Is Mary Kay a Numbers Game? Yes, Indeed.

 We really don’t need any more proof that the MK Marketing Plan destines most participants to fail. But, just for fun, let’s look at some numbers.

If we assume the plan is going to be executed as designed and that “everyone” can succeed with this awesome opportunity (gag) what will the numbers look like?

Here’s me…the new recruit, red, hot and rollin, sharing the opportunity with anything that moves. Yeah me! Continue Reading →


Do You Know What You Really Agreed to When You Became a Mary Kay Sales Director?

In talking with hundreds of current and former Mary Kay sales directors, it is clear to me that many of them didn’t realize what they were agreeing to when they signed their agreements.

It’s not because they didn’t read them before they signed them. It’s because after all the work they had done in DIQ, there was no way they were going to not sign that agreement and become a director. There was simply too much time and money on the line to not finish. And anyway… how bad could the agreement really be if 14,000 other directors had signed it?

But as I looked over the agreement, some things jumped out at me. I’m not an attorney and I’m not giving legal advice here. I’m just giving my understanding of certain parts of the agreement. I think you’ll find this interesting. See all the things you agreed to when you became a sales director… Continue Reading →


Are You a Mary Kay Hypocrite?

Written by Chick In dissatisfAction

Are you a hypocrite?  That is the same question I recently had to ask myself.  Since resigning my sales director position and returning all my products, I have had to do quite a bit of soul searching.

I believe it takes time to fully “POP” your pink bubble.  Accepting the whole truth about your Mary Kay career and about Mary Kay Inc.  is a lot to swallow.

Imagine that you are like me:  Hundreds of consultants have been in your unit, numerous DIQs, Queen’s Court of Sales, Queen’s Court of Recruiting, several FREE cars.  For me to accept the truth that I quit a successful career for a fake one, that five years of my life were wasted with no retirement, that all my up-line was lying to me, that my friends were not really friends, that Mary Kay Cosmetics didn’t care about their sales force, and that I HAD BEEN LYING TO WOMEN FOR YEARS was too much to handle all at once. Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Sales Directors Enriching the Lives of Their Assistants?

 A Mary Kay sales director surveyed sister directors to see how much they paid their office assistants. Check out the responses she got…

  •  $8.50 per hour is what I pay my assistant… she updates my unitnet site, mails “I” status postcards, “T” status letters, and sends birthday/anniversar y emails. Her avg pay is about $30 per month….She makes more if we are doing a “campaign” and need to mail out letters to all consultants in unit…I do this about 3-4 times per year.
  • $10/hour. Me and three other Directors share her so she gets close to full-time b/t the three of us.
  • DFW, TX:  $8/hr & 30% product discount  Continue Reading →

“Good” Mary Kay Directors… Pollyanna in Peril

Written by Raisinberry

We here at Pink Truth are still human. We didn’t defog out of Mary Kay and suddenly become vicious negative sub-human life forms, contrary to the Pink spin about this website.

It’s no wonder that NSDs really don’t want consultants or potential recruits  coming to this site and reading an opposing view from what they are being told at a guest event or from a recruiter. The information here opens up doubt. What happens when you read Pink Truth is suddenly your suspicions become confirmed. But let’s face it, you had the suspicions or you wouldn’t have been “looking.” You had a crack in your positive mental attitude bubble. Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Lies: Husbands are In On It

This lies in Mary Kay are not restricted to consultants, directors, and national sales directors. The husbands regularly get in on the action, trying to add an air of legitimacy to the “business.” Sure… if the husband says it’s legit, then it must be! The following untruths come from a letter signed by the husband of a Mary Kay nsd:

  • I have never run across a business opportunity such as this where someone can work part-time or full-time, depending on their own wishes, name their own hours so they can be home with children if they desire, spending $100.00 minimum to get into the business and have a 90% guarantee buy-back on all products they purchase thorugh Mary Kay, if returned within the first year of becoming a consultant. Continue Reading →

Mary Kay Myth: Mary Kay Works When You Do!

Written by SuzyQ

Geez, if only. If Mary Kay worked when many of us did, we wouldn’t be here. We are not the lazy “loosers” the foggers make us out to be. In fact, it wasn’t all that long ago we were sugar sharp and recruitable, with slammin’ hair, a professional resume, and damn fine credit. We were director’s dreams because WE WANTED IT ALL AND WERE WILLING TO DO WHATEVER IT TOOK.

We went around, through, under and over all obstacles. We prayed. We asked God to bless our businesses. We asked Him to give us the words to touch the hearts of all those women placed in our path. Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Like a Gambling Addiction?

A former Mary Kay sales director shares how her her story was like a gambling addition, waiting to hit the jackpot with the big commission check. 

My journey to the end began the day I was on the computer looking for something and I stumbled upon Pink Truth. It was a shock to see this because I thought everything about MK was great. It was like a splash of cold water. At first I was angry but I kept coming back because deep in my gut I knew there was some truth to what was being written. The doubts started. So of course I went to my SSD and she told me, “never look at that again. It is poison and it will ruin you.”

But I also knew the reality of being a MK director. DIQ was absolute hell. I said and did things I never thought I would so that I could be the “find a way, make a way” type woman and I naively believed that once I became a director, I would have arrived to all my success. Because most of the women I signed up that last month came in to do a one time order, I did not have a unit. I did not really have a team. I was also deep in credit card debt, because I made up the difference each month chasing the mirage of my MK dream. Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Sales Director Earnings: Less Than Minimum Wage

The hallmark of pyramid schemes (masquerading as something legitimate under an innocent-sounding name like multi-level marketing) is false earnings claims. We at Pink Truth know that time and again, research shows that more than 99% of people LOSE MONEY in MLM.

Nonetheless, practically all you ever hear about is how much money participants are making. And these claims are largely lies. When confronted with the reality that so many people lose money in MLM, the companies themselves resort to excuses like “women don’t really want to make money with Mary Kay… they do it for fun and as a social outlet.” Continue Reading →


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