I Missed My Mary Kay Goals

With the Mary Kay seminar year ending, we get to hear the tales of success or tales of woe.

Success: someone had enough room on a credit card to charge a ton of products, and therefore “finished a goal.”

Woe: they didn’t get close enough to be able to finish with their own credit card.

Here’s Jacqueline LeClair Marasigan’s tale of woe for missing all of the goals.



  1. So she weeded out customers who aren’t interested while simultaneously connecting with customers who didn’t buy anything? 😵‍💫

    Anyway, congrats on learning to see what kind of woman you can use to further your own ambitions. I’m sure they’ll be really receptive to you homing in on them like an overdressed ICBM.

  2. Her five minute interview question:

    Kay K Georgina 5 minute interview is literally one question…

    “Idk if you’d ever think about a Mary Kay business for yourself, but if you did, what information would you need to know in order to make a decision?”

    Answer her questions and that’s it. No info dump. People only need to know enough to make a decision. Details can happen later

    • Given that we’re never supposed to be negative in MK, I bet her upline is berating her as we speak. What are the odds that she’s removed the post from FB?

    • I think this kind of ‘self-flagellation’ is exactly what’s permitted (dare I say encouraged) in MK. If you look carefully, she’s basically saying that missing goals was directly attributable to not following the prescribed MK success plan.

      “My pipeline wasn’t full enough. I didn’t make enough calls. I didn’t see enough faces. I didn’t do enough ‘asks’.”

      I’ve seen a number of posts like this over the years. “I didn’t make the time for my business. I didn’t make my business a priority. I wasn’t coachable enough. I didn’t do enough IPAs. I tried to reinvent the wheel. I didn’t meet my goal, but here’s why that’s okay. Mary Kay says we fail forward to success.”

      And on, and on, and on.

      In MK, you either ‘succeed’ in a stellar, tangible, visible way, or it’s your fault and here’s why. But never fear, every failure is an opportunity to learn and do better. Outside of the toxic positivity of an MLM, that’s a great general life lesson. But when ‘learning and doing better’ is really just a positive spin on the system setting you up for failure, it’s just a way to keep you on the hamster wheel, failing to meet your own goals, but always lining the pockets of the corporation.

  3. Heard Chelsea has some updated “woes” herself. I’m sure she framed it in a similar fashion too

      • Not sure if you follow her on social media, but she made Facebook updates about how her unit only sold about $602k of the $650k needed for her to earn the big directors trip to Barcelona. She was doing care packages and other hustles in the 11th hour and came up short, owing the short-come to God’s will and a bit of humbling.

        • “her unit only sold about $602k of the $650k needed”

          It has to do with how much was ordered, not how much was sold.

          She and her unit did not order the required $ amount of products from Mary Kay. So, no trip for her.

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