Do You Want More From Mary Kay?

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Ick. Another propaganda piece to assure Mary Kay consultants that if they just pray enough and want it enough, they can be successful in Mary Kay. If they are not successful, they must not have had a high enough “deserve level” or they’re lazy losers (like us – LOL).

Please respond to this ONLY if you want more for your life from Mary Kay!  I know that the women who respond to this – want more of my time and attention – and you will get it!!!  When you decide you will be accountable to someone else – major changes happen!

The Real Truth Behind Mary Kay’s “Avenues of Income”

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Written by Raisinberry

If you were paying attention at your “practice” recruiting interview or guest event, you’ll recall your recruiter or Future Director telling you about all the ways that you can make money in Mary Kay. Ultimately it came down to 3 “avenues of income”. One way was selling your own product to consumers, one was recruiting for commissions on their “sales”, and then you had the last obscure method called dovetailing that happened when you got a percentage of a class you booked but didn’t hold.

Then of course there were reorders, but that is really just you selling to end customers again. Three income streams seemed to be the key to success and would lead to being “paid what you are worth”…not what some “job is worth”.

Your Husband’s a Shallow Schmuck!

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Written by The Scribbler

Yes, you have heard this one – many potential recruits have. Oh sure, the recruiter’s not going to come right out and tell you what a Neanderthal the company thinks your hubby is; she’s going to reweave the line – as she’s been taught – into something a little silkier:

“I bet your husband is like mine in that they love us and just want us to be happy. And you know, the typical reaction is “Honey, if that’s what you want to do, go ahead, but just leave me out of it!” Now, don’t you think he trusts your judgment?” (NSD Rena Tarbet)

50 Reasons I’m Happy I Quit Mary Kay

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Written by SuzyQ

Years after leaving Mary Kay, I think about the emotions I had when I left the big pink cult. The first thing I felt was relief. It was really, really over, and I didn’t have to worry about Mary Kay any more.  To this day, I still reflect sometimes on all the reasons I am happy that I quit Mary Kay. I thought I’d start with the top 50 reasons:

  1. Not having to worry about production. I know exactly what I will make each check, when it will be deposited, and I have all the usual “corporate” benefits from a J.O.B.
  2. I don’t have to go to events anymore. Events include the usual MKC ones like Leadership, Career Conference and Seminar, and all the others like weekly meetings, director’s meetings, area events, nsd events, retreats, power up days and on and on.

Little White Lies in Mary Kay

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Written by Raisinberry

Well I think I may have figured out why many of us lingered too long at the Mary Kay dance before coming to our senses. For well over a year after I left Mary Kay, I couldn’t believe a woman like me, reasonably intelligent, fell for the hype for so many years and never faced or admitted it, even to myself. Then I saw many Pink Truth members saying the same thing.

It has been said that this is a “realization, remorse, repair and resume” sequence akin to cult detox and it just takes time. We were bamboozled. We gave our trust to people who were practicing an art that had its start in the very first garden.

Maybe She Needs Pink Truth

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401919914_85cc8dc1ac_m.jpgBelow is a little piece entitled “Maybe She Needs Me.” Here’s big news: No one needs Mary Kay.

They don’t need a consultant’s fake (warm chattering) compliment.

They don’t need Mary Kay’s average (or below) products… they’ve got Walgreen’s.

Mary Kay Husband Lies About His Wife’s Success

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At Pink Truth, we are very familiar with the false earnings claims made in Mary Kay. This week the husband of a Mary Kay consultant attempted to post two comments on a thread about pink Cadillac sales directors:

I don’t know who you are or why you are doing this. All I know is that my wife and I have been running this business for almost a year. We have demanding day jobs and we work very hard at building our business. We have seen a steady increase in profits every month. Our clientel gets bigger and bigger every month. How dare you sit there and say its not a real business?

Mary Kay Ash and the Miracle of the 10 Class Week

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 Written by Lazy Gardens

You’ve heard legends of old geezers coming back and showing the new generation how it’s really done. John Wayne as the aging gunfighter or grizzled sergeant leads the charge against the bad guys, Lassie comes off her comfy rug to battle a blizzard and save Timmy one more time, or the retired scientist comes back to the lab and defeats the glowing green ooze. How about Mary Kay Ash showing that she still could get ‘er done and hold 10 classes in a week? Uh, yes, even the cosmetics sales brigade needs its heroines.

Here’s what really happened, from the 1984 book, “On People Management”, by Mary Kay Ash. Chapter 9 – The Speed of the Leader is the Speed of the Gang – gives the details.

Mary Kay Offers 90% of Your Money Back

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One of the “selling points” used to lure recruits into Mary Kay is the promise of being able to get 90% of your money back on your inventory. Indeed, a recent commenter touted this “benefit” of Mary Kay:

A smart person will not invest more than 60% of their sales. How hard is that? Tracy angry. Gloria Mayfield Banks,she did it,why cant you? Oh yeah,she is an MBA Harvard Grad. And you guys do know that you get back 90% of money invested in all products sent back to the company right?? Take advantage. Please!!

Is the 90% buyback guarantee really all it’s cracked up to be? Of course not.