How Many Sales Directors Are There?

It’s no secret that the volume of business done by Mary Kay in the United States has been dropping for the last decade. In 2007. the company reported 700,000 consultants and 14,000 directors. In 2008, they reported 600,000 consultants and 13,000 directors. After that, numbers for the United States were never reported again. Only worldwide numbers are reported.

Around that time, MK started devoting a lot of effort toward developing the sales force in China. It’s no wonder, since China is a huge untapped market, while the U.S has been worn out. There are literally millions of women in the U.S. who are former Mary Kay consultants. While there are still millions who haven’t tried the products or signed up. they’re harder to find and the momentum slowed considerably in the U.S.

So how many sales directors does Mary Kay have in the U.S. today? No one is quite sure, but we have a hint when we look at the numbers for the Leadership conference.

In 2006, 11,000 sales directors attended leadership.If there were 14,000 directors in 2006, that’s about 78% attending.

By 2017, there were 8,300 directors attending Leadership conference.

There were only 7,000 in attendance in 2018.

The company is projecting 8,000 in 2019, but I don’t believe them when they say 1,000 more directors will attend.

But let’s run with that. Assuming 8,000 sales directors attend and assuming 78% of directors will be there, that gives us an estimated 10,250 directors in the U.S.

If we assume that directors are the “top 2% of the company” as they traditionally have been, that gives us an estimate of 512,500 consultants in the U.S.

It’s hard for me to believe that so many women still believe the lie of this “opportunity.” On the other hand, it’s about a 14% drop in participants over the last decade. I wish the drop was faster, but I can’t help but be happy that the numbers are dropping rather than increasing.



  1. Dacia Wiegandt said “top 1%” recently. And I’m thinking that 8,000 would include spouses and staff since its on the convention center’s website as just a general size estimate.

    And remember the Applause now has new AND requalificarionrequalification Cadillac Directors listed? Way fewer than in my years!

    The tide is turning!

  2. “Dacia Wiegandt said ‘top 1%’ recently.”

    Yep, I’ve been hearing 1% for about three years now.

    There’s a SD in Pennsylvania who announced she is “building her business” in Peru. She traveled to Peru for a few days and posted videos and pictures. Her Peru FB group appears to be private, and I haven’t seen updates. I can’t imagine the hassle of trying to work a MK “business” on another continent, along with language and cultural differences. While I give her credit for being brave, it’s just another example of desperation. Her local area is saturated with MK women, including two NSDs.

  3. There is no way that there are a million MK consultants. (The number it would have to be if directors were the top 1%.)

  4. The numbers must really be down and are noticeable to others because they’re allowing DIQs to go to Leadership this year from Canada. I’m guessing it’s a huge expense to go to Leadership from here, unless someone is close enough to a US airport to fly but then you’re at the mercy of the exchange rate for the flight and hotel etc. Probably a trip to somewhere in Europe would be cheaper! Too expensive for DIQs for sure, they’re not in that lucrative 1% yet. Lol

  5. my take on this is..if i want to buy a face wash, i can go to sephora on my mobile app and order one in like 2 minutes, i dont need to find a sephora employee first and buy through her. why do we need consultants in this day and age? could that be why, the internet shopping is so easy now? the mk consulant is just a useless middle step.

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