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Caption This Mary Kay Video!

I present to you two very professional Mary Kay Sales Directors. The video is entitled “Put Your Big Girl Panties On!” and is all about prizes and being a Mary Kay star consultant to “set yourself up for whatever you want to achieve next seminar year.” (i.e. They’re convincing women to order by telling them if you want to be a star next year, you better be a star this quarter!) This is a short clip from the video, which constitutes fair use under U.S. copyright laws. Watch until the end, and then add your caption in the comments section below!

[jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=”http://www.pinktruth.com/video/mary-kay-big-girl-panties.flv” image=”http://www.pinktruth.com/video/mary-kay-power-panties.png”]


  1. NeverWasPink

    um, do they realize they posted that s*** on the f****** INTERNET?!? like, public domain now.. not just for their unit to see?!

    And my caption would be “so does that mean if your big girl panties are only half on, that you’re off the hook for ordering by the third quarter??”

  2. NeverWasPink

    You know what maybe the WORST part of this is?? They are doing this for FREE! I’m not sure exactly how much someone would have to pay me to show the world on youtube exactly how much advertising space I have available to rent out across my a$$, but I sure know it wouldn’t be free! :O

  3. anthonysmom

    All I have to say is if my boss ever came running through my office squealing and telling me to get my big girl panties on if I wanted a promotion – I’d be packing my stuff up and heading for the door!

    Holy hell.

  4. Movin' On w/ Life

    completely horrifying …. I am literally in shock after watching that

    “pink power house panties”????

    anyone else think the director suit hanging behind her must be waaaayyy too tight on the beeeehind?

  5. gladitsnotjustme

    This must be why Mary Kay insisted on skirts. You can see that the consultant who is “appropriately dressed” can only get the panties on one leg.

  6. ShooterChic

    Oh dear Hod. I’m not sure which grossed me out more. The huge panties, or the fact that for a split second I thought she wasn’t wear pants underneath and the wrinkles were just a ton of cellulite on her white butt. I saw some unmentionable stuff in my old career but this one takes the cake on making me want to throw up!

  7. Scrib

    “…you gotta throw away the pride. When you do not care what people think about you is the moment you will move up in this business.”

    ~NSD Dacia Wiegandt, Ortega Fall Advance speech

    If NSD Wiegandt is correct, these two should shoot clear up to NSD like, tomorrow.

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