NSD Shannon Andrews is Quitting Mary Kay

Longtime Mary Kay nsd Shannon Andrews is quitting! She has 13 more years to go until normal retirement at age 65, but has decided to retire now. I wonder what the reason is. It’s curious that she says she’s been thinking about it for a long time but that now is the time to move on.

Is her income dropping and she wants to lock in her payout now? Or is she going to a different MLM? Could it be Vasayo or Isagenix, two that are very popular with former MK national sales directors? Her mom, Christine Peterson, is a retired nsd who is reported to be in Isagenix, so… was in Isagenix and now is at Vasayo. Christine is the one who brought Monique into Mary Kay. The plot thickens.


  1. The NSD payout is based on the average of the last few years of income, so she may be seeing a shrinking income in her future and want to stop the losses right now.

    That income averaging is also why there is usually a big push in an NSDs last year. It boosts their payout.

    • It must be really bad if she’s bowing out this early. My understanding is that the earlier they “retire,” the lower the percentage they can claim of the Family Security Plan. Probably the only similarity to a traditional pension.

      • Frosty Rose, I bet you have hit it on the head…

        Back in the day, I watched the “early retirements” come in after PinkTruth activated online…Let’s face it ladies, before us, there was NO OPPOSITION to the sales manipulation being fostered by the upper levels of Mary Kay Inc. Initially they thought PT would just dry up and go away…but of course, truth resonates. Their fight to discredit the myriad of testimonies on this site, failed to convince a large percentage of the sales force that had the exact same experiences…and knew we were not lying. This is the exact end I would expect after all your sales manipulation, ends in a consultant looking at the REALITY of her business. Nope. You will no longer make money on my blind trust.

        • Raisin – Can you believe that this is still going on 16 years later? Yes… 16 years ago Pink Truth started. The charade of a “business opportunity” continues. Things are done for appearances. We all pretend this is a viable business for anyone willing to try hard. And Mary Kay keeps riding this wave as long as humanly possible, collecting BILLIONS of dollars per year.

    • Yes, I recall Monique blathering about how Shannon inspired her. I wonder if her termination had a significant effect on Shannon.

      Or…. conspiracy theory…. I wonder if Shannon was “encouraged” by MK to retire because she knew all about Monique’s felonies and was part of the coverup.

      • At this point, I would say there is a bit of validity to this conspiracy. MK has eggs on their collective faces following Monique’s situation and oust. How could your NSD *not* know that you were arrested for felonies and spent time in jail while one of the directors in her area? Was it explained away as a mini vacay or something? Leaving now while you can still have some semblance of the annuity is reasonably smart on Shannon’s part.

      • Oh Tracy…I don’t know the whole story, but I know you and your “Spidey Senses”…and girl I have not known you to be wrong! DAG! What if….that is EXACTLY why she’s bailing now. We are getting to the point where “influence peddlers” might actually have to pay for what they have done. Just sayin’

      • Tracy this sounds spot on!!!!!

        I wonder what Monique told people she was doing during the time she really was in jail.

      • But why, though? PG stated an objective fact, with no snarky commentary. There are far more objectionable comments today, more deserving of the Ridiculous Downvote ™.

        Unless… Wait for it… Since we’re on conspiracy theories today, PG, are you the Ridiculous Downvoter? Did you downvote your own comment to increase your street cred???

  2. If a thief robs jewelry stores with Ester in 2022, then switches to robbing banks with Agnes in 2023, they’re still a thief. An MLMer is an MLMer regardless of where or with whom they commit the act, and I’d bet money she’s not hanging up her lock picks.

    Did anyone ever find Monearltefesstony’s new social media at Vasayo?

      • Wow, this is article is gold. Thanks for sharing!

        My favorite part:

        “Peterson (former NSD) claimed that the retirement payments she received were either payments for the sale of her Mary Kay business back to the company or payments for the covenant not to compete she had signed, neither of which would be subject to tax as earnings on self-employment. However, the court found that there was no evidence of a sale because there was no agreement to sell the business. And it rejected the argument that the payments were for the covenant not to compete, because Peterson had violated the covenant by seeking other employment within two years of her retirement and Mary Kay had not stopped the payments in response.“

  3. Shannon sure used the word “independent” a lot in that single paragraph. It’s almost as if she were trying to convince someone that the word is apt rather than a blatant lie.

    Whom is she trying to convince, I wonder? Her audience? Herself?

    Probably both.

  4. Hm. It will be very telling if we see a trickle of NSDs peacing out over the next year or so.

    • If they’re under the old contract, it doesn’t matter. They remain as nsd, they just make no money. If they’re under the newer contract, they’ll lose their area because they won’t be able to meet the production requirements.


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