The “Assumptive” Close

Written by The Scribbler

I call this one “The Dirtiest Close Ever.”  courtesy of Anita Garrett-Roe.  It utilizes a technique Roe calls the “assumptive close,” which means to act like the potential recruit has given you a “yes” from the get-go when in fact, she has not – the concrete “yes” answer is assumed when the recruiter asks the woman where she wants her starter kit delivered! 

This is a dangerous technique – if you’re ever knee-deep in a recruiting attempt, do not fill out or sign a thing until you have had a chance to thoroughly research the things Mary Kay is not telling you!    Continue reading “The “Assumptive” Close”

An NSD Overcomes Your Objections

Written by The Scribbler

Circular reasoning, faulty logic, and subtle bullying straight from the top of the food chain, friends.  Pay special attention to the last line of the script – its guidance is designed to help recruiters get you into a mode where you’re more likely to answer in the affirmative. Also of interest in this script is Mary Kay’s ever-present lack of respect for husbands, how forcing a prospect to make a decision for Mary Kay within 24 hours is doing them a favor, and the divine miracle of a bottle of Velocity delivering its own sales pitch in perfect English.  Because the product really does sell itself, you know.

“I couldn’t sell anything.” Continue reading “An NSD Overcomes Your Objections”

Mary Kay: Not a Christian Company and No Direct Line to Jesus

Written by Havurah

I have always maintained that no one can save anyone from themselves if they do not want to be saved. Mary Kay Ash, the person, was not a so-called Christian in the way it is bandied about here and the company she founded was not a Christian company.

It was a cosmetics and skincare manufacturing business built on a specific marketing plan and her ultimate success was when MARY KAY CORP. went public and hit the bigtime about 30 years ago… give or take. Continue reading “Mary Kay: Not a Christian Company and No Direct Line to Jesus”

Put On Your Big Girl Panties

 Written by Raisinberry

We have talked about the cult mentality and technique that Mary Kay sales leadership employs to draw in and convince women that the world of Mary Kay is the most wholesome and strengthening environment for women. It has been discussed that slogans designed to shut down objective thinking are repeated over and over until one repeats them to themselves.

Hiding behind the control of “positive attitude”, the faults and flaws of Mary Kay are unable to be discussed and those who attempt it are shunned. What we do not notice is a reduction of our “standing” as an independent contractor. By being inundated by the sloganeering, we become diminished in our capacity to evaluate what is really being said to us, and believed about us. A woman who tells you to “put on your big girl panties” is mindlessly repeating a slogan that was said to her, without ever evaluating what she is really saying. Continue reading “Put On Your Big Girl Panties”

Unsuited: The Reason Why I Never Became a Mary Kay Sales Director

 Written by MKDV24

For the majority of my Mary Kay career, I was a “sales only” consultant in a high producing, top unit. And even though I wasn’t interested in doing anything more than selling Mary Kay products, I still attended my director’s weekly unit meeting.

Rain or shine, snow or sleet, I never missed a week. I was loyal and attentive. I took notes, and contributed by providing sales ideas. I could recite every single booking script put in front of me. I was a consistent seller – thinking like a retailer. Continue reading “Unsuited: The Reason Why I Never Became a Mary Kay Sales Director”

We Did All That Work For a Few Trinkets?

Mary Kay PrizesWritten by sadnpink

During the course of my time in Mary Kay, I never missed being a star consultant.  I believed that I deserved those nice gifts they were giving away each quarter, and I managed to accumulate quite a few.  It wasn’t until I resigned as a director and returned my products that I came to realize how little those prizes really were worth.

My statement indicated that for the entire year my star gifts were valued at a whopping $49.00!!!  Wow…. that said a lot right there.  I had been a consistent Emerald that year which means I did a LOT of ordering.  I earned the pink blender….which broke within two months and rusted out at the base.  I had earned a voice recorder which would take an electronic genius to operate and did not work well even when it did operate.  In short, the gifts were cheap. Continue reading “We Did All That Work For a Few Trinkets?”

The Ethical Pink Truth Director

Written by Raisinberry

One of the common denominators shared by “career path consultants” on Pink Truth is how they know they are responsible for the decisions they made in Mary Kay, yet they still feel as if they were “led” and manipulated, by the “do what your Director says” training they absorbed “sitting at the feet” of their upline.

Some people want you to think that our concerns here at PT are abnormal and do not reflect the “opportunity” that the majority of Mary Kay Directors have experienced. This has intrigued me on many levels, since so many want to blame MK Directors for what has happened to a great deal of them as if they hadn’t an ethical bone in their bodies. Continue reading “The Ethical Pink Truth Director”

For Mary Kay Sales Directors Who “Stumble Across” Pink Truth

Written by SuzyQ

Dear Directors,

Many of you have “stumbled across the Pink Truth website” and have read with horror and anger some of the posts and responses. Someone used the “watching a train wreck” metaphor and that is pretty descriptive. I did the same thing not so long ago.

I was bored and googled “negative Mary Kay” and found enough reading material on a variety of sites for several days. I was stunned. I ended up reading everything on the Mary Kay Sucks (now Pink Truth) site. Continue reading “For Mary Kay Sales Directors Who “Stumble Across” Pink Truth”

Why Your NSD Wants You to Stay at Her Hotel For Seminar

The dirty little secret of Seminar hotels: If enough rooms are booked for your NSD’s hotel, she’ll get her suite for free.

NSD Anita Garret Roe offered this explanation for staying at the “area” hotel. She forgot to mention that she’ll get her suite free if enough of you book rooms. But here’s the rest of it. Don’t think that it’s not all about the NSD’s pocketbook. Of course it is! Continue reading “Why Your NSD Wants You to Stay at Her Hotel For Seminar”

Telling the Truth in Mary Kay

Written by Ciavyn

Seminar 2008. It was my third time through DIQ (I’d go through one more time before I hung up my heels), and I was on my way to the director’s meeting. My husband and I had just gotten off the plane, and I ditched my poor hubby with all our luggage, and ran like the wind in three inch heels to get to the meeting. Nothing quite like that red polyester jacket to give you a sauna treatment in Dallas, is there?

Anyway, while I am walking into the hotel, I met up with a new DIQ in our area who had also just finished her car, first time through DIQ though, and she’d just signed 5 women the day before, four of them activated the same day. She had 21 active consultants at the end of her third month. My jaw hit the floor. I had 20-some on my team, but only 11 active. Continue reading “Telling the Truth in Mary Kay”