Mary Kay Terminated Kimberly Perkins

Remember Kimberly Perkins? A former sales director for Mary Kay who once drove a pink Cadillac and was going to be a lifer. She quit in March 2021 and admitted to cheating while in MK. Kimberly just HAD to walk away from MK because God told her to. In the process of quitting and telling her story, Kimberly exposed how Somer Fortenberry cheated her way to nsd. (Just like all the other nsds, I might add.)

In 2022 or 2023 Kimberly rejoined Mary Kay. She says she just wanted to get her products at cost. But she also shills for Melaleuca, another shady MLM.

Last week Mary Kay terminated Kimberly Perkins all together, and she’s just confused as to why that may be.

Dear MLM’er (dual-marketing as you call it) if you think your company can’t terminate you for NO REASON AT ALL… think again!

I’m grateful that there is a better way and that ALL ROADS LEAD HERE!!

(Note: For decades I’ve been criticizing the fact that MLMs have clauses in their contracts that allow them to terminate you at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all.)

When someone pointed out that maybe MK does not allow consultants to be in other MLMs, Kimberly disingenuously stated that Melaleuca isn’t an MLM, it’s just a “membership.” LOL

Here’s an interesting comment on the thread:

Jessica Proud – I worked with Mary Kay twice. Once in 2002 and once in 2017. Both times the company left me feeling like absolute garbage! Both time I left on my own accord.

Heather Wickstrom, recently failed MK director after 22 years gets in on it too: True story, and well-said. (in response to the original statement posted by Kimberly)

And then Kimberly winds things up with this criticism of Mary Kay: They genuinely used to be a company with a heart.

Newsflash, Kimberly. Mary Kay NEVER had heart. They always had a scheme to extract as much money as possible out of women, knowing that almost no one would turn a profit, but billions would be spent trying to win dollar store trinkets. That’s not a business, that’s a pyramid scheme that has made the Rogers family nauseatingly wealthy.




  1. Interesting. She probably got terminated due to trash talking her NSD and the company. Maybe she rejoined in a sketchy way and they finally figured it out? It’s confusing how she left the first time. She was under her NSD and then she was gone. Everyone moved up a tier. I know this for a fact as I was all of a sudden moved up (yes, I was in that area). No one talked about it out loud. Too negative of course, but I heard whispers. I thought to lose your unit, one had to wait a year. That did not happen in this situation. I know if you return product (the big no no), you can’t rejoin. Maybe if you quit (in a way other than the 12 month process of inactive then termination status) You can’t rejoin also?

    • I’ll bet you a beverage of choice that she was also using her MK contacts to sell and/or recruit for Melaleuca.

      The “once you quit, you can’t rejoin” rule seems to be hard and fast except for when it isn’t. I’m sure corporate wouldn’t hesitate to use it against her the minute she displeased them even if they were fine with her rejoining at first.

      • Of course she was. How do you think she got a bunch of activity in the new company so fast? Because she was poaching Mk people. Possibly inactive MK people, but still against the contract she signed.

      • People manipulate it all the time. I personally know someone who did. It was very sus. I don’t have all the details but there were some hinky things going on.

    • I would not personally call it trash talking. She told the truth, which was that she helped Somer cheat to get to nsd at Somer’s request. I love that kind of truth telling.

  2. “Kimberly stated that Melaleuca isn’t an MLM”

    Just look at the Melaleuca Compensation Plan and you can see in an instant it’s MLM.

    • Their (weak) claim that it’s not MLM is because people order from the company, not from their consultant (or whatever Melaleuca calls them). Which is dumb; plenty of other MLMs (like Monat) do that. Melaleuca has forty-nine levels in their “we’re not MLM” company.

      Forty. Nine.

  3. So, Kimberly… how’s that “Boss Babe” and “Business Owner” shizz working out for you?

    And Susan Templeton Goodson said the quiet part out loud.

  4. omg. Breanne Sufrin found the MLM that would “never do that to you Ever,”

    Just dropped that sly fishing post right in there.

        • Of all the comments on this post, why in the world did this one earn the coveted Ridiculous Downvote ™?

      • Yes! She was my adopted director. Tried for NSD for YEARS. Left for Melaleuca when she finally realized it wasn’t going to happen. Poached a ton of MK people.

    • Found her on LinkedIn:
      Breanne Sufrin
      Executive Director at the Wellness Company
      United States

      Ya know what “the Wellness Company” is?


      That’s right, Melaleuca has strict rules about any mention of their name online…like, anywhere. So they have to use the generic “Wellness Company” instead.

      What a sleazy, sleazy business.

      • Back when her name first surfaced here, I worked a little Google-fu and found that Sufrin actually received one of those Covid business-owner loans; she was one of a few Directors that had actually created a corporation ( I don’t remember which type) and claimed a number of employees and their salaries to gain the loan. Based solely on her MK “business” (not some actual side hustle business). I think I linked it in a thread somewhere, it’s probably searchable on the board. Or just Google it again. It def did raise my hinky meter based on her claims about her business that helped secure the loan.

          • Thanks! I know that her claim for this Covid grant/payment was probably legit (as in checking all the boxes etc) but in retrospect it’s interesting that even though she created a corporation (aka an “actual business”), it didn’t change what she was/wasn’t able to do in relation to her MK “business”…even with this Corp she created, she’s still held to every little part of the MKC independent contractor rules. Can’t sell her unit, can’t sell her client lists, can’t sell her paid-for inventory via any manner she chooses, can’t advertise…the “cant’s” just go on and on.

  5. Dear Jessica Proud: You know what’s an ACTUAL small business? A food truck. Selling cheese sandwiches on the side of the road. Way more of an actual business than you pretend you own as any “independent contractor” for an MLM.

    • Yay, Ridiculous Downvote ™! Somebody must look down upon a legitimate food truck business. Perhaps Jessica herself is reading here? You know you’re not supposed to visit this negative, spiteful, venomous site! Back to badgering friends and family to help you out with whatever scam you’re a part of these days.

  6. I can’t wait for Mrs. Perkins to put up a YouTube video addressing this post. “The REAL Pink Truth” part deux?

    • Haha, I was looking back on some of the past posts here involving Perkins, and from the one where she was trying to sell her MK $500k unit bar pin or whatever it’s called, I added a comment. Here is part of that comment:

      “This woman is one of the most narcissistic of the Kaybot Narcissists. I hope MKC goes after her for selling MK product on EBay and wipes away her consultant number forever. Her name certainly isn’t helping MK at all, since a simple Google search lands folks right here at PT.”

      That was from two years ago! Guess I can predict the future! Lol

      • Maybe that’s why she was terminated? She was trying to sell her bli g!!!!!! Lol

        • I love that the B in “bling” didn’t show up in your comment, it made me picture Perkins’ bar pin missing a few tiny spit diamonds lol!

  7. Now who has been saying for years that Mary Kay reserves the right to terminate you at any time for any reason and you have no recourse….OH IT WAS US HI THERE.

    Every MLM reserves that right. Read your contracts. It’s a business, not a charity, and they care way more about protecting themselves than they do about you.

  8. If Mary Kay will sue Jennifer Cook, then they will terminate anyone. I always say if you can’t sell it or will it to your family, it’s not your own business. It’s very likely she was selling things she used to use to run her unit on eBay or something like that.

    • ^^^ ABSOLUTLEY. They don’t own their client lists, their units, any trademarks, they can’t “sell” their unit nor even have any say in who “gets” it if they “step down”. The only thing they own is the inventory piled up in their garages.

      • They can protect their client lists … if they keep it out of the MK computer systems.

        But then what?

        • Hmm, I did not know that. Does MKC make it difficult for them to “run their business” if they keep their clients out of the system? I’m not sure how all of that works, except to assume that MKC would do anything possible to ensure that their independent contractors cannot survive without utilizing their official MK tools.

    • This got me thinking of something else, I have a lot of experience in brick and mortar retail, so I pay attention to little things involving such.

      A few years ago, we had a local clothing/accessory consignment store that had been open for years and the owner wanted to retire. Well, she found someone to buy her “business”…then the new buyer moved the store to a location across town (original owner didn’t own her shop space so actual real estate wasn’t part of this sale) AND also completely changed the name of the business.

      So what exactly did she “buy”? Not the building, not the store name, and even the inventory wasn’t “owned” by the original owner…it’s a freaking consignment store lol! The only tangible saleable inventory items might be whatever consignment items that had been “deserted” by the original purchaser; whatever small amount of inventory that was actually purchased at wholesale by the original owner (I dealt with a good number of consignment stores and they have very little of this…lol, some had MLM products on their shelves here and there which is why I thought of it); and maybe the display fixtures. THAT IS IT. THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE TO “BUY”. Not even a website! It was a FB page. That original owner lucked out finding a mark for this sale. And in the few years since, the new shop has moved a few times including two pricey spots…methinks it’s a hobby (sound familiar) supported by her successful hubs. Maybe our local Caddy director should go hard on this possible recruit!

      Okay sorry for tangent!

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