How to “Go National” in Mary Kay

From Mary Kay national sales director Anita Garrett-Roe: How to get to national sales director status.

Anita says getting to national status involves making women feel “special”. (Let’s be honest though, if you contribute to the numbers for nsd status, they don’t care WHO you are!)

So tell them you’ve selected them and they can come with you to the top. More emotional manipulation, in my opinion! Continue reading “How to “Go National” in Mary Kay”

Pop! Goes the Mary Kay Pink Bubble

 Written by Raisinberry

For the longest time I anguished over how I ever got in this Mary Kay mess.  I finally got crystal clear clarity concerning one of the most evil and deceptive “attractions” that Mary Kay Cosmetics uses to draw unsuspecting prey into the web.

It has been said that an obvious lie isn’t effective. To be a great lie it has to be surrounded by two layers of truth. Hide the lie in the middle like a great big pink Oreo and you have a “cookie” that’s irresistible as well as effective. Continue reading “Pop! Goes the Mary Kay Pink Bubble”

Devastated Husband Tells About His Wife’s Mary Kay Experience

Written by DevastatedHusband

My wife was a generous, beautiful, hardworking registered nurse when she joined Mary Kay about three years ago. We lived frugally but happily with two small children as I worked as a medical resident. Her sister called one day to ask a favor: “would you listen to a five minute call and tell me what you think? You’d be helping me SOOOO much.”  She would win a special prize necklace of ‘real pearls’ if she could just convince X number of ladies to listen to this call.

Well the “opportunity” sounded interesting to her (with all the ISD’sl false promises of ‘unlimited income’, ‘you can help your husband retire and support the family on your own’ and ‘MK is the company with the most women making over $100k in America” etc). She asked me about it while the director waited on the phone. I said, “shouldn’t we look into it first?”. She waited a day and signed the contract and purchased the starter kit the next day while I was at work, justifying it with the worn out MK excuses: “It’s only $100” and “I don’t even have to sell it, I could just use it all for personal use”  (another MK line they use all the time: “It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission”).  Continue reading “Devastated Husband Tells About His Wife’s Mary Kay Experience”

How to Recruit the Next Generation

Written by The Scribbler

This document isn’t necessarily a script, but a spotty transcript of a speech given to NSDs.  It is a game plan discussing how to recruit younger people into Mary Kay.  It talks about their characteristics; critical information that will no doubt be exploited later on!

Friends, if you have daughters of any age or know teenage girls in your neighborhood, drop a few nuggets about what this company does to its women.  Young girls are not stupid – like sex education, these girls need to know from YOU before they learn the “facts” from a hot-to-recruit Mary Kay Consultant!  It is crucial that we guard the next generation of women from the prison of emotional hurt, manipulation, and credit card debt!      Continue reading “How to Recruit the Next Generation”

Sneaky Mary Kay Recruiting Tactics

pink-sneaky-mary-kayWritten by The Scribbler

I used to work with a bubbly, perky 20-something in our church nursery. She and I laughed together, chit-chatted together, and I thought it could be the beginnings of a terrific friendship. She invited me out for coffee and said she wanted to get to know me better. “How nice!” I thought.

But in the back of my brain I recalled that she was into MK. So I logged onto Pink Truth and browsed the “secret” stuff, like now MK commandos want you to sit on their right side and so forth. When I met this gal for coffee, she was decked out in full MK regalia, right down to the shiny black high heels and fashionably tied pink scarf, her bag o’ tricks spread out on the table in front of her. Continue reading “Sneaky Mary Kay Recruiting Tactics”

Tips For a Struggling Mary Kay Husband

ImageWritten by BlessedOne

This piece was written by the husband of a former Mary Kay consultant who was involved with MK for many years. He offers his advice for other husbands, boyfriends, and family members.

This is the most important thing you can do. This is where you must invest the majority of your effort and resources. Take every opportunity to let her know she is as vital and needed by you (and your family) today as she was the day you married her. Be ready to court her all over again. She’s worth it. You be the source of her recognition. Be the loudest source of her applause. Be her number one fan club. Shower her with your affection and attention. Perhaps this MK crisis is a God sent reminder that we’ve not done this enough. Continue reading “Tips For a Struggling Mary Kay Husband”

Tripling Your Income With Mary Kay (Yeah, Right)

19162886Written by PinkPeace

If you had been lucky enough to be in my Mary Kay unit, at some point you would have sat down with me one-on-one to go over the following document. I liked to do it during new consultant orientation, while you still had stars in your eyes about Mary Kay and thought that the sky was the limit in this business. I wanted to put big money potential in front of you BEFORE you experienced difficulties in recruiting, so you’d have a goal to work toward.

What I didn’t tell you was the reality behind this little document. I mean, why be negative? It was my job to be a good coach and see the potential in everyone. I didn’t want to stand in the way of your success, even though it wasn’t happening for me. This business is what you make it! Continue reading “Tripling Your Income With Mary Kay (Yeah, Right)”

But It Worked Before!

480152780_e59f88a16e_m.jpgWritten by Raisinberry

If you had success once in Mary Kay, you can have it again, right? You keep drawing on that one positive experience to tell yourself that it can be done again.

There is a joke in my family about how lousy my coffee is. I have had many years to perfect a simple pot of coffee, but there is over a 95% chance that the pot I make this morning will suck. (Sorry to shock you with my language so close to sunrise). It will make no difference to me however that this morning’s brew will make my tongue curl up and my taste buds scream. Because, I will make another pot tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow after that. Why? Continue reading “But It Worked Before!”

Mary Kay Prayer Warriors All Across the Globe

Written by Raisinberry

The Devil has come against us in the form of NEGATIVE BLOGS to destroy our Mary Kay world! Or has he? It is interesting how people have different perspectives about things.

We all know, that nobody knows everything and concerning things of faith, many thoughts abound. In fact, theologians routinely sit on opposite sides of the same coin, staunch in their positions and unbending in any way. Continue reading “Mary Kay Prayer Warriors All Across the Globe”

“Profit Level” Inventory in Mary Kay

You’ve heard this Mary Kay lie many times before: $3,600 wholesale on your shelf is considered “profit level” inventory, and until you get to that level, you shouldn’t be taking any profits for yourself out of your “business.”

Realistically speaking, there is very little profit in Mary Kay to begin with. But this “concept” twists the financial aspect even further and uses faulty logic and bad math to convince consultants to place large initial orders.

Here’s how the Mary Kay explanation goes: Continue reading ““Profit Level” Inventory in Mary Kay”