Consultants Can’t Sell Mary Kay Products

Written by Parsonsgreen

Lacey Bradford is a Mary Kay sales director who submitted for DIQ ten years ago. On one of her anniversaries, she posted about how Mary Kay had changed her life.  She was able to quadruple her yearly income five different times, with numbers in the six figures!

On a different anniversary, she added that she has had 5 free cars in 5 years!

She loves to talk about the products – they are half the price of Ulta and Sephora for better quality!

Lacey can certainly be taken at her word, right? Doesn’t she make it seem that her success in Mary Kay can be something you can achieve as well?

Now let’s take a look at what Lacey says behind the scenes in Director’s Only groups on Facebook.

Ten years in and her new consultants are getting zero sales. ZERO. And if they are having Zero sales that means zero production for Lacey and her business. Virtual is not working for her either! Wouldn’t YOU like to know these struggles before starting a Mary Kay “Business”?

As for the products, if you’re using them every day, and the quality is unsurpassed, why do you need a monthly facial? Why do you still have blackheads and three layers of dead skin? But wait….. what products was she using for nearly a year before that? Products that had here with (apparently) lots of blackheads, poor skin texture, layers of dead skin…. so poor skin with the Mary Kay skincare products she was using?

And if Naturally works so well, why do you have these two red and dry patches? If you are a skin care expert, why do you have to ask for recommendations? How would you advise your customer if she had this issue?

As for the free car – it seems like the struggles Lacey has been having with her business has caught up with her. This was posted as a comment in a thread about how Mary Kay can take back your car if production was not met. Lacey was making the copay and STILL LOST HER CAR.

More importantly, what are the odds that Lacey was running around telling everyone she was “driving free” while actually paying for it herself with her copay???

But never fear – if you are in a rut, Lacey is there to help you out too! She is also a life coach! She has multiple degrees as well as certifications! She can help you be the best version of yourself. Would you take advice from Lacey?

Is Lacey as open and honest with new consultants as she is in the Director’s Only Group?



    • I don’t find this article nearly as alarming as the majority of folks on here. First of all, the struggles she was facing in growing her business had mostly to do with the virtual aspect of her business. Nearly every industry struggled to transition into the new, virtual world of the pandemic, and some sectors suffered more than others – especially those businesses that relied on in-person communication and/or sales. As for needing a facial and dead skin removed on a regular basis, that’s not an indication of poor-quality products. Just because you use the best toothpaste and have the best toothbrush doesn’t mean you don’t also need to see the dentist regularly for a deep clean. And because skin cells turnover every 30 days, some people may want a “deep clean” for their face a bit more often. As for the car, we don’t know the details of what those payments entailed. People can be quick to assume the worst about others, looking through a keyhole at someone’s life, while really having no idea what’s actually going on. I personally don’t care for this kind of mentality (and I don’t just see it here, I see it everywhere and have to really pray and work hard myself not to adopt it.) Attacking someone’s integrity or character, (one of the things God hates as per Proverbs 6) is not something I wish to give account of before God in the Great Day.

        • “the struggles she was facing in growing her business had mostly to do with the virtual aspect of her business” No. They had to do with it being an MLM. Their business model is unsustainable.

        • Weird take. The Bible tells us: “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Ephesians 5:11 The Bible also makes clear over and over that God hates lies and deceitfulness, especially for personal gain or greed. A great example is… Proverbs 6:17! I’m not sure where the idea that we should not expose liars is coming from, but it’s not Biblical. Find a better church and a real job with benefits.

      • And you may not have noticed that MK sales directors constantly say “the products sell themselves.” And then behind closed doors they’re lamenting that they can’t sell the products.

        But they’re lying to recruits. THAT’S the problem.

        And YES Mary Kay sales directors lack integrity. God does not mind if we call that out. In fact, God says that we should call out sin when it exists.

      • “Attacking someone’s integrity or character, (one of the things God hates as per Proverbs 6) is not something I wish to give account of before God in the Great Day.”—

        Oh yay, I love bible verses too: “You shall acknowledge no God but me…You are destroyed, Israel….The people of Samaria must bear their guilt, because they have rebelled against their God. They will fall by the sword; their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women ripped open.” (Hosea 13:4, 9, 16 New International Version)

        Seems like your god prefers to literally attack babies and pregnant women instead of the “integrity or character” of an MLMer.

        “People can be quick to assume the worst about others, looking through a keyhole at someone’s life, while really having no idea what’s actually going on.”—

        It’s not rocket science; MLM is a proven scam system. If you are an active participant in a scam, what does that make you? I do recognize that an MLMer can initially be both victim and unwitting perp, but sales directors are beyond that. They know they are lying.

        • Side note: I came back this morning to see how many people disliked me quoting Christian bible verses. Fascinating!!! Upon rereading it, I want to mention that it had nothing to do with current events. That regional word was an absolute coincidence. I was simply referencing the Christian bible, as she did.

          If a commenter quotes a bible verse, I feel it’s only fair to quote one in my reply. I did not make up the verse; it’s in the Christian bible, eleven books past her Proverbs. Please don’t shoot the messenger. She brought her religion and need to worship idols into our MLM conversation. Probably not a coincidence given how MLM operates.

      • Hi everyone, I’d like to share that I am not a Mary Kay salesperson and never have been. I was simply curious to learn more about the brand after being invited to my first Mary Kay party. I’m also moderately into skincare. I came across this website and was disheartened to see some of the unkind things being written about other women. (This article and the responses to the young woman defending her mother upset me the most.) Don’t get me wrong, I’m not standing up for the brand, and I’ve never met Lacey. In fact, I think it’s wonderful to give women who feel they’ve been wronged by the brand a place to commiserate and heal. Calling out any brand and its allegedly destructive practices/ culture as a whole can be good. But as for calling out sin when we see it or when we see an individual “overtaken in a fault,” our job is to “restore” that person “in the spirit of meekness” directly (Galatians 6). Not gossip about them behind their backs or destroy their reputation or malign their character – especially when we don’t have all the facts. People are well within their right to disagree with me on this, but I don’t believe that gossiping or making unkind assumptions about someone just because they’re attached to a certain label is ever good.

        I also realize that not everyone believes in the Bible, so I apologize if I offended anyone in bringing up scripture in the first place. I can’t remember the last time I thought it was a good idea to give a hot take – or any take – in any comments section… (I guess I was just feeling some type of way about what I was reading, and the anonymity definitely helps!) I do sincerely respect everyone’s perspective on here, even if we disagree about some things, and I definitely realize I have not experienced being hurt by Mary Kay as many women on here have. I do truly pray you can recover and fully heal from everything you suffered.

  1. So funny that people on Facebook think their posts can be private. Someone, somewhere is always going to find your “private” exclusive post.

    • Not productive. Do you want people to kick MLMs or religion to the curb? For the former you’re in the right place. For the latter I’d try r/atheism.

  2. “It’s been over 2 years and I am still not seeing virtual progress…”

    Some facts about MLM:
    – People don’t buy MLM products from strangers
    – The social manipulation tactics you use at in-person MK parties don’t work online
    – Facebook limits the reach of business related posts from personal accounts
    – Folks are much nicer to MLMers in person than online
    – Virtual “parties” are just not interesting
    – MLMers are much easier to ignore online than in person

    And to twist an old adage, “Those who can’t, coach.”

  3. IMO, her skin is red and blotchy from overuse of MK products. My advice is to stop using ANY products in that area and let the skin heal itself.

    • I was going to recommend Eucerin lotion. Not an MK product. MK products in the past always had synthetic fragrance & dyes & that could irritate sensitive skin.

    • I’m thinking contact dermatitis – perhaps from fingernail polish. But that all-out assault with product after product was not going to help.

  4. My favorite blue eyeliner came from Ulta: LA Girl Ultimate Intense Wear Auto Eyeliner for $5.49. I’m pretty sure this price is significantly less than MK. (Although I love the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On in Chaos, a gorgeous cobalt blue pencil that wears like iron.)

    Also, if Lacey has these red patches on her face, has she spoken with a medical provider about them? They could be a reaction to products, a skin condition (e.g., eczema), or a sensitivity to foods…. the list is endless. Asking a large group of unqualified people for medical advice is risky. *ends nurse voice*

  5. I probably held the record for Consultant in Perpetual DIQ. I was holding an in-person rah-rah team meeting during my “first” month of DIQ in June of 2021. I had a whopping two team members there when I got the phone call that my mother had unexpectedly passed away the night before. I broke the news to them and they left my house in the wake of this tragic news.

    I was a “real champion” and pressed on in the face of my total devastation. My husband at the time told me it wasn’t really a big deal; his dad had also died (when he was an infant — he was 45 when he basically told me, his wife, to suck it up and get over the loss of my mother).

    I “made it through” June, July, and into August DIQ, but didn’t wrap it up. It was the last time I would ever attempt DIQ.

    I escaped the toxic marriage in the summer of 2022. I was able to pay off all the MK credit card debt (around $12,000) when the house finally sold in the fall of 2023.

    I’m still mourning the loss of my mother. She was a kind hearted soul. She was kind to people who most certainly didn’t deserve the kindness.

    I think the same could be said for her daughter.

    • Hi Intrigue. I am so sorry to hear about the abuse you have gone through. I understand it very well but the abuse was by my mother for a very long time which leaves me vulnerable as I have low self worth and self esteem. I dearly hope that you have healed completely. Hugs, sincerely

  6. It makes me giggle when people talk about their “dream” or “passion” for their career referring to Mary Kay. I can understand a professional make-up artist being someone’s passion, but selling make-up & skin care people apply themselves has never been my dream or passion. All the cold-calling & warm stalking , not my dream. Using emotional manipulation to make sales or recruit has never been my dream job, either. 🤷 #sorrynotsorry



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