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How Allison LaMarr Got to NSD So Quickly

Allison LaMarr now holds the title for “quickest to Mary Kay national sales director.” She did it in about 2 1/2 years. How? Here’s my opinion.

Allison will tell you that the way she got to niq is through consistent work, constantly getting new names, encouraging women to move up, etc. That’s sort of true.

But here’s how I think Allison really made it to niq so quickly:

  1. She is a master of the pyramid. She knows that in order to become nsd, you must build wide and deep. Wide: Build lots of first-line directors. Every first-line director widens the organization, and in the long run, these are the ones she will make the most direct money from. Deep: Build lots of second and third-line directors and beyond. The deeper the organization gets, the more money Allison makes in the long run, because each of the people builds their own little pyramid under her. While she’ll only get a teeny bit of money for each of these deep people, if there are a kazillion of them, she gets rich.
  2. Churn diq’s (director in qualification) as fast as you can. First, this ensures that she has lots of production, since each one is adding a minimum of $4k wholesale to the organization every month. Second, this adds to the excitement factor. As women see others moving up, they get excited and want to do the same. It is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy, the more diq’s you have, the more you get.
  3. Frontload, frontload, frontload. Recruiting is no good unless you can get them to buy inventory. Allison very closely follows the rule of pushing inventory right away, because the longer you wait, the less likely they are going to buy. She’d never admit that she is frontloading of course, but this falls right in line with #2 above. Everyone’s getting excited, and it’s easier to push production.

Allison’s little niq motto is this: “Building an Area of women who are independently successful, financially stable and emotionally healthy to wage war on mediocrity in our own circle of influence!”


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