Consultants Who Are Easiest to Coax Into Directorship

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mary-kay-pink-twinsThis is a piece about finding new offspring Mary Kay directors. It focuses on the type of women who are easiest to talk into becoming a director. I’m sorry, but if you have to “talk her into” becoming a director, maybe it isn’t such a good idea. This is just one of the many ways Mary Kay recruiters lie and manipulate women in the pink pyramid scheme.

I hope this time of year finds you happy and warm with lovely times with your family and friends!

As you plan your New Year’s Goals, you may find it interesting to know about three different styles of running a unit.

The first style, the Director mainly does personal selling, has a small unit and rarely gets an offspring. If she does, it will also be a strong personal seller who will also have a small unit.

Lies You Should Tell to Get Mary Kay “Offsprings”

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You really can’t make this stuff up. This is a document from one of my favorite Mary Kay national sales directors, Anita Garrett Roe. She says this is how you “get the offsprings you need” (her words).

You now have some people picked out who you feel could become Directors. Ok, take those and have a heart to heart talk with them separately, away from the meeting. <

Tell them sincerely why you think they’d be good, etc. Tell them it is so easy and they would be so good. And, that you want to set up an appointment to come over and talk to her and her husband together. Go over the marketing plan with him and show him how we make our money. He will get excited.

Tell him his wife is a natural, and you have been watching her for some time, and really feel like she is ready.

Mary Kay is Great in the Netherlands!

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This comment was submitted by a woman who says she is a Mary Kay consultant in the Netherlands. Her arguments against the Pink Truth are really no different than those we hear from consultants based in the United States.

W.O.W…. I can hardly believe the US comments. As a consultant from the Netherlands, Europe I have not heard such bad comments in my country ever. Of course there are people in my country who find that MK is not for them. I think … there is always negative stuff to find about each and every company if you really want to. And that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that my MK experience will be the same as yours if you have not been successful in this business.

Yes, we have to invest. For the record, I never had to invest $ 1800,-. I was offered three options with different amounts and I chose the ‘cheapest’ way to start. But doesn’t every entrepreneur have to invest? Where would Apple be if they didn’t invest back than?

Linda Toupin’s Mary Kay Husband Letter

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Getting husbands to buy into the idea of Mary Kay Cosmetics is critical. The wife is almost guaranteed to lose money, so it is important to get the husband on board as soon as she signs up. He has to know that if he doesn’t give her the go ahead to do anything it takes to stay in Mary Kay, he will be seen as unsupportive. In an attempt to make the husband believe Mary Kay is a real business (no, it’s not), a letter like the below is often sent out. This one is from nsd Linda Toupin.

Dear _________,

Just a note to say a warm and very heartfelt “Thank You” for sharing ________ with us, as she seeks to learn more about her wonderful opportunity in Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Your love and support of all she is trying to do means more to her than I can possibly convey!!

Direct Sales: Easy or Hard?

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We know Mary Kay isn’t “direct sales” and that the real focus is recruiting. Nonetheless, the company and its reps like to use that phrase because it “hides” the focus on recruiting and sounds like something legitimate. Who could object to selling??? I thought this was an interesting piece from Anita Garrett Roe’s site.

The following article is an excerpt from a speech given by a direct seller at a local meeting. We are told she was asked to speak on how direct sales compares to working a “regular” job. It was submitted to us, and although the original author is unknown, we wish to thank her for her thoughts and insights. We have edited it to share with you as you embark on a brand new year, with new opportunities to count the many blessings we have in this business.

The “Spiritual” Spin of Mary Kay

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Written by SuzyQ

This was the hardest part for me.  I remember running into a director at a gas station after my first seminar in 1998.  I asked her “I don’t get this part of making God my business partner.”  She said “You will.”  At that seminar I heard Cindy Williams say “God does not call the equipped, He equips the called.” I was stunned.  Born and raised as Episcopalian, I had never heard God’s name evoked in any business opportunity before, and I was at a loss for words.

Fast forward a few years and I am a member of a semi-elite Bible Studies group for directors only.  This involvement calls for me to drive 100 miles round trip to breathe the same air as other directors who are more worthy than me.  I remember the first time we prayed for more red jackets and more production. Another stunning moment. 

If You Love Mary Kay and the Opportunity…

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Written by Blackbird

This is an article for those people out there who enjoy being a MK consultant, director, etc. For those who think the company offers a lot of good things to women and who want to see the company succeed.

If you really care about MK (and I mean actually care about the company and not just your bottom line) then LISTEN TO WHAT THE WOMEN ON THIS SITE ARE TELLING YOU.

Compulsive Consultancy in Mary Kay Cosmetics

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Written by Lazy Gardens

Compulsive consultancy brings despair and humiliation into the lives of countless thousands of men, women and children. The compulsive consultant is a person who is dominated by an irresistible urge to participate in Mary Kay. Coupled with this is the obsessive idea that a way will be found to “make it pay” and enjoy it besides. This causes deterioration in almost all areas of the person’s life.

The compulsive consultant attempts to create an image as a philanthropist and an all around “good person”. Much of the time the compulsive consultant lives in a dream world which satisfies her emotional needs.

One of the Many Reasons Why I Despise People Recruiting for MLMs

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Recently, I got an email from someone who tried to register for Pink Truth, but hadn’t received a confirmation email. I saw the login he used, and immediately had a bad feeling. I just *knew* he was in an MLM and was here to promote it.

I emailed him back and told him that we didn’t allow any promotion of MLMs on Pink Truth, and that I asked if he was just here to promote his MLM. I got this response:

The Four Phases of Your Mary Kay Stint

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A former director remembers being “trained” on this as a new director. It is one of the many things that set off alarms in the back of her head. Sales direcotrs are being warned in advance of the exact path their businesses will take. Note the subtle brainwashing going on during phase three. The ex-director’s comments are inserted after each phase.

Four Emotions of our Business from nsd Rena Tarbet

Phase One: The first phase is excitement. You’ve caught the vision of where you can go and what you can do for yourself and your family through our Mary Kay opportunity! You don’t know or understand just how it will all come about but you just know that it will. Nothing can stand in the way of your pursuit of the Mary Kay dream – you’re ready to take on anything.