Let’s Pretend That Mary Kay Ex-Directors Don’t Exist

From: Pamela Shaw
Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2008 2:17 PM
To: Area directors

1. IF YOU HAVE A SUBMISSION for SHAW AREA RED ROOKIE of the YEAR, please submit an email attachment sent to xxxxxxxx nominating your RED who has moved up in the year. Being on 08 National and SHAW Courts, accomplishments throughout the year, GENX participating, heart, go give, character will be taken into consideration. Any nomination received after Tuesday 7/15 will not be considred.

2. JEN and JEFF STANLEY are putting together the dvd-visuals for SHAW NIGHT-BANQUET! Please submit photos

· If your unit is under 30, submit ONE photo—Theme—Living the DREAM (you alone or you with unit members or you on stage from the past… your call)

· For every additional 30 unit members submit another photo

· For every 5 years in the business, submit an additional photo that shows your own progression thru the years

· Please avoid photos that feature ‘former’ directors

· Connie—will you guys be there? No I think? You know you’re welcome. If yes, submit 6 from your group

· Do you have any of SARAH K? You or LISA? THANK YOU!

Photos must be in jpeg format and submitted to xxxxxxxxx.


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