False Earnings Claims from NSD Roya Mattis

I’m starting to think that we could do a whole series on the false earnings claims that sales directors and NSDs in Mary Kay do in furtherance of their recruiting activities. Of course, there are laws specifically prohibiting MLM representatives from lying about the income you can make from these “opportunities.” But that doesn’t stop them. They regularly make up “averages” and other fiction used to lure in new recruits. Last week we heard from NSD Dacia Wiegandt. This week we hear from Roya Mattis.

(If you can’t see the video below, click here.)

Roya says:
“In my time management that I shared with you on Mary Kay Ash’s birthday, she talks about the need to give away penny jobs so you can make dollars. So I just wanna kind of give you an overview for one moment in that Linda Toupin did a study, National Sales Director Linda Toupin, said even the brand newest consultant, the brand newest consultant will average $50 per hour. So your worth, if you’re brand new, is $50 per hour, as a brand new, fresh, not-knowing-anything independent consultant. I did the math on mine and I’m worth $363  per hour, $363 per hour, and that was before I became a National. So, even if you hire somebody, if you’re $50 per hour worth, or $500 per hour worth, you’re never going to hire somebody at $50 per hour, for what I’m about to share you do, so is it worth your time strategically to hire someone, is it worth your money, you better believe it.”

Where to begin with all of this. Roya talks about Linda Toupin’s study. There is no such study. Consultants don’t make $50 per hour. They never have. The studies show that 99% of people in MLM lose money.  This $50 hour figure is a fabricated figure which assumes an inflated sales figure per hour, doesn’t factor in all the hours worked, and doesn’t factor in many of the expenses involved. Consultants are lucky if they have any profit at all.

Then there is Roya’s claim that she is worth $363 per hour. She says that number was calculated before she became an NSD, suggesting that she makes MORE now that she is an NSD. This video was streamed live in May 2016.  One of Roya’s best commission checks in 2016 happened to be for May, and was $12,066. Nearly all other months she didn’t even make $10,000, and therefore didn’t appear in Applause magazine. Let’s be real. If Roya is saying she’s worth $363 per hour, and she was working 30 hours a week, she’d be making more than $500,000 per year. According to applause magazine, she’s not even making $120,000 per year. Talk about false earnings claims! But this isn’t our first rodeo, and this isn’t the first time we’ve caught Roya lying about her money. She lied about her income here. And she lied about buying her home “debt free” here.




  1. Here’s where none of us captured our true earnings per hour in MK: They don’t account for every hour they spend on their business. When they go to meetings, listen to CDs or nine lessons, read Applause, order inventory, unpack and organize inventory, pack their Starter Kit for an appointment, make calls, answer texts, make deliveries, etc–it’s all time spent working. In corporate America, you work AT work, unless you happen to purposely work remotely but then it’s usually during regular business hours.

    …which are accounted for in your paycheck. How long would an employee do extras for free? Not long.

    So, if someone sells $100 in an hour, it’s the easy thing to say they made $50/hour, but what all did they do to prepare for that? Front end, back end?

    And, Roya, no one in real life is comfortable seeing someone in falsies in broad daylight.

    • I don’t think they they even capture HALF of the hours they spend working when they do these calculations! I think in Roya’s case it accounts for about 6 of the hours she works per week.

    • What planet do you live on? Falsies are very popular, especially silk and faux mink, falsies. Daytime, night, whenever. Secondly why are you attacking her appearance?

    • I agree…I don’t think you meant anything bad- but I just think we need to be careful to not let our criticism of these people’s words and actions turn into criticism of their appearance.

      There are many women in MK who seem very special and beautiful, but have had difficult lives with never feeling like they are accepted or good enough…and I think that is often what sucks them in….I just wish they could see that they are beautiful and that they do not need the false recognition of MK to make themselves feel special.

      • Not attack of her appearance, but rather how she feels she needs false lashes in a casual world where we sold mascara. It’s just over the top when not on stage or at night, especially when her sole purpose of this video is to tell women they are “enough” to be successful.

  2. And the whole 58 minute video made me feel that same way when I was in, something missing, something doesn’t sit right, a weird feeling in my stomach. Thankful I am out of this MK farce. If you are considering to be a customer, she gives it all away on how women are taken for their money in the portions leading to this clip. If you are in MK then it is the same old glossing over the situation with NO substance with the mantra “here is HOW much you make at each level”. I listened to about 5 minutes (of the entire video) before it was too much and I mean too unrealistic; spouting of a reality that is only hers and the NSDs and brainwashed minions of the down line. Thank you for posting this portion of a this total BS. I guess it makes her money but remember money is not the entire key to happiness. In her case she has walked over many people and their money to get to where she is at. Also, remember that Linda Toupin is quoted here and they are all in this together for the money. I see shreds of unhappiness in this gal Roya, something is amiss, can’t put my finger on it, except this is someone I am glad is not part of my life and psyche.

    • Why do they have to try so hard? If they’re so happy and so successful and it’s so easy and so much fun? Then why do they have to try so hard?

  3. Butter won’t melt in mouth yet lies stick to her tongue. So sad that people are so gullible that they fall for it all the time.

    The so called money didn’t do it for me; neither did the prizes or recognition. I just needed something to do because I was on disability. So glad I’m done.

  4. I wonder how much Roya charges people for her coaching sessions.

    From her website:
    “Her hunger for knowledge and desire to serve led her to attend the coaching school of world-renowned life coach, Tony Robbins. Roya excelled graduating at the MASTERY level. She has completed more than 600 hours of concentrated immersion training in everything from business to relationships to health.”

  5. If you are going to lie, at least make it seem plausible.

    “…even the brand newest consultant, the brand newest consultant will average $50 per hour. So your worth, if you’re brand new, is $50 per hour, as a brand new, fresh, not-knowing-anything independent consultant. ”

    Why not just stop at “consultants make $50 per hour”? Why did she have to go as far as saying that “even the brand newest consultant”…what does that even mean? The brand newest consultant would be one who literally JUST signed her agreement. Please tell me how on earth she would make $50 an hour. You would think they would get better at lying.

    • And if that’s what was really happening, would they really have to try so hard to sell it? Wouldn’t we ALL be begging to do this?

      • This needs to be the tag line for this site. It’s exactly the point of so many things we see/saw happening.

      • Speaking of begging…I came across another one begging on Facebook for team members so she could become a director. She made it. Then came begging for orders to reach her goal of a MK car. Now she needs people to come to her debut.

        For all the MK talk about empowering women, begging doesn’t look good.

        If you want a career in begging, perhaps Mary Kay is for you.

  6. What are these “penny jobs” that consultants are supposed to give away? Caring for your children? Preparing dinner for the family (and ideally sitting down to eat it with them)? Nothing wrong with paying for extra help, but the implication that some work is beneath an individual making $50/hour is sickening.

  7. We were told to get a house keeper, and an assistant for a few hours a week and she would happily be paid in Mary Kay products! (Cause we were “smart business women!”)

  8. Outside of MLMs, successful business women never disclose their income or disclose personal financial information such as whether they purchased a home debt free. It’s uncouth.

    I would define success as measurable value that was added to business or people. If these directors could honestly disclose how much in sales including *net* profit they earned and how many directors / consultants in their downline (sorry, am not up to speed on all the MK lingo) have earned net profits, then I would find their self proclamations of success as much more genuine and believable.

    It’s so fishy when someone has to convince you of how they are making money in a field.

  9. What I find most irritating is how MK makes it sound like you aren’t happy if you aren’t pulling in 6 figures in your “ day j-o-b”. It’s completely demeaning to women (and men) who work in real careers, who stumble across MK usually by doing someone a favor and going to a recruitment event- I mean “skin care party” or watching a video for a free eyeshadow. Then they think “huh I could earn a few extra dollars.,” or whatever. They get caught in a vulnerable moment. They may not be at the time, but when you give a MK lady your # and suddenly they become your BFF- they wait, until you have a bad day at work or your husband gets laid off, or you have some moment where your problem can be solved by joining their “team”.

    • I’ve never been happier since I resigned from directorship. I’m now in the moment more…
      : not looking at mid-month or month-end,
      : not fretting over being left out of some luncheon at Career Confernece
      : not paying off my plane tickets and hotel from Leadership Confernece
      : not having to fake excitement over that ugly mauve suit that I’d have to wear beginning in July
      : not thinking the winter weather is going to affect my commission check
      : not trying to convince unit members to register for Career Conference
      : not seeing my bottom line, net income on my taxes as sad and frustrating for all the work I put in last year…

      I could go on, but the release of realizing just that list is so freeing. Glad to be out!

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