Eno Inoyo Only Cares About Your Order

Last weekend, Mary Kay consultants and sales directors were busy calling people to get them to order and/or sign up as a new consultant. Why? Because June 30 is the fiscal year end for MK, and everyone is trying to “meet a goal!”

Phone calls, text messages, and emails go out en masse to try to get orders and recruiting opportunities.

It’s all quite predatory and opportunistic. If you had any doubt whether MK consultants and directors truly care about you… or whether they’re just interested in what you can do for them (i.e. money you will spend), look no further than this Facebook post from director Eno Inoyo.

She left lots of messages for people on Saturday. One person returned the call on Wednesday. Well… June 30 was already over, so Eno had no use for the person anymore. And she made it clear in this social media post and thinks it’s funny that the woman only mattered if she placed an order on or before June 30.

Disgusting, Eno.



  1. Ms Ego should be happy about this. She loves being the center of attention. Although she might be too busy to see this today because she’s probably out hustling women in public restrooms and hotel breakfast bars.

  2. “Bye Felicia”

    Nice. Contrast that with…

    “Great work, team, selling all that product in June! Let’s be sure to follow up with our customers (without pestering) for feedback on their purchases. Be sure to also ask what they thought of the sales process…were we too pushy? Did we listen to their needs? Are we reaching out too much or too little? How else can we help meet their beauty product needs?”

    Of course that conversation won’t happen in July because those June purchases went to consultants, and little, if any, of that product will ever wind up in the hands of outside customers. There is no one to survey!

    Eno tipped her hand on this one. You are useless to her if you are not spending money on her behalf, and on her time-line. But you can be sure she’ll be back when the next big deadline looms!


  3. Ms. Ego Annoyo has such a large head that I’m pretty sure it doesn’t fit through a typical doorway.

    • No wonder the world is the way it is, God is far too busy helping “His Favorite Daughter™” with her side-hustle.

  4. Aside from being entitled and rude, isn’t it rather shortsighted to insult a consultant whose future orders would benefit Eno throughout the coming year?

  5. She is very confrontational when she realizes she can not convert you to a sale or a consultant. She makes it very clear she has no need for you otherwise.


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