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Mary Kay NSD Pamela Shaw on Interviewing

Written by The Scribbler

If this script were made into a movie, it would be titled, “Is there any reason why we couldn’t get your Starter Kit ordered?”  The pushy phrase is shoved into the potential recruit’s face a minimum of three times.

1. Cast the Vision

“I appreciate your time and want you to know that I am committed to building a dynamic team of women who are willing to work hard and want to make money, and you have the character qualities I am looking for in the team I want to build. Mary Kay may or may not be for you, but at least we will know….so I appreciate being able to share with you.”

2. Find her Hot BUTTON

“What do you value most in your life right now?”  “What do you need in your life right now?”  “What would you change about your life right now?” “If I can show you how to keep what you value and get what you need, is there any reason why you wouldn’t consider MK as yes in your life?”

(Scrib’s note:  Women everywhere, now hear this!  This part of the interview is dangerous – by answering these questions, you are giving the recruiter “ammunition” which will be used against you as the interview progresses!  These questions are designed to cause doubt, stir up desire, and ultimately convince you that Mary Kay will meet every need that you have!)

3. Overcome Common Objections (Time/$/husband)

“Barbara, I know how busy you are; if you were going to add something to your life right now, what would the benefit need to look like to cause you to do that?  The required investment to begin your business is @ $100. If this is something you decide to do, how would you take care of that—cc or check?  If this is something you decide to do, is it a decision you will make on your own or do you need to get your husband’s approval?”

4. CUT TO THE CHASE and customize!

“What would you need to know about Mary Kay in order to make a ‘YES’ decision?”

Answer. Repeat Question. Answer. Repeat Question. Answer. Repeat Question.

(Scrib’s note:  To break out of this question/answer cycle, respond truthfully with something to the effect of, “I don’t need more information on something that does not interest me – I just don’t want to do Mary Kay.”  If she persists, repeat your reply.  Do not waver or second-guess your response – the recruiter will pick up on this and push even harder for your “yes” answer.)


Once you have answered 3-4 questions ask,
“Is there any reason why we couldn’t get your STARTER Kit ordered? How would you like to take care of it, MC….”

6. Overcome any unforeseen OBJECTIONS

She objects. You listen. You repeat. You respond to the objection, and then you add
…”if it weren’t for that, what would keep you from getting started?” (inviting another objection).  When she is out of objections (4-5), you ask again, “Is there any reason why we couldn’t get your STARTER KIT ordered? How would you like to take care of it, MC/Visa, Discover, check….”  Remember back to the beginning of the interview; you know what she is motivated by, what she would change or add to her life. Bring this information into the closing process to support her coming to a YES conclusion.


  1. It sounds more like a CIA Interrogation than a recruitment for selling cosmetics. I have to echo Nomoremlm4Me…a punch to the face speaks volumes.
    Impromptu MMA fighting aside, if you have to coercse someone like this, maybe JUST maybe that would indicate they don’t have the same desire you do for the product and won’t sell much? Oh wait–who cares about selling product! It’s all about recruiting anyway. Maybe if MK corporate put more emphasis on selling a quality product and modern marketing techniques instead of this antiquated farce, such tactics wouldn’t persist.

  2. Pam Shaw is just so full of herself. She disgusts me with how vain she is. When you’re 56 years old, it’s time to drop the 20-something hairstyles. Horrible leader!

  3. Ugh! I know this is contrary to how many of us are wired, and it took me years to discover this myself, but if women would just realize that they don’t have to answer questions or make any excuses regarding their personal life decisions, these morons would eventually dry up and blow away. “Not interested, thanks.” Rinse and repeat. If she can repeat herself like a damn magpie, then we can too. It’s our life, our business, and nobody else’s. I just get really irked at the whole process. It’s treating women like they are idiots and they have to have somebody tell them what is best for them and their family. Hey, I’ll admit I’ve fallen for stuff and face-palmed myself later. But over the years my BS meter has sharpened considerably, and I don’t feel it necessary to explain myself to a complete stranger one iota. It’s very liberating.

  4. Pam Shaw’s words for Convention, Seminar Protocol.

    ‘Be a team player. Any choice you make that appears to be anti-establishment, doing your own thing apart from the group, to serve your personal agenda or preference probably is anti-establishment. The consequences of this will show up in your consultants and offspring imitating that liberty and individualism when you have created a group opportunity. Your choice will revisit you in a bigger and more insulting way, even if you don’t make the connection. It also results in lost respect from your peers.’

    This is the ‘gun held to your head’ that is mentioned by many defending MKC, they haven’t a clue how much manipulation artillery is used in MK. IMO a threat that she will cut you off, ‘you’re in business for yourself but not alone’ manipulation statement to lure new prospects, if you stay at a hotel that fits your budget, choose not to attend her awards banquet, etc. and prevents you from using your gut instincts to make decisions best for you and your family.

    Her statement also crosses the line for the Independent Contractor who have rights to run their businesses, as Independent Contractors, MKC renamed to IBC. Rewording is fog control of their IBC. Independent Contractors are not employees. So which is it? If they are treated like employes for the benefit of MKC production and existence, then MKC should give them the employee benefits they are due.

    Pam Shaw can not get enough personal attention. She has to be the center of attention to the degree of destroying lives.

  5. She’s a narcissist in a narcissistic company, looking to turn out more narcissists. It’s evil.

    • I fully agree. When I look at the NSD’s and mine in particular, she was a malignant narcissist. My SD was definitely a narcissist too. They both thrived on adulation and using others. They treated their families with disdain. My NSD was one of the first to join MK in the early 70’s. She ruined the lives of many. Anytime she whined it was to say how she had lost many directors and the pink cadillac. Eventually she boasted of her $40,000.00 per month at her phoney retreats. She was one of the few who made it on the backs of thousands ruined for decades.

  6. “Is there any reason why….”

    The most FAMOUS line in Mary Kay recruitment. Totally built to throw you off kilter. Most people, when posed THIS particular question, will answer with a “No” or “I don’t know…” giving the recruiter the chance to swoop in for the kill. I hate this line.

    • Agreed. I absolutely detest this phrase. The first time I heard my director suggest it was to use when warm stalking. I remember being shocked she expected me to use such a pushy phrase. I couldn’t picture actually saying that to any one (call me chicken lol) because I could just see the crazy look they would give me lol. So I never used it. But I still can’t stand it.

  7. Gosh, once I went to a skin care class, and a Red Jacket tried to recruit me, AND SHE REALLY DO THAT THING ABOUT “BUT WHAT DO YOU’RE. NEED TO KNOW TO BECOME A CONSULTANT?”. Is really stressing, I said “but I don’t want”, “I am actually an assessor from another company”, and starter the harassment and growing shit to my actual company.

    I really didn’t know this was a script, but it was sounding like one. I really hate the way they use to recruit women, I find it very invasive to our personal space. I tell you, I said her “I have to discuss it with my husband”, and they say things like “oh, so you’re husband thinks for you, he takes decisions for you”. No, he doesn’t talk or think for me, but as a marriage we are supossed to take decisions togheter. We don’t start in a new job or leave a job before consult with beach other. So, if MK doesn’t want me to talk about my finances with my husband, I just can’t believe that shit of “God first, FAMILY second and career third”, because they don’t respect my family

  8. My answer to the “is there any reason…?” question? I DON’T WANT TO! That is as good a reason as any and it is true!

  9. A Mary Kaybot asked me the “Is there any reason why…” question once. I asked her if there was any reason why she thought I owed her an explanation. Shut her right the hell up.

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