Tips for Growth to Cadillac

Last month at the “9 Losers on a Beach” event hosted by nsd Jamie Taylor, they created a whole bunch of social media content meant to fire up the downline. Our friend Chelsea Adkins (well, legally Chelsea Claytor, since she’s not responsible enough to hang onto her birth certificate or other important documents) was supposed to tell us what it takes to grow your unit to get to a pink Cadillac.

The deal is that you need about 100 unit members to have a shot at getting there. You’ll notice that Chelsea has no real advice for anyone. Because the thing is that she bought her way into the Cadillac. “Court of Sales” for the first time really means that she ordered as much product as possible. She doesn’t actually make a profit on the products she sells.

So is it really her personal activity that got her to Cadillac? I suppose so. She had to recruit a bunch of people to do it. Then she had to personally get them to place big inventory orders. Then she had to order a bunch herself and have her maxed out credit cards ready to order enough to “finish” the Cadillac by the skin of her teeth. But none of this is anything to be proud of.



  1. But wait, according to Chelsea, she makes “50% profit” while playing with makeup at her kitchen table. Surely that can’t be a blatant lie, can it?

    • The “bonus” that you pay for, even if you avoid the co-pay.

      PSA for all you lurkers who are dreaming of getting that “free car”: If you have to give up commission for it, it isn’t free!

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