continues as the consultant is persuaded to purchase more inventory than she can ever sell, to recruit other women by not giving them all the facts, and to continue to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars knowing that she will almost certainly never earn that money back.

In addition to providing a place for Mary Kay consultants to share their experiences and opinions of Mary Kay, here you can find important information such as:

Happy New Year! And congratulations on taking the time to learn more about the pink predator they call Mary Kay Cosmetics.


  1. And let’s not forget the Mary Kay Corporate business plan. It is not about retailing beauty products. Rather, it is centered around filling the homes of the sales force with overpriced product that will likely never sell, while convincing this same sales force to recruit others to fill their homes with unsellable product, and to have them likewise recruit others, etc., ad infinitum.

    Mary Kay Corporate can remain profitable even if not a single Mary Kay product is ever sold to an outside customer. Their corporate business plan simply has no dependency on product retailing. Eventually, of course, you will recognize that the sales force is Mary Kay’s target customer!

  2. “new year, new you” means “fresh year, fresh meat” for the MLM grinder. The spiels have not changed in decades, and although the product prices are higher then ever, the incomes of directors hasn’t kept up with inflation.

  3. Speaking of ordering product that isn’t needed and won’t be sold, I think today is the last day for directors to resolve their on hold orders for December production! I’m sure MK Corp is anxiously waiting their year end results!



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