Facts, opinions, and the real story behind Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Caption This Mary Kay Photo

Behold, a real live Mary Kay Pink Cadillac, with a sales director in the trunk.


  1. Ne-Pink-Plus

    I seeeeee yoooouuuu hiding in there. Why are you hiding from me? You’d be a great face model! Helloooo? Please come out! I want your opinion on my business plan! Don’t you want to join my slammin’ team? You don’t have to tell your husband right now. Hellloooo? Helloooooooooo?

  2. MLM Radar Detector

    But when the witch bent down to peer inside the oven and check the heat, Gretel gave her a tremendous push. “Quick, Hansel, slam the door shut and we will be free!”

  3. Amanda

    “PLEEAASSEEE release me from your wraaaatthhh, Master Ash…PLEAASSSEEE!” The SD cried.

    “I told you I would return one day and bring all my followers to the special place I have prepared…I guess I left out the details didn’t I? Once you give everything up for me there is no turning back…This is only the beginning of your cold, dark and lonely existence. What else did you think the Caddies were for? Panting a flower bed?”

  4. ananimis

    How tacky is that!!!!! Selling stuff from the trunk of their car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And every Mary Kay lady I’ve met acts like they are above everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!

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