No One Is Interested in Mary Kay

Time for some truth about the pink! Kimberly is not having a unique experience. This is the norm in Mary Kay. You start your “business” and you’re told that this stuff will sell like hotcakes. It will fly right off the shelf.

And then you find out that no one wants to hear about your MLM crap. And certainly not have a party.  I just don’t understand why consumers haven’t figured this out yet. MLM is dead as far as actual customers are concerned. The people keeping MLM alive are the distributors and they are losing money purchasing these products… when the reason they got involved in the first place was to make money.

The Mary Kay ladies will act like it’s normal to not get online sales. But the truth is that consumers make a huge amount of purchases online. One study I found said 46% of consumers purchase cosmetics online. There is a reason why those purchases don’t include Mary Kay very often.

I wish consultants would get wise to the fact that there is always an excuse in Mary Kay. They can come up with a reason for everything.. and the reason NEVER includes “this is a sham business in which you have a 99% chance of losing money.” But that’s the truth.


  1. Jessica Gasper
    Sometimes it can take up to 12 attempts to book some-one before they say yes. That’s 11 no’s from the same person. But in the meantime, keep being friendly with them. Keep building that relationship and earn their trust.

    The these ladies wonder why they get ghosted. I don’t want to be constantly nagged at by some-one I barely know under the guise of “friendship”. No-one wants to be constantly harassed for you to make a few pennies.

    • And for Pete’s sake, leave service workers alone, especially when they depend on tips. Their ability to pay their bills and feed their kids depends on them being nice to you even when they want to dump a Diet Coke on your head.

  2. It is true that OPs friends are not interested in Mary Kay. But that’s only partly because of Mary Kay. Most people know the dangers of doing business with f+f, and wisely choose otherwise. Having a friend or family member depending on you for their livelihood puts real strain on your relationship, and most folks avoid this for good reason.

    I love all the “tactics” shared above, especially the blatant bait-and-switch from a one-on-one skin care consultation to a group sales event.

    When asked to host one of these parties, I wish everyone would reply with, “Since this is your business, it make most sense for you to host your own sales events. Maybe even open your own store so you don’t have to invade people’s homes like the door-to-door salesmen of old.”

  3. “if you think you can, you can; if you think you can’t, you’re right.”

    — Henry Ford

    But nice try.

  4. Asking the same person twelve times before they say yes is insane, maybe even borderline stalking. What part of the first eleven nos need further explanation, the N or the O?

  5. “How do I get them to buy?”
    From what I’ve seen and read, Mary Kay directors recommend cash drawings, prize giveaways, deep discounts, free shipping, BOGO and GWP. (You won’t make money, but they don’t care.)

    “No one is interested”
    You said it yourself. Get out now.

  6. The catty part of wanted to reply to Kimberly to say “For starters, spell ‘no one’ correctly.” But, I realize that’s not very nice. I hear my elementary school teacher’s voice in my head saying “noon-ee” is not a word.”

  7. This is too funny. I don’t need cosmetics to make me “feel important” I just need a quality product for a reasonable price. Mary Kay has neither!

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