A Former Director’s Mary Kay Story

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Ladies, this is not just “one bad apple” who “didn’t do it the Mary Kay way.” This is the story of most of the sales directors in MK… buying production, conning friends and family into joining, using commission checks to supplement production. The lies and the deception are not unique to this woman, but are a very big part of the everyday life of the vast majority of Mary Kay directors. She wrote this letter to her nsd, who responded that she didn’t work her business and could have made money if she tried. *sigh*

I am sending you this e-mail because there a lot of things I need to say and I want to make sure I say them without interruption and crying. I have been avoiding your calls and for that I apologize. I want to let you know first that I am done with Mary Kay. I want to be open and honest with you about why I have decided to walk away completely.

Over the past three and half years in this business I have done things that I am not proud of. I have lied about my status to cover for missing goals. I have lied to people about how much money I have made in Mary Kay, always using the highest amount, not averaging the actual amount between my 3 or 4 top classes and the ones where no one showed up. I have bothered so many unsuspecting women to have a facial or hold a party, who clearly did not want to, but I was still politely persistent.

For Mary Kay Sales Directors Who Need More Production

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 Some coaching from a Mary Kay senior sales director on how her offspring directors can get consultants to order more at month end…. Let’s not kid ourselves. This is the heart of the pyramid scheme: recruit and frontload. Notice that this email has absolutely NOTHING to do with selling the product. It is pure recruiting and scamming orders out of newbies.

All of this ordering is encouraged without regard to any consultant’s personal situation. No regard to her inventory. No regard to her sales. Only regard to has she ordered yet? And if she has ordered, was it enough? And if it was enough, do I need more?

Rush for Red: Why Do it Slow When You Can Do it Fast?

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Written by LighterShadeOfPink

This is part of my “I story” and how I became a Red Jacket.

I started out as a Mary Kay customer with a facial with my soon-to-be Sales Director.  My first purchase was the Miracle Set, eye products, and Satin Lips.  My SD said, “I think you would be great at this business.”  A month later I had a follow-up facial and purchased Color 101.  Again she said she thought I would be great in the Mary Kay.

She invited me to several breakfast events and after declining several times, I accepted her third invitation.  The “MRSCAB” survey was on my plate.  When I saw that I could buy my products at cost and earn a little money on the side, I signed up.  Little did I know that the “rush” was about to begin.   

Older Woman With No Money Joins Mary Kay: What to Do?

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This group email was sent out by a Mary Kay director:

Wouldn’t you think after 32 years in Mary Kay I would have the answer?  That’s one of the intriguing things about this company there is always more to learn.  I remember Mary Kay saying, “No one has all the answers, not even me.”

Just sponsored a lovely, very sharp woman of 55 who has absolutely no money or credit for inventory.  She is married to a man who recently broke his back.  No insurance,  $300,000 house, drives a new Caddy and has a Collector Classic Car.

Dresses like a million, Looks like a NSD, Great personality – Oh and did I mention, she is a high “D”

After joining, she spent the rest of the week out looking for a job because as she said, she doesn’t have any cash.

Two things:

The Non-Retail “Direct Selling” Company

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Written by Robert FitzPatrick

As market-based economies become the prevailing global model, millions of people are being exposed to sales promotions, income opportunity solicitations, and investment schemes with which they have no experience or knowledge. Vulnerability to deception and the need for consumer education correspondingly reach global heights.

One especially dangerous deception is now luring millions of people in Asia into financial losses. Referred to here as the “non-retail direct selling company”, this type of scheme originated in the United States in the late 1970s and is now being exported around the world. Each year, it causes billions in financial losses and is seeking to entrench itself as an accepted form of business. It combines the purchase of costly products with the false attraction of earning an income as a self-employed person in “network marketing” or “multi-level marketing” businesses.

How Many Cons Can You Run Trying to Recruit Someone Into Mary Kay

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I got this email  and was amused at the variety of creepy/dishonest tactics this Mary Kay recruiter used to try to lure someone into Mary Kay.

I sincerely want to thank Pink Truth from the bottom of my heart for the information posted on this website!  I am a Pink Truth success story.  My eyes were opened before any monetary or emotional damage was inflicted on me and my family.  Based on the heart wrenching stories I read, I am convinced that you have saved me a ton of embarrassment and financial ruin!! I cannot thank you enough!

So here’s my story.  I apologize in advance if it is long winded, I am just so “excited with this opportunity to share my success story”…ha, ha pun intended :)

Mary Kay Directors and Ethics

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This message was posted by a sales director on a board for Mary Kay directors only:

Anybody have a letter or email you send to a new DIQ’s team members?  I have a new DIQ with a very weak team and I really want to encourage them to rally behind her! Thanks!

And the first thing I thought about was the ethical dilemma that this director should feel. Sending a letter to team members doesn’t make them strong. Chances are, these team members will always be weak.

No One Put a Gun to Your Head!

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Written by Lazy Gardens

Seven for Seven: Team Building Tactics for Wanna-Bees

Mary Kay upliners are fond of numbered lists, so here’s a list of seven proven tactics* to gain control over another person without putting a gun to her head. I mean, guns are tacky, right? And Mary Kay is against tackiness, unless it is unit prizes and those suits the upline has to buy.

TACTIC 1: Increase suggestibility and “soften up” the individual through suggestibility-increasing techniques such as: extended audio, visual, verbal, or tactile fixation drills, excessive exact repetition of routine activities, sleep restriction and/or nutritional restriction.

Do You Want More From Mary Kay?

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Ick. Another propaganda piece to assure Mary Kay consultants that if they just pray enough and want it enough, they can be successful in Mary Kay. If they are not successful, they must not have had a high enough “deserve level” or they’re lazy losers (like us – LOL).

Please respond to this ONLY if you want more for your life from Mary Kay!  I know that the women who respond to this – want more of my time and attention – and you will get it!!!  When you decide you will be accountable to someone else – major changes happen!

The Real Truth Behind Mary Kay’s “Avenues of Income”

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Written by Raisinberry

If you were paying attention at your “practice” recruiting interview or guest event, you’ll recall your recruiter or Future Director telling you about all the ways that you can make money in Mary Kay. Ultimately it came down to 3 “avenues of income”. One way was selling your own product to consumers, one was recruiting for commissions on their “sales”, and then you had the last obscure method called dovetailing that happened when you got a percentage of a class you booked but didn’t hold.

Then of course there were reorders, but that is really just you selling to end customers again. Three income streams seemed to be the key to success and would lead to being “paid what you are worth”…not what some “job is worth”.