Facts, opinions, and the real story behind Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Caption This Mary Kay Photo

The beloved Mary Kay Wagner Rogers Louis Eckman Weaver Miller Hallenbeck Ash. Her family and Mary Kay Cosmetics prefer us to say Mary Kay Ash, for obvious reasons.

If you don’t know about Mary Kay’s SEVEN marriages, go read here.


  1. kirads09

    I am not deity to be worshipped. I was a rather cold and calculating business woman who set up my own MLM. I knew exactly what I was doing and it made me a very wealthy woman.

  2. Lazy Gardens

    MWAH! Kiss your money goodbye, because I have taught women how to make you lose money as they make you think you are a real businesswoman.

    It involves a pile of platitudes, pink feather boas, and dastardly pressure tactics disguised as sisterhood.

  3. Deflated Pink Bubble

    Thank you, my minions, for giving me all of your money, even money you don’t have. You’ll be paying for my diamonds forever. I love you for making me RICH.

    1. Scrib

      By spiking the punch, of course!

      “I want the whole crowd to get into the spirit and charged up to be tip-top sales people…I want certainty. I don’t want to guess if everyone is loosened up and ready to go…I want to spike the punch…noone has to know it contains alcohol…it would just be enough to get them to relax.”

      ~Mary Kay Ash in Jackie Brown’s book, Ask ME About Mary Kay.

  4. MLM Radar Detector

    Wig, fake lashes, oversized earrings, pasty-pale foundation, sunburn-pink blusher, discontinued lipcolor and matching nailpolish… ewww…
    NOW I know what my IBC was picturing when she did my makeover. OH yes, that and my wallet.

  5. raisinberry

    yea I have a different thought.

    I see a woman whose childhood was spent taking care of her Dad. I see a woman desperate to matter to someone, and in deep need for affection and recognition for her own dreams. I see a wounded inner child who never figured out what was driving her, and she became a human doing instead of a human being. Out of a dysfunctional home, she became a workaholic and justified it as an acceptable lifestyle for thousands and thousands of women. And the longer she went without recovery, the more she rationalized her “opportunity” and more denial she lived within.
    This isn’t grand speculation…even a cursory read of her books reveal this. She rationalized mistruths (lying) and employed “shaming” and manipulation to get other people to do what she wanted. It ain’t no wonder that John Rochon (Former ceo) “reinvented” the icon AND SANITIZED HER IMAGE. She was probably a great lady one on one. One on a million…not so much.

  6. Lazy Gardens

    “I see a woman whose childhood was spent taking care of her Dad. ”

    I see a woman who didn’t tell the truth about her dad! I see a woman who exaggerated the hardships of her childhood to make her success sound more remarkable.

    I have proof – official government documents – that her dad was not an invalid. That she was not all alone, with just her mom at the other end of the phone line.

    And … they weren’t dirt-poor, if you stop to read her books and analyse the details she hands you.

  7. raisinberry

    Lazy…for real? Did you ever do an article about her lying about her past? I knew Rochon made her into more icon than woman…but I guess I always thought her back story was mostly true. (Excluding husband edits)

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