I Hand You the Keys to the Mary Kay Castle

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 I can’t help myself. I’m going to give you the punchline up front. Why make you wait until the end?

This is being passed around and touted as the secret to making it big in Mary Kay. Here’s the “right” way to do it! Step-by-step instructions from a “Queen.”

Except there’s a bit of irony here. The woman who wrote this has been “Queen of Sharing” in her seminar twice and runner-up twice. She is in a Cadillac, and is a senior director currently. She was supposedly a future executive senior director when she wrote this.

Mary Kay Versus Real Entrepreneurs

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I love it when Mary Kay sales directors and national sales directors admit that the scam they’re running has nothing to do with the real business world! They just prove my point for me!

What???? I’m saying that being a Mary Kay consultant isn’t a real business? No kidding! Of course that’s what I’m saying.

And in this document from a Mary Kay nsd, my point is proven for me. The document even goes so far as to call this “Mary Kay vs. Real Life.” Here are a few of my favorite excerpts, with my comments in italics…

The Real Truth About Mary Kay

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Written by Raisinberry

When women come through the doors of Mary Kay, they remark how “positive” it all is. If they sign on, they are immediately bathed in an environment of support and praise, and they are taught to value it as a precious jewel, because certainly, it is not like that outside the Pink Bubble.

We all know that things go better when you are positive. Thinking positive is empowering because it makes you continue to do more towards your goal, and that activity almost always produces results. We, like you, were told not to sit next to negative consultants at meeting, to cut someone off if they try to tell you their problems, and to always talk “up” to someone who is higher up than you, when you are experiencing difficulties. You probably have already experienced that “oops” moment when you shared something negative at your Unit meeting, only to be chastised or worse, given a rubber chicken or a stuffed skunk in order to shame you.

How to Recruit the Customers of Other Mary Kay Consultants

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Anita Garrett-Roe, national sales director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, calls this “Golden Rule Thinking Regarding Recruiting”. I think it is more appropriately titled “Do It Before I Steal Her From You”.

Once again, Anita shows us how you can technically follow the company’s rules, but be really slimy about it. Here’s her methodology for stealing customers from other consultants and turning them into recruits.

There’s No Such Thing as 50% Profit in Mary Kay

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Those of us who have been hanging around Pink Truth for a while know that the idea of 50% profit in Mary Kay is a total lie. If a consultant sells all of her product at full retail, with no discounts and no giveaways, she has a 50% gross profit… out of which all other expenses have to be paid.

There’s not 50% profit, no matter how you slice it. And with this bit of sales magic, there’s even less profit to go around:

The Truth About Directorship in Mary Kay: Don’t Fall Into the Pink Trap

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Written by Chase Williams

I’m sitting here today in utter disbelief that I wasted nearly 2 years of my life pursuing something that was not only impossible, but ridiculous: being rich from my Mary Kay business. Don’t get me wrong, I had some fun times and made a (very small) handful of incredible friends, but I discovered so much more about the company, the “top 2%” (directors) and the poor, unknowing consultants. I understand I held a position in the company where I was known pretty well and though this may cause me to lose friendships or lose respect, my story must be told in order to save individuals and families.

My name is Chase Williams. I am a 22-year-old male from Houston, Texas and now living in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. I moved after I made the decision to no longer associate myself with Mary Kay. I terminated my agreement by sending back my product on August 12, 2014. Let me tell you how it began, the omens I should have listened to, the way others made me feel and my triumphant decision to say goodbye to the pink cult. How could someone “so successful” at Mary Kay be on Pink Truth? Well…

“Good” Mary Kay Sales Directors

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mary kay liesOne of the frequent arguments we hear from Mary Kay Lovers on Pink Truth is “my director is a good one” or “I’m sorry you had a bad director, but mine is different!”

I believe there are many sales directors who believe they are doing the right thing. They believe they’re helping other women when they involve them in Mary Kay. They believe that convincing new recruits to stock inventory is “for their own good.”

But any honest former director will tell you that they all deceive to some extent. Many tell outright lies. Others tell lies of omission…. purposefully keeping facts to themselves, even when they know those facts might be important to the recruit. They don’t tell the whole story about their Mary Kay experience or the truth about how much money they’re (not) making.

Pinning Your Dreams on Pink

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Written by DebiUnpinked

The only way to get to the bottom of whether Mary Kay is for you is to research Mary Kay Inc. and then MOST IMPORTANTLY check out the numbers.  Any business worth investing your precious time and money should stand up to ANY light shed upon it!

First the numbers, get numbers from more than just one or two sources that ARE NOT directly or indirectly linked to the company.  Use the internet as a tool of investigation and Google versions of the company name and products they sell.  See if what they say about their own products is what others are saying about them.  The truth is in the numbers and the numbers don’t lie or stretch the truth or forget to tell you something important!

Former Sales Director Sees Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors

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A former Mary Kay sales director sees beyond the smoke and mirrors and shares her story with us. Can you relate?

You know…….. the more I read and hear about the leaders in this company who ultimately play on women’s hearts, minds and souls, the sadder I am. It is a shame that someone like Kathy Helou and others who are suppose to be “women of God” can continue to give women like us false hope.

The thing that saddens me most is that the MAJORITY of the women that get into this business do not have a support system at home! When you first get into Mary Kay…… you are “LOVED” by all these women that are in Mary Kay!

Why It’s Not Such a Hot Idea to Recruit Your Mary Kay Warm Market

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Written by DupedByPinkFriend

When a new consultant begins her Mary Kay journey, she is instructed to practice giving facials and skin care classes with her friends and family.  This sounds reasonable, and seems to make sense, as many women who join Mary Kay have no previous sales experience, have little knowledge about skin care or makeup application, and are a bit nervous about performing in front of a group of strangers.

Little Miss New Consultant is told to “fake it till you make it” and “you can be successful with the right amount of enthusiasm” and “your friends and family won’t mind if you make a mistake; that is the best way to learn”.  In practicing with her friends and family, there is already a sense of trust established.  This is her “warm market”.