Lauren Wagner, Professional DIQ

Written by Parsonsgreen

Lauren Wagner is attempting to become a Mary Kay sales director for the fifth time in four years and recently posted this on Facebook. June will be the last month that a consultant can qualify for a Mary Kay car. After that, only directors can qualify for a Mary Kay car.

Lauren and her mentor Megan Coleman went live on Facebook for a recruiting pitch at the end of April. Megan asked Lauren how much her highest check as a directorwas in Mary Kay. (Lauren once was a director and lost the title.)

Lauren said her highest check was $3,000. She then says her highest paycheck as a consultant was only $534 – and that was just last month. Lauren was working Mary Kay as her primary job for the last four years and only recently took a full time job at her children’s school.

How can anyone see this as a solid financial opportunity?? Lauren sure thinks it is, and I’m certain she’ll be back for a sixth DIQ opportunity when this one fails too.

At what point does Lauren recognize what a scam this is? Or at least have the good sense to be embarrassed enough to stop trying DIQ over and over.



  1. The Trax is a perfectly nice car, but come on. There’s a Chevy dealership in every decent sized town where you can lease or buy one without spending yourself broke, and you can use your own insurance and no one can take it from you as long as you make the payments. Payments which are way lower than MK copays or production requirements.

    And, Lauren. If your girls succeed in winning this car for you, they don’t get diddly squat out of it. They don’t get to drive it. You’re making it sound like it’s a prize for the whole gang when it isn’t, which is misleading. A fib. A prevarication. A lie, and the big G doesn’t approve of those.

  2. Does this mean that no consultants can earn a car ever again after June or is it a cut off for the rest of the year?

    I think this is great news because it’s one less thing a recruiter can use to convince their mark to sign up. One less thing to exploit if the mark really needs a new vehicle.

    I know they’ll just dangle something else but the promise of a free car is what lead a lot of people to sign up. Though I have never heard it so plainly said that only the top people drive free. It always sounds like it’s so easy for everyone.

  3. If you have to brag about something no one else brags about (getting a car), you are compensating for something. Just like bragging about those tiny MLM “paychecks”. If everyone posted their paychecks, the MLMers would understand how silly it looks to post their little, infrequent paychecks.

    People get cars every day. The only ones I see posted on social media are rarities (classics, exotics). No one outside of MLM would post about a Chevy Trax…or even the silver generation’s now boring status symbol, the Cadillac. Lamborghini? Sure. ’69 Mustang? Yes. Reintro muscle car? Cool. Cybertruck? Okay.

    This reminds me of the Younique huns posting pictures of themselves paying for their coffee with their purple card. You know what is even more impressive? Cash.

    I am far more impressed with someone saving up and paying cash for a used car than the same person financing or leasing a new car. Then again, I am a father, and am coaching my adult children on sound financial practices on the regular.

    If one of these huns tried to teach my kids this terrible MLM approach to finances, I’d have words…and no shortage of coaching headed their way as well…starting with keeping that crap away from my kids!

    • This reminds me of the Younique huns posting pictures of themselves paying for their coffee with their purple card. You know what is even more impressive? Cash.

      There was a photo of a Younique hun on the antiMLM subreddit where she claimed her purple credit card had bought her gas. She had covered up the number on her card but the receipt showed
      1) it was a debit purchase
      2) it started 4519 which is RBC (Royal Bank of Canada).

      Much amusement was had.

  4. $35 dollars to start your MK business has to be the biggest bait and switch ever. Of course semantics — “start” your MK business. Wonder how many she will end up saying “I’ll pay the $35 for you to join.”

  5. Jamie has to love that Lauren is fine spending her life on the hamster wheel recruiting consultants who end up in Jamie’s unit.

        • If you’re that high up, you can just move consultants around in your area/unit??? Is that what you mean

            • Oh my. I guess I only had a NSD for a year or so and then we (oh so sadly, I guess?? lol) became Go Give. Looking at it now, it seems more profitable to keep consultants “at large” in the Go Give (Mary Kay) National Area. They don’t have to pay the NSD commissions that way, but they can still promote The Dream and try to fill the sinking boats with new folks who just might be The Next One

  6. Doing the same thing something about different results something insanity.

    Albert must have met his fair share of MKBots.

  7. “My girls and I are the only team in the Verge National Area on target to earn the use of a Chevy Trax.”—

    Cool. So how do they decide when each team member gets use of the car? Do they assign days?

  8. I just bought my dream car…preowned by a lovely elderly couple…a 2022 Mustang convertible. Today was a glorious day to drive it. While I put a bit of a chunk down in cash, my payments for 2 years are less than the co-pay for the Trax. I love my car.

    • That sounds like a waaaaaayyyy better car (for a multitude of reasons). Mustangs are amazing, my husband really wants to get a black one with silver details.


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