Mary Kay Lie of the Week

From Mary Kay Inc.:

You’ve accomplished what it takes for on-target for Grand Achiever status! Congratulations!  But I know you’re not stopping when your goal is in sight. The most important thing for you to do now is fill your date book with appointments and watch for that special person at each one. If you talk to at least five new people every day about the Mary Kay opportunity, I know your dream of driving that car can become a reality!

Mary Kay Manipulation: Scripts for Potential Car Drivers

It pays big to have “Mary Kay cars” on the road. It costs Mary Kay Inc. NOTHING, and is essentially free advertising. Not only that, Mary Kay knows that the cars make people think the drivers are successful. If they got a “free” Mary Kay car, they must be making lots of money. The cars silently convince the masses that there is success (where none really exists).

In fact, the earnings of nearly all of the pink Cadillac drivers are anything but “executive.”  But the general public doesn’t know that, and they think that the pink Cadillac signifies a high income earner, which is exactly what Mary Kay Inc. wants.

Mary Kay Inc. doesn’t want a director to take the available cash compensation option, because no one can see that but her. Continue reading “Mary Kay Manipulation: Scripts for Potential Car Drivers”

All It Takes to Earn Your May Kay Car…

Mary Kay Sucks
Mary Kay Sucks

The lies Mary Kay consultants and directors tell about how “easy” it is to earn a car in Mary Kay and how little time it takes…

Out of your 168 hours week you will need to spend 12-15 hours a week in people time to earn and continue using your free company car. Suggested allotment of time:
6 hours – 3 classes per week Continue reading “All It Takes to Earn Your May Kay Car…”

God, Please Give Me an Escalade. Amen.

(This one was so good that I just HAD to recycle it!)

Did you know that God is now giving out pink Escalades? He is! Especially if you are Kathy and Dan Helou. Dan explains picking up the pink Escalade and then how fabulous it is that God gives out pink Escalades to those who work for Mary Kay, “a company that gives us a mission for the kingdom.” So start saving souls with Mary Kay!!! What blasphemy. Continue reading “God, Please Give Me an Escalade. Amen.”

New Mary Kay “Career Car” Rules

 Changes to Mary Kay’s Grand Achiever and Premier Club Career Car Program announced July 2009:

It has been more than seven years since Career Car Program production requirements have increased. However, due to year-over-year cost increases, we are announcing the following Career Car Program changes: Continue reading “New Mary Kay “Career Car” Rules”

The Value of the FREE Mary Kay Car

It’s exciting talking about the value of that “free” Mary Kay car, isn’t it? How great to imagine not having a car payment again. We’d all like to be driving “free,” wouldn’t we?

The trouble is that the “free” Mary Kay car is not so free after all. If you don’t meet your minimum monthly or quarterly production, be prepared to pay a copay. And unfortunately, those copays exceed the real value of the car. Continue reading “The Value of the FREE Mary Kay Car”

Mary Kay Career Car Corruption

 Written by PoppingThePinkBubble

There are many discussions about the “Free” Mary Kay Cars.  Many discussions about consultants and directors buying their way to the free car.  And then, the dreaded co-pays.  My Mary Kay journey and demise involves not only the car and co-pays but the insurance.  I learned the hard way that MK Corp will twist anything and everything in their favor.  NOT THE CONSULTANT’S!

So what happened?  Well my journey with Mary Kay was several years ago.  The cars were different then but qualification and maintenance were about the same.  I “earned” my first car as a consultant.  Now it feels more like I scammed 12 women with the help of my director.  Continue reading “Mary Kay Career Car Corruption”

Changes to Mary Kay’s Car Program (2007)


We wondered if the Grand Prix would be changed to black to match the new compacts, and now we’ve got our answer! Why yes… the cars will be black like the new compacts.

Here’s the info Mary Kay is distributing about the not-so-free car program.

Starting with June 2007 qualifiers: Continue reading “Changes to Mary Kay’s Car Program (2007)”

Leasing a Mary Kay Car of Your Own

 Written by Whiz

Many here on Pink Truth have commented at the seemingly exorbitant cost of earning a Mary Kay Career Car. Considering the full co-op payments (or full cash compensation in lieu of using a career car) range from $375 to $900 per month, many have posed the question, “How much would the monthly payment be if someone walked into a dealership and leased the same car?” Continue reading “Leasing a Mary Kay Car of Your Own”