Why MLM Doesn’t Work

Written by Rachel

I recently read a quote from a site promoting an MLM:

To recoup your initial $570 costs, focus on enrolling two distributors into your downline and then help them also enroll two people each.

This is the problem. Right here. It’s the exponential growth caused by unlimited recruiting (what MLMs like to bill as “unlimited earning potential.”) In the midst of a lot of talk about selling the product, the real focus for leadership in any MLM is recruitment. Some MLMs push recruiting harder than others, but they all have two things in common.

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The Illusion of the Good Old Days in Mary Kay

Written by Raisinberry

I can remember when things were much different in Mary Kay. I think that for the most part, that old school mental image was in our minds when we conducted every recruiting interview, every career talk. We were selling an idea of Mary Kay that doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe it never did.

Things are not the way we thought they were, and even if we could be returned to the “good old days”, we would still be riding the back of a MLM pyramid scheme long past its “start up days” and still requiring the consumer to be the consultant. The dirty little secret that none of the NSD’s want you to find out is this: they got in early. Those that got in in the last 10 years, did it by all manner of dubious activity. Continue reading “The Illusion of the Good Old Days in Mary Kay”

An Outsider’s Perspective on Mary Kay

Written by An Anonymous Reader

I’m generally a lurker, but I’ve posted to this board several times in the last year and a half since I joined. I’ve never been in Mary Kay or any MLM, but I found your site when looking up “MLM cult” after my husband and I were heavily encouraged to join the Tahitian Noni MLM. Since then I’ve gotten enough information from you ladies to know to NEVER join an MLM, and what to say to people who approach me about it! So thank you for your wisdom.

I’m writing because I’ve been reading the hate mail that people send to Tracy and it makes me so angry. People are holier than thou when they can be anonymous and don’t realize they’re speaking to real human beings. So I wanted to offer my “outsider’s perspective” on Mary Kay, and what normal people think of Mary Kay especially for the lurkers who think all of you are “losers.” Continue reading “An Outsider’s Perspective on Mary Kay”

Liar, Liar, Pantyhose and Skirt on Fire

Written by PinkPeace

I’m a liar. Or more precisely, I was a liar — a big one. There are few things worse to be. You can’t trust a liar; everything she says and does is suspect. A liar ultimately only has her own interests at heart, and a liar is responsible for leading others into bad decisions.

I didn’t start out that way. Although I was prone to exaggeration sometimes, and could tell a little white lie, I know they were wrong and knew they were character faults that I should correct. I actually had contempt for liars and thought they deserved whatever bad consequences came their way. Continue reading “Liar, Liar, Pantyhose and Skirt on Fire”

New Mary Kay Consultant: Why Your Director Wants You to Start Recruiting Right Away

Mary Kay RecruitingYou’re a new Mary Kay consultant, and you’re just learning the ropes. You’re excited, but a little scared about all the things you don’t know about your business. Your director is encouraging you to start recruiting. You want to get your feet under you first before you will feel comfortable bringing others into the business.

But your director keeps pushing you about recruiting. She suggests you’re just going to do “practice interviews” or some other innocent sounding thing. She keeps coming at you about recruiting. Why?

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Mary Kay Secrets of the Rah-Rah Sisterhood


Written by Raisinberry

Having been a Senior Director, working towards NSD, and completely enamored of those in Mary Kay leadership, I gave myself over to believing everything that I was told. But, if you are around long enough, sooner or later things just don’t seem to add up.

The Rah-Rah sisterhood, however, can not allow “negativity”.

I learned that united in identical speech, parroting the same information, regurgitating the same objection covering devices, and always talking “upward” to the one that has the position you want, were some of the ways that National leadership prevents the premature crumbling of their empires. Evaluating results is equal to negativity and negativity unchecked can be a very seductive draw, that causes the skid into consultant heaven. Continue reading “Mary Kay Secrets of the Rah-Rah Sisterhood”

You Don’t Understand Mary Kay!

A note from a Mary Kay consultant who says we just don’t understand Mary Kay. Use the comments section to set her straight, ladies.

I’ve been in MK for 15 years and it’s been a very positive and totally enriching experience for me and my family as a single mom.  It’s just too bad that you obviously have nothing better to do than send negativity out into the universe.  With all that negativity going out there you will get it back.  It’s called the Law of Cause and Effect, you’re making the cause and will get the effect.

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Somebody Hand God the Rubber Chicken: He’s Being Negative Again!


Written by The Scribbler

“At one sales meeting, a Director placed a small bank on the table. If anyone said something negative, she had to pay the bank! At another meeting, consultants were given a rubber chicken to hold if they said something negative.” (Former IBC)

Have you ever had to cough up coin for being contradictive in Mary Kay? Ever been stuck with the duck? Ever hear about the frustrated director who screamed at a unit meeting, “Punks hold skunks!” Continue reading “Somebody Hand God the Rubber Chicken: He’s Being Negative Again!”

Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families: The Perfect Recruiting Pool for the MLM Industry

Written by Raisinberry

Over the years as I have contributed here at Pink Truth, I started noticing that there were largely two groups of Mary Kay victims. Individuals have their distinct stories, but throughout the majority of anti-Mary Kay sentiment, there emerged a distinct line between those who stayed in, bee-lieving for the best and able to function without results and those who were able to figure it out pretty quick, trusting their gut, that enabled them to cut losses. Of the women and men who got hammered by the scheme, there were also a series of remarks and feelings that they shared that were all similar to each other. A common denominator started emerging.

Many questioned how did I fall for this? Why did I stay doing it, while I hurt myself and my own family? When I knew things didn’t add up, why did I pretend that they did? Why did I stay silent just because it was assumed we wouldn’t share “negative” things? Continue reading “Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families: The Perfect Recruiting Pool for the MLM Industry”

8 Out of 10 Mary Kay NSDs Are Okay With Lying to Customers

Written by The Scribbler

Back about 90 years ago, I worked in our church’s nursery.  On this particular day, my three-year old daughter and her playmates were playing the classic toddler game, You Scream and Run Like Hell and I’ll Try to Catch You While I’m Laughing My Can Off.  I was changing an infant’s diaper when my daughter raced past me, made the off-comment of, “It’s hot in here,” and continued onward.  I finished cleaning/dressing my young client, turned, and gasped as I witnessed my little girl running and laughing with her friends.  Stark nakedHey, Mom, I told you it was hot in here, remember? Find a way, make a way! 

Aside from the fact that I can now tease my daughter about having lived out the American Dream by running through a church au naturale, her situation made for one nifty object lesson:  the Mary Kay guidance of “Find a way, make a way” does not mean that the right thing will always be done.  I want to highlight one NSD who is teaching Mary Kay consultants how to lie; an act I would definitely file in the “Doing Whatever It Takes” drawer.

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