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Rules for DIQs Placing Orders on Behalf of Consultants

As a Mary Kay Director-in-Qualification (DIQ) attempts to round up enough recruits and production to become a sales director, orders are often placed on behalf of consultants. Here are the company’s rules regarding this practice….

DIQs in Mary Kay finish their qualifications by signing up phoney consultants. What do I mean by phoney? I mean any family member or friend who is not really interested in being a consultant, but just signs up to help you meet your numbers.

I also mean any inactive consultant for whom the DIQ places a product order, so that she becomes active and counts toward the numbers. I further mean any person the DIQ signs up without her knoweledge, and then orders products in her name. (This includes pets, children, and completely fictitious people.)

The Kaybots are going to say that almost no one does this. LIE. I have yet to find even one former or current sales director who didn’t add even one family memer or friend to help fulfill the requirements. And you cannot find me ONE sales director who didn’t sign up a family member somewhere in the process – to get the red jacket, to move up to team leader, to begin DIQ, to finish car qualifications, to finish directorship.

Let’s be honest. Finding 30 women who want to sell overpriced, mediocre cosmetics and having them all active at one time is impossible if you want to do it honestly. $16,000 in wholesale orders can also be difficult to find. (Except if you’re a really good inventory frontloader. Then it’s easy.) Sales directors tell their DIQs to “just get it done” and “do what it takes”. Some are a bit more direct, but the message is the same: If you have to put your own money into product orders to finish, then DO IT!!!!

So here are the rules as they apply to placing an order in a consultant’s name. It’s almost laughable how the DIQs don’t abide by any of them. Oh…and when the Kaybots start saying that Mary Kay Inc. “checks” on DIQs to make sure they didn’t cheat… The company does very few phone calls. DIQs are told to speak with everyone they’ve placed an order for and make sure they know what to say. (Yes, I wanted the products. Yes, I paid for them. I just had them sent to her house for blah blah reason….) As long as your fake recruits lie, it’s painless. And corporate calls so few that your chances of being questioned are slim.

The rules:

The prospective DIQ understands that in the event anyone places an order on behalf of a Consultant, the following applies:

  • The person placing the order must use Consultant’s funds;
  • The person placing the order must have Consultant’ss consent prior to placing order; and
  • The person placing the order must be in possession of Consultant’ss funds prior to placing order.
  • Taking a postdated check and placing an order for a Consultant will not count.
  • A Consultant selling the DIQ’s inventory and then placing the order will not count.
  • The DIQ cannot sell her inventory to a Consultant and take his/her money to place an order to replace the DIQ’s inventory.
  • If the DIQ uses her credit card to pay for a Consultant’s order, the DIQ must have already received the cash from the Consultant before the order is mailed, phoned, placed via the Mary Kay InTouch® Community or taken to the branch.
  • The DIQ cannot place an order for a Consultant with his/her promise to pay the DIQ back.

There you have it. The rules that are regularly broken by Mary Kay DIQs.


  1. Former MK Sales Director

    Yep, I had 3 Fakes to Finish! Grandma, best friend and another friend.

    I had a director “friend” (who of course no longer speak to me because I got smart and got out) who actually told me to just order $600 for each of my new unit members and make them work it off or just give it to me. Seriously! This is also a director who pretends to have a Free car that she actually bought because she couldn’t make production.

    That would be another great topic. How many directors actually buy their car out right instead of doing production for it but never tell people. I would say MOSt of the MK cars out there are either purchased cars or they are making co-pays. VERY VERY VERY few actually make production every month.

  2. onelessSD

    I did it too. I had 3 days to finish- I needed 3 people. So I called my mom, and 2 former consultants to do the re-up for $20. They ordered some of the products in their $200 w/s order, but I made up the difference. I even bought my Mom’s starter kit because she didn’t want it. So all in all I was out about $400. I was told to do what it takes to wrap it up. Then to enjoy about a days worth of relaxing- then back to work. I joined up with 5 other directors for their debut which was held 3 days after I finished- it was crazy pulling it all together. Then on top of it- working hard for that first month- ugh, never again!

    Out of those other 5 women who debuted… ALL of them pulled ‘fake’ people at the last minute. NONE of them are directors today. It’s just too hard to keep churning thru the people and eventually your conscience catches up to you if you’re astute enough to listen to it.

  3. xpinkstalker

    Yes, I had some phoney-baloney consultants too.
    While my director (who is also NSD) sat by and let me do it. Never once did she say, hey, look, you don’t want to do it this way. LOL. Of COURSE she didn’t. She was WELL aware of what I was doing – although I think she’d deny deny deny.
    I still have the piece of paper with her handwriting on it that showed where each order was going, how it was being paid for, etc. So there is no denying or saying she ‘didn’t know’ I was doing that. It’s in black and white. I kept it for.. well, one a reminder of how stupid I was to listen to her and “do whatever it took”, two, just a reminder in general in case I ever had a moment of insanity that I might even ever again consider an MLM. and three, well, one day I might need proof, physical evidence, in black and white.. one never knows… *wink

  4. Loom

    I was a Director and I had a few fakes too after my senior director coached me on what to do. I regret my Mary Kay experience and sent all my product back. It made me feel better.

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  6. ShockingThePinkPunkstar

    I had recently joined as a IBC and after carefull thinking and browsing the internet of what dreamingly seemed the MK sucess. I came across this site and other sites. I decided shortly that I did not want to be part of MK. I was very dissapointed in what I was learning by reading ex MK members. It wasn’t until last night that I opened my email and discovered that I had placed an order??!!!! I must have change every shade of white, green, etc. etc. Immediate I went to the site to see if I could find the confirmation #. I saw that the order was placed under my name and who it was going to and who would receive it. My first reaction was “is $603 going out of my account?” Being as late as it was the only way I could provide immediate contact was to write a message. I’ve been diving back and forth, losing sleep, and stressed over this. I also contacted MK by email to terminate the order and explained in it that I never authorized a order or a purchase. I hate the thoughts of having to confront this person who did this. I’m incredibly disappointed and extremely angry. I hope that this will work out in my best interest and not effect my finances. Part of me want to cry like I haven’t done in years.

      1. ShockingThePinkPunkstar

        A little update. Yesterday NIBC that recruited me, also my co worker, arranged to have talk during lunch. She explained to me that she had made the order for her sister and there was nothing to worry about she was paying for it but yet she was still encouraging me to place an order. Again like many other time I kindly explained that it was not in my budget and after looking at the policy on being active it was not something I could afford to do. I even went on to explain urgent financial responsibilities I had to handle. It did not seem to matter to her and she would kindly say to sum it up that those was just excuses I was using and that it hold us back from the MK success. Hmm? Of course after reading all the post on the deadlines about orders and the amounts inside I knew that it was to fill the quota. It really is sadly disappointing when you understand why and what they are doing after learning the Pink truth. I didn’t tip hand on what I knew. People will show you who they are if your quiet and let them. What I failed to mention on the last post was that the email I sent to MK concerning the order was directed in the MK Legal Support Team. I did get a reply saying “We will review this information and address this situation accordingly”. I have all these mixed feelings that I don’t want to see someone get in trouble and yet the person who may get into trouble does not have any consideration or thought for me.

        1. ShockingThePinkPunkstar

          Also wanted to mention that she claims that it was nothing meant to harm me but if that was her intention why couldn’t she explain this before doing so. Doesn’t she understand that if I have an email I receive notifications? I’ll never forget what she said before signing me up “Why should you work hard to make someone elses dreams come true?” kind of hypocritical statement I think.

  7. MLM Radar

    One of the really ugly parts about this practice: If it wasn’t ordered under your consultant number, officially you didn’t buy it. Someone else did. That means you can’t return it for the 90% refund.

    Yes, it was your credit card number. Yes, it was delivered to your house. Yes, it’s sitting on your shelf and you have to pay for it. But if you used someone else’s consultant number then that someone else was the “real” purchaser in the eyes of MKC.

    So you ordered in the name of your dog. Unless your dog has a bank account, you aren’t going to get a refund check you can cash.

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