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Pearl Director Debuts at Mary Kay Seminar 2012

It has been a few years since we had a picture of the new sales directors at Pearl seminar. Mary Kay stopped publishing these pictures in 2010, as they clearly documented the dwindling numbers in the United States. The angle of the picture below from 2012 makes it difficult to compare against 2009. It appears there are more women on the stairs in 2012, but fewer women lined up on the floor in 2012. Overall, it appears the numbers are similar between 2009 and 2012.  Pictures going back to 2006 are included below.



  1. Deflated Pink Bubble

    They are definitely using a different stage set up. Notice the difference in the amount of available staircase… the set up is shorter. They can put fewer women on this set up and have it look full. It definitely looks like fewer women from 2009 but compare it to 2006 and it’s HUGE.

  2. Lazy Gardens

    What they appear to have done is remove the upper stairs and landings so the audience doesn’t see empty stairs. The actual stage hasn’t changed in depth.

    http://www.event1001.com/objectimages/2154/01.jpg shows the floor empty, without the stage pushed onto position. I think that’s Katrina’s evacuees

    http://www.dallasconventioncenter.com/special-event/arena/ has a seating chart showing the arena seating with stage in place.

    Somewhere on a hard drive I have the seating capacity of the arena in “stage event” configuration. About 1/4 of the seating behind the stage is lost, but they gain the floor seats.

  3. SuzyQ

    This is interesting– in the olden days we filled the steps and the bridge across the steps and the rest of the stage… AND this was after the 1999 directors debuted at leadership in 2000…

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