Changes to the Mary Kay Car Program (and upset sales directors!)

Written by Parsonsgreen

Recent changes to both the car and the consistency programs have some Mary Kay directors questioning if it still is worth it to be a Mary Kay director.

The car program will only be available to directors beginning July 1st with these changes:

  • Grand Achiever – $42,000 (old) – $48,000 (new) (averages to $8,000 per month)
  • Premier Club – $57,000 (old) – $66,000 (new) (averages to $11,000 per month)
  • Cadillac – $102,000 (old) – $114,000 (new) (averages to $19,000 per month)

The consistency program would award a prize for a $600 monthly wholesale order. If a consultant qualified all 12 months, they would receive an additional prize.

For 2024, the grand prize was this watch – earned for $7200 in wholesale orders.

In 2025, the monthly total will increase to $700 for a yearly total of $8400.

There are also rumors that the minimum wholesale order to activate your consultant discount will increase to $350 (previously $225) and the minimum Star order will increase to $2100 (previously $1800).

Directors are frustrated and scared of what’s coming and took to the private director’s only Facebook group to discuss their concerns. This thread received over 100 responses in a day, but eventually was deleted completely from the group. Can’t have negativity!

National sales directors are retiring and the current group of directors are not able to achieve the production and unit requirements needed to replace them. Jennifer reached out to an nsd who rebuffed her concerns as negativity.

Some consultants can barely do the $600 a month already for their consistency prize.

Thankfully, long-term MK directors still know that they should ALWAYS blame themselves, and never the pyramid scheme the are in.

But directors are losing their cars!

How can you sell the sizzle of Mary Kay to a new consultant when they can no longer earn a car?

The company used to have a nsd panel that they consulted with on consultant programs and production requirements. That panel has been disbanded.

Imagine being 72 years old and still grinding and trying to find monthly production, and having no retirement fund.

The work is harder. And it’s all about the money for Mary Kay. (Are they just figuring this out?) Pamela places the blame on Ryan Rodgers and publicly states she no longer believes in the company ethically. She is also having to buy her first car in 40 years.

Raquel blames the changes on Ryan as well as nsds and directors who only care about being famous in Mary Kay.

Discrete blames directors who cheated the system for causing production increases for directors who want to work the business ethically.

Mary Kay is frustrating its most loyal customer. The directors who count on the new consultant’s first inventory order to fuel the production needed to maintain the car level. Is Mary Kay trying to eliminate directors and go to an affiliate based system? Only time will tell.



  1. Jennifer “yucked all over her [NSD ‘friend’] with her negativity”!!!!!!!! 🤣 🤦‍♀️ And these are the cream of the crop, MK royalty, worthy of being idolized and kowtowed to? So CEO. Much professional. 🤡

  2. Losing your dignity and destroying your finances for what? The car isn’t free and this isn’t a career. These numbers are insane!

  3. By the way, that little travel jewelry box can be purchased on Amazon for about $10. It comes in nearly a dozen colors. I have the royal blue one and love it.

    Consultants, however, can purchase one through MK for about $7200.

  4. The desperation shines out like a searchlight at midnight. That’s a group for MK directors only (as far as they know – ain’t nothing on the internet truly private, folks, not even your deleted threads) so why the need to keep telling each other that it’s the best company ever, that the products are wonderful (which they aren’t) and very affordable (not) and that they sell (except for the closets, rooms, houses full of expired products)? They’re not a great value if you have to beg people to buy them at 50% plus freebies. Your fellow huns shouldn’t be the ones you need to convince. Are you really trying to convince yourselves?

    And Ryan and the rest of the mediocre white men in corporate don’t care about you. As long as the money keeps flowing upwards into their pockets, they have no impetus to change anything for your benefit. The only way you’re going to reach them is if you stop being distracted by the shiny and STOP ORDERING. You might lose the car and the title and the $7200 jewelry box, but the car was never yours, the title means nothing outside the bubble, and the jewelry box only costs $10. That’s less than an hour’s wage at an actual job.

  5. There are easier ways to get into a car and get all these dime-store trinkets…without exploiting others. A regular job offers so much more than what Mary Kay can ever provide. If everyone in a 250-strong MK downline switched to a full time job at $15/hr, they would produce $30K annual gross each, for an aggregate gross income of $7.5M. A part time job at this rate would easily cover a proper car payment.

    In Mary Kay, that same 250-strong downline only produces enough business profit to cover the costs of one rep. The remaining 249 all lose money.* This is the very real poor financial performance of MLM. No amount of compensation plan tweaking can improve this in a meaningful way.

    Best to steer clear of MLMs like Mary Kay. They are a time suck and a money pit. Not to mention the destruction they do to relationships.

    *Average MLM performance according to research for the FTC.

    • This is solid. Nice work putting it into numbers. And yes, the destruction on relationships is real. I still want to stick my head in the sand for some of the kooky things I said and did as a consultant.

  6. It’s sad to see all these women who’ve been in for 25, 30, even 40+ years who aren’t and will never make it to NSD and therefore will have nothing to show for it when they retire except some cheap jewelry and other trinkets. (I was going to make a snarky comment about why they haven’t promoted themselves to NSD if they can supposedly do it whenever they want, but really, it’s just a sad thing for these women.)

  7. So many direct selling companies have gone to “ambassadorships” where you only sell product for commission and get a personal discount and no recruiting. Or they have just been sold or go out of business. If sales directors are finally starting to speak up about their frustrations , sounds like Ryan is running Mary Kay Cosmetics into the ground. R.I.P.

    • Just in: “Effective October 1, 2024, Seint is transitioning our Artist program from a direct selling model to an enhanced affiliate commission structure and program.”

      MLM Seint, formerly known as the MLM Maskara, ditches “direct selling” for….wait for it….actual direct selling.

      • And all reps lose their mind because suddenly this “business” that is all about selling things, can’t possibly work if the only thing they get compensated for is selling things.

        • Tracy, there are some good screenshots from directors about this on the discussion board. I’m working on a post about it 😀

  8. It would be less expensive and less stressful to just buy a Cadillac. An added bonus would be not taking up an entire basement storing product.

  9. I agree… this is so very sad for them, but good grief – the writing has been on the wall for years/decades! At some point, one has to take responsibility for their own actions, make a choice that will actually benefit them and go with it. Difficult? mostly yes.. when I made the decision to get out, I was encouraged to look at the whole picture and take all emotion out of it. When I actually did that, the decision was easier… but I still had the emotional tie to it… so there was a grieving process to go through. I can honestly tell you today- it was the best decision for me and my family. I don’t miss ANYTHING related to MK… the trips, awards, “friends”. Outside of MK I have a healthy bank / savings account, can go on trips when we want (to where we want), buy a trinket when I feel like it and I have true friendships that are lasting.

    I truly hope this is the catalyst that will bring many out of the fog and into real life.

    • I went into Mary Kay a few years ago and enjoyed the Ladies Night Out on Mondays. I earned some money got a bracelet every month and qualifed to go to Gillies at seminar. I got my pink cowboy hat and the jewelry that was gifted to us for qualifying to be at Gillies and the seminar trinkets. I came back from seminar and July through the early fall went well however I got busy and decided to get through the holiday season and let it go. I did great sales at the holiday event, got those orders out to my friends who supported the event and I was done. I never went to another meeting and had no bad feelings about Mary Kay. I used the product that I had left and anybody who asked me to order for them would get referred to one of the consultants who was still doing Mary Kay. I had three people who had asked about signing up and I could have gotten a red jacket, no way. I was done with all the meetings, making quota and I didn’t want to have a team of folks relying on me being there for them. I was done. No bad words for Mary Kay, it just ran it’s course with me in that moment. My life got too busy to keep up.

  10. “Establishing a strong customer base and selling $600* or more a month in wholesale Section 1 products…” Note the asterisk.

    *The order(s) to support the personal retail sales of $600 month in Section 1 products.”

    My how quickly they go from “strong customer base and selling” to “the ORDERS to support” in the teensy-weensy print.

    Don’t be confused or worried that you have to retail to someone, especially if you’re shy. All you have to do is order to qualify, and Mary Kay will never know whether you’ve sold anything or not. Phew.

  11. I can buy a 2021 Cadillac XT6 Premium Luxury edition in my town right now for under $29,000. Why oh why do women think they have to order tens of thousands per year to “earn” the use of one?

  12. There is no way Mary Kay Inc can survive these big changes. Directors have been struggling to meet minimum production for years and these changes will make them lose directorship even faster than before. And the consistency program?! How many people are actually able to buy their way into it each year? Or even one year? And raising the dollar amount on a minimum order?! And car production? WOW. I wonder what’s behind these changes? The company is already shrinking… Curious indeed…

    • Are they trying to eliminate the consultant-customer?? It is fascinating. So glad I can watch from outside the fishbowl!

  13. I bet I get paid more in my 8 hour job than any of these directors 😉. I even get today off while getting paid 🤑.


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