Unsuited: The Reason Why I Never Became a Mary Kay Sales Director

 Written by MKDV24

For the majority of my Mary Kay career, I was a “sales only” consultant in a high producing, top unit. And even though I wasn’t interested in doing anything more than selling Mary Kay products, I still attended my director’s weekly unit meeting.

Rain or shine, snow or sleet, I never missed a week. I was loyal and attentive. I took notes, and contributed by providing sales ideas. I could recite every single booking script put in front of me. I was a consistent seller – thinking like a retailer. Continue reading “Unsuited: The Reason Why I Never Became a Mary Kay Sales Director”

We Did All That Work For a Few Trinkets?

Mary Kay PrizesWritten by sadnpink

During the course of my time in Mary Kay, I never missed being a star consultant.  I believed that I deserved those nice gifts they were giving away each quarter, and I managed to accumulate quite a few.  It wasn’t until I resigned as a director and returned my products that I came to realize how little those prizes really were worth.

My statement indicated that for the entire year my star gifts were valued at a whopping $49.00!!!  Wow…. that said a lot right there.  I had been a consistent Emerald that year which means I did a LOT of ordering.  I earned the pink blender….which broke within two months and rusted out at the base.  I had earned a voice recorder which would take an electronic genius to operate and did not work well even when it did operate.  In short, the gifts were cheap. Continue reading “We Did All That Work For a Few Trinkets?”

The Ethical Pink Truth Director

Written by Raisinberry

One of the common denominators shared by “career path consultants” on Pink Truth is how they know they are responsible for the decisions they made in Mary Kay, yet they still feel as if they were “led” and manipulated, by the “do what your Director says” training they absorbed “sitting at the feet” of their upline.

Some people want you to think that our concerns here at PT are abnormal and do not reflect the “opportunity” that the majority of Mary Kay Directors have experienced. This has intrigued me on many levels, since so many want to blame MK Directors for what has happened to a great deal of them as if they hadn’t an ethical bone in their bodies. Continue reading “The Ethical Pink Truth Director”

For Mary Kay Sales Directors Who “Stumble Across” Pink Truth

Written by SuzyQ

Dear Directors,

Many of you have “stumbled across the Pink Truth website” and have read with horror and anger some of the posts and responses. Someone used the “watching a train wreck” metaphor and that is pretty descriptive. I did the same thing not so long ago.

I was bored and googled “negative Mary Kay” and found enough reading material on a variety of sites for several days. I was stunned. I ended up reading everything on the Mary Kay Sucks (now Pink Truth) site. Continue reading “For Mary Kay Sales Directors Who “Stumble Across” Pink Truth”

Why Your NSD Wants You to Stay at Her Hotel For Seminar

The dirty little secret of Seminar hotels: If enough rooms are booked for your NSD’s hotel, she’ll get her suite for free.

NSD Anita Garret Roe offered this explanation for staying at the “area” hotel. She forgot to mention that she’ll get her suite free if enough of you book rooms. But here’s the rest of it. Don’t think that it’s not all about the NSD’s pocketbook. Of course it is! Continue reading “Why Your NSD Wants You to Stay at Her Hotel For Seminar”

Telling the Truth in Mary Kay

Written by Ciavyn

Seminar 2008. It was my third time through DIQ (I’d go through one more time before I hung up my heels), and I was on my way to the director’s meeting. My husband and I had just gotten off the plane, and I ditched my poor hubby with all our luggage, and ran like the wind in three inch heels to get to the meeting. Nothing quite like that red polyester jacket to give you a sauna treatment in Dallas, is there?

Anyway, while I am walking into the hotel, I met up with a new DIQ in our area who had also just finished her car, first time through DIQ though, and she’d just signed 5 women the day before, four of them activated the same day. She had 21 active consultants at the end of her third month. My jaw hit the floor. I had 20-some on my team, but only 11 active. Continue reading “Telling the Truth in Mary Kay”

Why Do We Stay in Mary Kay?

Written by sadnpink

After my stint in Mary Kay and two other MLMs, I have come to the conclusion that many people stay because of two factors: peer pressure and guilt.

We come into this new business opportunity all excited about a new venture with limitless possibilities. This new endeavor will give us a chance to stay at home and have more family time. Plus, wewill be helping others to develop a business of their own. It gives us a good feeling that we are doing something positive with our time and energy.

Our uplines are there to help us and the company seems rock solid, so we believe we have made a wise investment for the future. We are welcomed so sincerely, and we start making friends with others who have the same dream and goal.

Continue reading “Why Do We Stay in Mary Kay?”

Sales Director, Please Stop Telling Mary Kay Lies

Written by PinkyMcStinky

This is the final letter I sent my Mary Kay sales director, who told me she felt hurt when I decided to quit. I needed the closure of this letter, and it felt good to speak my mind!

Sales Director,

I understand that you FEEL hurt. I FELT the same way when it finally and fully occurred to me that this “opportunity” was built, and unfortunately continues to thrive, on outright lies, half-truths, master manipulation and the fleecing and frontloading of brainwashed consultants. But what I’ve FOUND is that the joy I have in sending back thousands of dollars of product, and the knowledge I now have of how MK and all other MLMs destroy people’s lives, and the intent I have of encouraging everyone I know to stay out or get out of them will enrich my life forever. Continue reading “Sales Director, Please Stop Telling Mary Kay Lies”

I Didn’t Do It the “Right Way” In Mary Kay

Written by Imwise

A former director’s story of her work never being good enough for success, and her realization that she is a lazy loser who just gives up.

I started Mary Kay as a SAHM with two babies, aged 18 months and 2 weeks. My husband made $7 per hour as a restaurant dishwasher. We lived on food stamps, WIC checks, and state insurance. With $742 in our savings account, I followed my Mary Kay director’s advice and ordered a $200 inventory. It was all I could afford; although I felt guilty for not bee-lieving in my business enough to wipe out the savings account with a $600 order.

I was excited to be a part of an opportunity that would bring me the financial freedom we needed.  I was told to make a poster with pictures of my goals, I remember pasting pictures of my dream house, plentiful food, the Pink Cadillac, nice clothes etc.  I set deadlines for my goals and got to work. Continue reading “I Didn’t Do It the “Right Way” In Mary Kay”

How We Got You (Into Mary Kay, Of Course!)

Written by Raisinberry

How we got you… Interviewing manipulation – Pattern par excellance. You were probably reasonably happy when you came to our meeting, career coffee or guest event. But we are on a mission. And that mission is to enrich your miserable life. But first… we must make sure you have a miserable life.

Step One: Make a friend. I’ll tell you my “I-story” in which you will see how happy I am in Mary Kay, and how much better my life is and how much freedom and flexibility I have. I will level with you how unfulfilled I was, and how much growth has happened in my life. Lastly, I will search for your hot buttons and see where there might be a weakness in your armor. Continue reading “How We Got You (Into Mary Kay, Of Course!)”