Another Look at the “Executive” Incomes in Mary Kay

Time and again we hear about the executive incomes made in Mary Kay. You can work part-time hours and get full-time pay! Make what you’re worth. Earn as little or as much as you choose to.

The position of sales director is held up as the place you want to be. It’s the top 2% of the company, so those are the folks who are really making money. But the reality of executive income as a director is totally different.

Every month Mary Kay Cosmetics posts the commission checks of the top 400 U.S. directors in Applause Magazine. Assuming there are about 12,000 directors in the U.S., that’s the top 3% of the directors. We are talking upper echelon.

In the May Applause, the following figures were posted for January 2018 results:

They list the 100 highest commission checks for each division. You see the average of the very highest checks is $11,349. The bottom of the top checks averages  $4,826. I’ve multiplied those amounts by 12, just so you can see what the annual figures would look like if the directors made that amount every month. (But we all know that these high checks are often one-time things.)

The commission figures are before business expenses. So those figures get whittled down an awful lot.

Imagine being #100 in your division. You’re held up as the VERY TOP of the directors. And you’re making less than $60,000 per year BEFORE expenses. Talk about EXECUTIVE income!

For the millionth time, Mary Kay is not a business.



  1. If Applause Magazine is owned by Mary Kay, I wouldn’t trust a word that comes across their smirking mouths! Lie to me just once, and you’ve burned your credibility forever.

  2. Uggh….cannot believe I fell for the stupid stupid fable “Work Part time hours and earn full time Pay.” Stringing us along with simple minded sayings: “the bumble bee story”, The speed of the leader, Faith, Family, Career, “Praise us to success”. Ya more like manipulate and financially abuse us. All those wasted hours preparing that useless pink crap. Wasted money on gas to classes where MK was resented. Wasted time at kiosks, trade fairs, open house, Seminar and far too many useless brainwashing events to count. Anyone reading this do yourself a favor and “Run for the hills.”

  3. Like winning the lotto, you can’t claim to be a millionaire if you spend it all! Expenses are blatantly ignored by everyone in MK. But all they’ll brag about is their July check from all those big orders to finish goals for Seminar year-end. So fake!

  4. Thank you for breaking down these current numbers! My Applause magazines now go straight in the trash. I may spare them a moment of reflection for the excitement of the old days, before I understood the reality of selling MK, but a moment is enough.

    This weekend I sold a bunch of my MK business supplies. After five years, I had a TON. Winding down this business…it does leave me a little sad, but I know I’m doing the smart thing.

    • Congratulations on doing the right thing and seeing the light.

      Whenever you get sad remember, it was never a business and you were duped into believing it was. Get “mad” instead and expose this fraud. 🙂

    • I’m still seeing “left over” MKay crappola and I was only “selling” for 2 1/2 years! Best to you in whatever new endeavor you choose or not choose. Glad you saw the light!

  5. I was flying a trip last week with a coworker and she said to me you don’t do Mary Kay anymore ?? And I was like nope you been out of it for about three years now and she said but why when you were making all that money?? I looked at her and I said do you know that you and I as flight attendants make more than 90% of national sales directors inMary Kay?? She was shocked as you can imagine!!

  6. The lady driving a beat up car with an obnoxious (and illegal) amount of MK advertising on her window while smoking a cigarette made me cringe to think what condition her products are in. No way would I ever take advice from her on skin care, either! I bet she talks of executive income with that pitiful car, too.

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