Pam Shaw on Money, Recruiting, & Manipulation (Part 2)

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The second part of the notes from a  conference call with Mary Kay national sales director Pam Shaw.

Where I want to go next with you, connecting to the Shaw Time Advantage, is a growth focus and to give you five critical areas that count. It’s called, it’s a growth focus, growth, growth.

The five critical areas that count:

1. New Consultants added per month – 10 plus. Mary Kay herself said, If you add five to your unit a month, you’re maintaining. If you add ten a month, you’re growing. Less than ten you will not grow, you will decline.

Start at the very beginning of the month to add new people.

So 10 or more a month, 10 or more a month that you want to add, but when you get a bigger number like 15 or 20 a number that – well here’s where you stop with your number when your heart goes [tapping]. When your heart does that, that’s your number. That’s the number that you can, that makes your blood surge, that makes your face flush, that make you go oh my God how I am going to do that? You’ve got to get your arms around that number for you and then continually increase your number.

Pam Shaw on Money, Recruiting, & Manipulation (Part 1)

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Notes from a conference call with Mary Kay national sales director Pam Shaw. The bottom line: money, recruiting, manipulation. Wash, rinse, repeat.

It’s a system and a mindset and not a personality.

I believe that success in Mary Kay is not a personality, rather it’s a way of thinking and a way of working and it’s not exclusive to any group of people. If you look at your Million-Dollar Directors or line up all your National Sales Directors, you will find common ground only in the way people think and in a pattern of working. You’re going to find a common ground in a pattern of working, a work style, and in a pattern of thinking.

In the Shaw National area, I have what I call for my Directors, the Shaw Time Advantage that when they fit this mold, they will in and of itself, separate themselves from their peers every single time and they’ll find themselves at the top of the scoreboard every single time when they consistently work to follow this model and here’s what it is:

Premier Club Director MaryBeth’s Earnings

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This is the tax return data for MaryBeth, a solid Premier Club sales director in Mary Kay. I’ve heard many figures thrown around, and most often seem to hear that car driving directors make between $40,000 and $50,000 per year on commissions alone. Not even close!

If you do the math, you’ll see that it is almost mathematically impossible for a Premier Club director to make that much, because it would require more than $16,000 wholesale per month (and almost the entire unit would have to be the director’s personal recruits). No one whose unit does that much month after month is still in a Premeir Club unit… they’d be a Cadillac unit.

Tips For Moving Up NOW in Mary Kay

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They make it look so easy to move up, don’t they? If you’re not moving up in Mary Kay, you must not be working hard enough. Those who are really moving up legitimately and making more money are few and far between. But pieces like this will make you think you’re the only one not moving up!

Do you want to really, really move up in your business today…right now? If yes, then look at the following list of things that are necessary for you to grow and realize your dreams now. These were shared by Sr. Cadillac Director Jeanette Thompson, Duluth, Ga….Thank you Jeanette for your insights!

You Do NOT Own Your Own Business In Mary Kay

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Multi-level marketing is not a business. It is a thinly veiled pyramid scheme, designed to appear legal to regulators. Not only is it not a business, when you’re in Mary Kay, you don’t actually OWN anything. Look no further than a lawsuit between Mary Kay Inc. and Amy Dunlap, a former Mary Kay national sales director. (This lawsuit was settled a couple of years ago, but I’m bringing it up now to illustrate what a top-ranking member of the “sales force” had to say about Mary Kay’s business opportunity.)

In the lawsuit, Amy said that Mary Kay lies to women when it says you “own your own business”:

11. Mary Kay, in the conduct of its multilevel marketing business, has engaged in false, misleading, and deceptive acts and practices, as the purveyor and seller of an Independent Business Consultant business to Defendant and the many other Independent Beauty Consultants, Unit Independent Sales Directors, and National Sales Directors similarly situated to her, which acts and practices are unlawful under the provisions of §17.46 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code.

12. By agreeing to acquire her beauty consulting business as an independent contractor, entrepreneur and the owner of her own business as a result of her contracts with Mary Kay, Defendant was a consumer of the Defendant’s services as that term is defined under §17.45 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code, having relied on the written and oral representations of Plaintiff that, as an “independent dealer” she was the owner of her own business. Throughout her relationship with Mary Kay, until the very end, she was deceived by the company’s continuous, non-stop, orchestrated campaign through speeches at the annual Seminars, business opportunity meetings, CDs, DVDs, cassette/VCR tapes, brochures, letters and emails, representing to her and the other Consultants in her National Sales Director Unit, and throughout the company for that matter, that they were being provided by Mary Kay the business opportunity of “owning” their “own business.”

Mary Kay’s Claims Following the Harper’s Story

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Since we took a trip down memory lane regarding Harper’s article, “The Pink Pyramid Scheme: How Mary Kay Cosmetics Preys on Desperate Housewives”,  we should also take a look back at the flurry of media activity that followed. Forbes released a damning article titled “Mary Kay Preys on Women,”  and Virginia Sole-Smith was featured on NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook. After witnessing so many Mary Kay leaders play the Dodge/Deny/Be Too Dumb to Doubt game when they were asked tougher questions about the business, it was most refreshing to see these issues openly addressed on the program.

Mary Kay’s Pink Pyramid Scheme

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Today we take a trip down memory lane. Almost three years ago, Harper’s Magazine did an expose on the Mary Kay “opportunity” that ruffled a lot of feathers. The story, The Pink Pyramid Scheme: How Mary Kay Cosmetics Preys on Desperate Housewives, was featured on sites like Jezebel and Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish.

Virginia Sole-Smith went undercover to dig into the world of Mary Kay, finding out the dirty truth about recruiting and inventory frontloading. She found out the sad truth: Mary Kay uses the public image of “enriching women’s lives” as the basis for misleading recruits in a “business opportunity” that almost guarantees they will lose money.

“Layering” in Mary Kay

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In Mary Kay Cosmetics, the term “layering” is an innocent-sounding word that means “keep pestering her until she says yes or gets a restraining order against you.” A common teaching in Mary Kay is that no doesn’t really mean no… It’s just a request for more information. So really, everyone wants to join Mary Kay and they know it deep down in their hearts, it just takes a lot of layering to make that truth come out.

How does a consultant “layer” a Mary Kay customer? She keeps mentioning all the “benefits” of being in Mary Kay, occasionally sends her something in the mail about the MK opportunity because “I thought you might be interested in this,” and generally keeps offering up recruiting tidbits to hopefully entice the woman into MK.

Mary Kay offers this guidance on the DISC personality types and how to effectively layer them. Identify the biggest fear that each personality type has, and then use as much emotional manipulation as possible related to that fear.

A Million Dollar Director Month (Part 2)

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Part 1 of this training was all about squeezing as many orders and recruits out of people as possible. This one is more about the director working her business.

But then we get to the good stuff. Notice the emphasis on recruiting and frontloading. If the newbies don’t order lots right away, chances are they won’t order much ever.


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A Million Dollar Director Month (Part 1)

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This is the first part of a series on a “million dollar director” month. It’s part of a lengthy email that was sent out by Mary Kay national sales director Pamela Shaw. Pam promotes heavy recruiting and frontloading, as well as sales director tactics like “dialing for dollars.”

I always get the impression that she’s encouraging directors to roll over anyone who gets in their way. It’s always about “what you can do for me” when she’s instructing directors on how to move up in Mary Kay.

Directors, there is so much inside of me that I want to pour into you. Recognizing that you are all at different levels of understanding, skill mastery, commitment to your leadership often hampers me. I know for some of you a read is ‘’Good grief, I know this” For others it is “ANOTHER email, arg” But IF for one, it is a gem, a God-send, a missing piece, an AH HA, then at the risk of distracting some of you, I pray to support the ONE in this checklist.