The Frenzy Over Mary Kay Director Terminations

Times are tough in Mary Kay. Director terminations appear to be occuring left and right, and that theory is supported by the loss of 1,000 U.S. directors over the last year.

Directors are frantically emailing one another about the rules surrounding director terminations, and (surprisingly) admitting to directors dropping out. Sounds serious to me!

Check out the first email in a series of forwards:

My Dear Friends…my Directors….

I really feel the responsibility to make sure you are  ” clear ” on the rules for maintaining Director Status.

Just this week….one of my 2nd line directors was terminated due to missing her $4000.00 minimum production quota for 2 months in a row.   Since she had not missed 2 months in a row for the last 12 months…..I misunderstood the rule & thought she now could not miss 2 months in a row again for the following 12 months.    However,  I was wrong.

Once a director misses 2 consecutive months….& receives the warning….it stands forever…..even if she doesn’t miss 2 months in a row again for 5 years.   She was called in early August & told that she needed to make production in August.  HOWEVER,   I think she felt since she had a personal Gold Medal in August….they would let the warning slide ….even though she did not make production.  The Company did not let her slide …..she is terminated regardless of my misunderstanding or her excuses.   She consistantly made production one month & missed the next & then made it again….& then would miss the next.

Why am I telling you this ?   Certainly not to be negative but to make sure each of  YOU  are aware of the rules & the seriousness of this 2 month warning.

Then this was added on by another director and forwarded:

We also lost a director who had 3 offsprings, she too did not understand the seriousness of the letter that she got or she would have finished the production herself.  I spoke with Greg Franklin and did everything that I could to get her the exception and they wouldn’t bend.  She had been  a Director for 10 years and during the 10 years she had only 3 –  2 month misses and 2 of them were deaths and family crisis.

And another add-on and forward:

I know that this probably does not apply to you…… but it is important info to know for whatever circumstances –  it may be valuable.

Treasure your position with all your heart! Know that no matter where you may be,
MANY TOP DIRECTORS have been right there, got up, shined up their Dreams, made better goals, rolled up their sleeves – and created Miracles for themselves and lots of other people through their decision!!!!

It is really about Belief and Gratitude! No matter what, never doubt that this is the greatest career opportunity in the world! The moment you Decide, everything changes! Love You,

On the contrary, Mary Kay directors…. it probably does apply to you.

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  1. CaliforniaGal

    Well, ladies, it looks like Mary Kay corporate is serious about directors making production. This is not a real J-O-B. In real jobs ya work your heart out and have clear expections. Ya have evaluations and if you are deficient then there are ways that companies have devised to help their workers achieve proficiencies.

    But in the Mary Kay pink world only the productive survive. You can only miss production so many times then ya are out. What a scamy business!

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