Megan Coleman Explains the Mary Kay Comp Plan

Written by Parsonsgreen

Megan Coleman, Mary Kay sales director in the Jamie Taylor Verge Area explains the Mary Kay compensation plan on Instagram.

It is simple!

She neglects to mention –

1. You have to order $225 Wholesale to unclock the 50% discount on a retail order.
2. You will be charged sales tax on the full $450 retail value.
3. The 50% profits assumes you sell everything at full retail value, and does not include any consideration for your time or expenses. Expenses can range between 30-40% of your sales.

But wait – there’s an additional way to earn income. Team building commission!

These commissions are based on what your team orders. Actual retail sales are not tracked by anyone at Mary Kay.

Megan then tells us we can get paid daily!

However, only directors are paid commissions twice a month.

However, let’s see what Megan has posted in prior years about her sales.

In June 2022, she reached the National Court of Sales – which means she ordered about $20,000 of wholesale product, but it could be less than that because there were some double credit months which would give her “extra credit” toward the court of sales without having to spend the money. The suggested retail value of those products (full price!) would be $40,000, which is how they get to “I sold $40k of products.”

She didn’t sell $40k. She ordered between $15k and $20k wholesale, and then sold SOME of it, most of it discounted in order to get the sales. She MIGHT have sold $30k, but even that’s generous.

June 13, 2022, she was $43,000 in team production away from meeting the $650,000 Unit Club Goal to achieve the Top Directors Trip. (The Top Director Trip does not allow double credit to count toward the total needed)

She did not meet her goal. But claims she will eventually become an nsd to retire at 65! (At the time Megan only had 6 first line directors and no second line)

In March 2023, Megan posted about one of her guest events at her studio – packed house!

That month she was also confident that she would be a million dollar director she ordered a banner.

By May 2023, she only had three first line directors and three DIQs. (And one of those DIQs is a 5-time loser in the DIQ game.)

That year she did earn the Top Director Trip.

But unfortunately had to cancel going.

In April, Megan was making false earnings claims again.

In May she was trying to get Lauren Wagner to finish DIQ. Again.

And over Memorial day weekend, Megan drove 8.5 hours round trip to attend a consultant’s debut party. Tellingly, she did not post any pictures mentioning the consultant’s profit.

Megan is desperate to reach the unobtainable rank of nsd – convinced she will be in Mary Kay long enough to retire. When will she learn that this will never happen? When will she realize that her social media posts also clearly show to potential consultants how impossible this is?



  1. “…if I’m going to be in the company the next 40 ish years…” Sweetie – you’re not “in the company.” Read your contract, you’re an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR, NOT an employee of MK. This lady is off the charts delusional. A real MK bot.

  2. You know who else lets you retire at 65, or even possibly earlier? Darn near every company. And if you’re full time, you get a pension and possibly benefits. And they pay you on the regular in money that you can use for groceries and cars and trips to Spain and diamond rings. And if you have to travel for work they’ll pay your mileage or airfare on top of your salary. Best of all you get to do your job, then come home and not have to think about it until tomorrow, leaving plenty of time for god and family and whatever else it is you want to do. And you don’t have to clutter up your house or harass strangers to get there.

  3. Here’s the thing, Megan. You don’t GET to retire at 65 as a national. You HAVE to retire at 65. Have you ever stopped to think why that might be? It’s certainly not out of the goodness of Corporate’s scroogish heart.

    Nationals are EXPENSIVE! They’re the tippy top of the pyramid. The only ones who are making any money at all (though not as much as anyone is lead to believe. Just as Mia Porter Mason.) When nsds retire, corporate gets to keep all those commissions that they would have been paying, only owing a fraction of what nsds are earning for 15 years through the Family Security Program, and no longer on the hook for any awards or prizes.

    Nsd retirement is not an altruistic bonus for hard workers. It’s a forceful move off the “liability” side of the company’s ledger.

    • You actually can retire from MK beyond age 65, HOWEVER – each year you go past 65 diminishes your “retirement” (FSP), at a 2 to 1 ratio… So, if you retire say at 67, you forfeit 4 years of the 15 year pay out.

  4. I have nothing to say except this is all SO sad, like many of the posts I’ve seen the past few days. All these people trying to delude themselves into thinking they’re so successful from selling this crappy makeup. Even when the numbers are manipulated, i.e. when they get “double credit” for ordering a certain amount in a particular month, it still isn’t all that impressive. I don’t see how they even can fool themselves with all the nonsense that goes on.

    I guess I do have something to ask though – when these directors keep pushing their team members to order more inventory that will never get sold, just so the director can get some bonus, achieve some title or qualify for some trip, what is in it for the minions who ordered the extra inventory? I don’t get it. For example, at an office I worked at, some guy who was like both a salesperson and order taker would come and refill the coffee and hot chocolate mixes every month. This was part of his territory and he would refill everything based on what we consumed in the previous month and how much was left over. Occasionally he might ask “do you want more?” but he certainly wasn’t pushy and never asked that we order anything extra so we could make Salesman of the Month, and I’m sure he knew the office manager would have laughed and said we would only order what we needed. If I was asked to order more inventory so a higher level person could get some kind of recognition, I’d want to know what was in it for me. Being part of a “winning team”, I guess? That doesn’t pay the bills.

    • For me, it was being a part of something “bigger,” as sad as that sounds. I think many of the women (but not all) have some type of emptiness inside them that they likely aren’t even aware of. Past trauma, current hardship, undiagnosed personality disorders, neglectful childhood… this is just my working hypothesis. They (we) are preyed upon. It’s sick.
      I’ve grown so much since leaving, it’s hard to see who I was when I jumped into the pink puddle. But I do know that I felt like I was a part of something bigger than myself, and I would work my little buns off to get a cheap ring and a round of applause at our pitiful little Monday night “success” event.

      • You are right, Intrigue. Those personality traits definitely fit me and I can tell, they fit other women in MK here in this part of the world too.
        For us here, it’s survival to feed family. It’s so sickening to have been taken advantage of and to have our lives ruined for pursuing something that’s not real. Damaging, in fact.

  5. ” You will be charged sales tax on the full $450 retail value.”
    You CAN get any sales tax they charged you that you didn’t get from a customer because you didn’t sell at full retail. But you better have darn good records and know where to make the request because they don’t make it easy on you.

  6. “Try Mary Kay. It could alleviate so much for you.”

    Like family time, self-esteem, savings account, friendships, decent credit rating…

  7. The life of an nsd is sad. SAD. Just ask Jamie Taylor. She will never admit this to anyone, but every single month, she is still on the hamster wheel. She is trying to “pull production” from her area…. helping recruit in new people and trying to get big inventory orders so that she can make a living. It is a never ending cycle of trying to get more production at the end of the month. Constantly “positive”… trying to get people to want the life they *think* she has…. so she has to talk about cars and diamonds as if this is something that comes easily to anyone who just tries. The lies are exhausting. And she’s not making the kind of money she wants you to think she is.

    • And the MLMers push the notion of “passive income”. Since MK, like all MLMs, is built on high “churn”, there is never anything passive about it. It is so different for a business model built on actual retailing of product to outside customers. In that case, churn would be very low, and repeat orders would rule the day. Alas, Mary Kay is powered by front-loading, which by its very nature requires consultant churn to provide a steady stream of new consultants from which to extract a large initial order.

      Nischa has great financial planning videos on YouTube. One, “Signs You’re Doing Well Financially (Even if it doesn’t feel like it)”, discusses the two money relationship philosophies which drive retirement wealth: “Status-based” and “wealth-based”. For folks with a “status-based” relationship with money, they evaluate their financial well-being by looking at those around them. These folks do not build wealth effectively, because their “target” can never be reached. Folks with a “wealth-based” money relationship invest their earnings with the long-game in mind, instead monitoring their own nest-egg, not the lifestyle of their friends, for tracking their own financial well-being. This later category makes up the bulk of folks who retire as millionaires. And the bulk of folks retiring as millionaires did not do so with high-salary jobs. They did so with discipline (see “The Millionaire Next Door”). Physicians did not even make the top 10 list of professions creating millionaires…but teachers did! This may explain why so few doctors retire young. Oh, and no, MLM is NOT on the list of millionaire-creating professions.

      It’s fair to say that MLMs like MK promote a “status-based” relationship with money, which is a very poor way to grow wealth and prepare for retirement.

    • I still can’t forget the video of Jamie after she finally got the two final directors she needed to get nsd. Thanking Gaby and Jennifer for forgoing their PROFIT so she could get to the title. Neither of them (like most of the directors she had when she qualified) are directors anymore.


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