Everyone Can Hold 2 Mary Kay Classes a Week!

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I’m not sure how a Kaybot can presume to know the details of everyone’s life and conclude that anyone and everyone can hold 2 Mary Kay classes a week… but that’s not stopping them! Below is another one of those “if you can’t do it you’re a loser” type of rantings from a Mary Kay nsd.

In the Mary Kay world, “2 classes” is easy and anyone can do it. Those of us who have been in Mary Kay (or have had friends and relatives in MK) know that the hard part of that theory is actually finding women to book the classes, then hoping that they actually have them. That’s a lot harder than it may sound to an outsider.

The Myth of “Product Sales” in MLM

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A common tactic of multi-level marketing companies is hiding behind “product sales,” convincing potential recruits that significant retailing of products occurs, while in reality money is made from recruiting new marks.

MLM expert Robert FitzPatrick explains in his paper The Myth of “Income Opportunity” in Multi-Level Marketing:

Put on the Camouflage of “Product Sales”

The Risk of Leadership: Preparing For Life As an NSD

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Written by Raisinberry

In my first life, I had the task of teaching sales to a large sales force in a multi-state region. As part of my job, I went to all the motivational programs, heard all the famous speakers, and sat under the tutelage of the greats… Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Peale…you know, the old school guys who really knew how to rev up a crowd and tie ethics and passion and sacrifice together in a nice “feel good” package.

Have You Read “That” Website?

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Yes, “that” website, is in fact Pink Truth. This email was written by a Mary Kay sales director who doesn’t want women to read Pink Truth because it might cause them to doubt Mary Kay. The thing is…. we’re just telling the truth. And yes, it causes doubt because it is in conflict with the misrepresentations women receive from corporate, sales directors, and recruiters.

The Mary Kay “Sales Tactics” Are Evil

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The debate rages on between the “pro” and “anti” sides of the debate about Mary Kay Cosmetics.

On one side, we have women who claim Mary Kay has a wonderful opportunity that has enriched many women. Everything in Mary Kay is optional, and only lazy losers who didn’t work hard enough and couldn’t say no to the occasional unethical director failed.

On the other side, you have women who have the ability to apply logic and reason to the situation They realize that since 99% of women lose money in MLMs, this isn’t a wonderful opportunity. They know that Mary Kay has put millions of women in debt.

A Letter to My National Sales Director

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Written by Raisinberry

My Dear NSD,

The letter you are about to read is coming from the heart of every Director in your National Area, who has had a breath of fresh air long enough, to evaluate the reality of their business. Parts of this letter will be painful to us both, and parts will offer healing. When I review my career in Mary Kay, I am left asking myself some very hard questions and these questions I am asking of you as well.

Is the Market for Mary Kay Saturated?

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We discuss this topic from time to time, because it’s important to debunk one of the common myths Mary Kay directors and recruiters use to suck people into the pink cult. In their world, anyone with skin is a potential customer.

In the real world, economics, marketing, and customer preferences win out to make the real market for Mary Kay products very small. But will your recruiter ever tell you that? No! If you understand that your chances of success with Mary Kay are almost non-existent, you won’t sign up for MK and you won’t stay in (and continue to purchase inventory).

The View From Behind a Mary Kay Sales Director’s Desk

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A note from a Mary Kay Sales Director’s office assistant…

I just wanted to let you know that I believe that PinkTruth is a good and noble effort to help people. You will probably not reach those die-hards but you can’t be discouraged by that.

I am an office assistant for a Sr. Director. I consider her and her entire family as friends. They are nice people. I started as an independent contractor in 2006 so I’ve SEEN IT ALL. I work about 35-40 hrs makinge $8.50 per hour.

Debt Free With Mary Kay? Hilarious!

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I love the idea of being debt free. I even love the idea of using Mary Kay Cosmetics to become debt free. The problem is, the second idea is nothing but a pipe dream for virtually all the women who get involved with the company.

Sure, the concept is simple. Buy for $1, sell for $2, and you have an instant profit of $1. But there are many obstacles to that actually happening.

You Didn’t Want to Do the Work it Takes to Succeed in Mary Kay

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A note from a Mary Kaybot…

It seems that those who created this page simply have an ax to grind and can’t stand the idea of any woman having ambition, a positive and uplifting product, or success. Mary Kay is like any other business in so far as it takes a certain personality type to succeed in its structure and sell its products. Mary Kay treats women like thinking adults who are the best judge of their own character and personality, and who can decide for their own selves whether they can succeed in the company. The fact that they do not hold extensive personality tests and interviews to see if there is a personality match is smart on their part because they show that they are not judging a woman and her ability to succeed in the business.