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Mary Kay sales director Jana Strunk posted in the Directors Only Group on Facebook that she was overjoyed with the generosity from corporate regarding her birthday gift. (It was a $50 credit off one section one order). She invited other directors to share what they were grateful for.

Jackie Olson shares that she appreciates that Mary Kay is NOT going anywhere! (I wonder what the former consultants in Australia and New Zealand would say about that?

But are all directors grateful? Here are some choice comments from director’s regarding issues with the failing In Touch update:

The directors… who are Mary Kay’s best customers… are NOT grateful for the new InTouch – but as long as they keep ordering to earn trinkets and stage walks, will anything ever change?



  1. DeNell Anderson needs to look at Monat to see what happens when senior leaders confront corporate leaders. That’s’ when you find out whose business it REALLY is.

    • Why, what happened? Did people lose their “businesses” in a dramatic fashion? aka Monat corporate terminated their contracts?

      • Oh yes. Monat doesn’t hesitate to sack anyone who dares rock the boat. There have been a couple of high profile ones terminated recently.

      • Yup and more. See the Two Top Monat Huns terminated thread on the message board. Some-one in corporate went through Olive Tree People’s active consultant list and terminated anyone from Monat who was on there, guessing a non-compete due to an overlap in cosmetics.

        Toni von Strucken(sp??), one of the first (if not the first) market partners queried something and was first put on leave before being fired. Since she isn’t doing that kind of business anymore, she’s now in Amare.

        Former CEO Stewart McMillan is suing the Urdentas and Monat Corporate, it’s a big mess over there.

  2. “Customer Service”. Does’t that mean MK directors are really MK customers?

    Do outside customers use this tool? If not, this pretty much confirms that MK Corp sees the sales force as MK customers.

  3. Ah, I wondered where Ellen Bowman Cox had gotten to. Calling the others a bunch of pink bubble zombies is really going to get people on her side. If she’s so contemptuous of this company and everyone in it, why is SHE even in it?

    • My overworked, sleep-deprived brain (the Joint Commission is coming soon, y’all) instantly thought of Valley Girl-like zombies with Hubba Bubba pink bubblegum bubbles mumbling, “As IF!” when Ellen mentioned pink bubble zombies.

      I need more coffee.

  4. Regarding the IT issues… I’m not an expert or a professional, but it doesn’t sound like they’re dealing with some kind of error or bug that randomly changed up the orders. It sounds more like something that was purposely added to the code. (Maybe the idea was to push product that Mary Kay Inc is overstocked on?) Again, I’m not an expert, but the this sounds less like incompetent programming and more like a deliberate choice by the software designers. Just my gut feeling, for what it’s worth.

  5. So let me get this straight. Pink Truth has been criticized for being one-sided and for its “negativity,” but these kaybots are ranting amongst themselves. Whoever is finding these FB conversations, keep up the good work!



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