Facts, opinions, and the real story behind Mary Kay Cosmetics.

The Revolving Door of Mary Kay Products

Written by PinkPunch

When I first decided to chronicle Mary Kay’s constant massive product changes, I dove right into my Look Books. The problem was that once I started looking, I didn’t even know where the heck to begin! The confusion of product packaging changes, brand new products, Limited Edition products, free gift with purchase, hostess gifts and discontinued products… my head was just spinning!

This research could have gone into so many directions but I’ve decided to stick to product packaging changes(products that already existed that changed including the BIG black and pink package change). These packaging changes are such a huge money maker for Mary Kay Cosmetics because it forces every consultant to buy larger amounts of products in order to stay up to date (current) with the company that they are “trying” to become successful in. This always leaves many consultants with outdated items (that they either won’t sell or will have to sell at substantial discounts) and it keeps the buying/ordering on a constant.

I decided to start with the package change from the silver to the smaller silver lip liners. Mary Kay already knew that they would soon be changing all products to black and black and pink. So why did they make this change?

My guess is that they changed this first because the black was coming soon and they did not want the package and size to change at the same time. They knew that they were changing the size of the eye and cheek colors, to smaller, and that would cause a stir. So they slid this change in first….(of course you will be stuck with 2 different silver packages because the black is coming soon)

Summer June 2006: Package and color changes:

Note: I’ve noticed the a lot of the big and/or many changes happen, in June. My guess is that this helps sales directors and NSDs to complete goals for seminar?
Fall/Holiday September 2006: Hydrating lotion package change from white and blue to pink, TEN Limited Edition products, and another FOUR new regular line products. Also note that the new tinted moisturizer has SIX different color to buy, as well. 
Winter December 2006: Lipgloss package change, formula change (new NouriShine) and color change. Changes like these produce large volume ordering because there are 10 colors to purchase. New Cellu-Shape products are also added to the regular line.
Spring March 2007: Four new regular line products plus three limited edition products.
Summer June 2007: It’s seminar time, folks! PERFECT timing to finally change the packaging AND colors on the 8 eyeliners and 5 brow liners! (Large volume ordering on this one!) Now just in case that wasn’t enough, another 11 products were added to the regular line.
I’m really starting to feel that this is how some of us justified ordering more and more products. We know we didn’t need it… but hey…I need to complete my goal or finish production. Why not spend that money on all NEWproducts.This may answer your question to “Why did I do that?” and “How did this happen?” “How did I end up with so much product?”You may have justified ordering because it was always “New” and you needed to buy more products for production. You will not feel as bad, buying new products, as you would if youbought more of the same products that you already had. It’s another mind game, when you think about it
Fall/Holiday September 2007: Pay attention, Ladies!! This is the first hint of the huge product packaging change! From here on out, products start to change to the black packaging. 3 new regular line products plus 13 new Limited Edition products.
Winter December 2007: Package change and color changes. This change consists of 32 lipsticks and 10 lip glosses. An ordering volume of 42 if you ONLY purchase 1 of each color. This quarter also included the HUGE mineral launch which adds at least 6 new shades to purchase!
Spring March 2008: Package change, product change and formula change. First, you have the New compact design (package change).  6 New mineral pressed powder colors (package change and formula change). 6 new eye colors (package and formula change). 2 new cheek colors (package and formula change). 4 new bronzing shades (package and formula change). MK found it in their heart to also add 2 Limited Edition items to the very huge changes for this quarter.
Summer June 2008: Package change and formula change. In addition to the 22 more eye colors, this quarter, they also slid in the package change on 3 mascaras, 1 liquid eye liner, and 2 eyesicles. There are 8 more new cheek colors (remember there are actually 10 colors but they previously introduced 2 of them). That’s 36 new products to purchase if a consultant only purchases one of each color!
Fall/Holiday September 2008: Introducing the Compact Pro and 5 limited edition items.
Winter December 2008: Package change for 7 concealers, 4 highlighting pens, and eye primer. Also added are 2 new shower gels and 4 limited edition sets.
Spring March 2009: No product package changes, but 4 new coordinating body lotions and 5 limited edition sets.
Summer June 2009: Product packaging change for Timewise skin care (4 products to purchase), 5 new tinted lip balms, and 3 limited edition sets.
Fall/Holiday September 2009: Changed packaging for 4 regular line products and added new product Timwise Replenishing Serum+C.
Winter December 2009: 8 packaging changes to regular line products plus 4 scents of coordinating shower gel and sugar scrubs (which is 8 products total), plus limited edition products.
Spring March 2010: Package changes to 4 regular line products.
Summer June 2010: Package changes to 4 more regular line products.


  1. Christy E. Bell

    WOW–this is mind boggling. When the producst changes are chroncled like this, it becomes apparent that the only changes occur in the summer, fall , winter, and spring of every year. And I’m only referring to regular line changes!! Personally, I just can’t bee-leive in this.

  2. nomorepink1

    Let’s not forget the changes that are coming in December 2011. The changes to the liners and lipglosses.

    Consultants are on the hamster wheel from hell. When will they realize this and get out before they’re bankrupt?

  3. Freshoutofpink

    Thank you PinkPunch for your hard work on this project! Hopefully many will see the futility of trying to make any money doing Mary Kay.

    Well, it’s all here in black and white, or is it pink, platinum or black? (think compacts)

    Throw it all out and order more, ladies…. what a waste! Corporate is the only one who takes anything to the bank.

  4. Nichole

    And you really don’t get time to try the product at your Success meetings to really form a well developed opinion about each item so you just purchase them all. The last new items I bought were the tranquil waters pencil (stunk!) and the combo eyeliner/pencil duo–liners were okay but eye shadow was yuck. 🙁

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  6. Kim

    I am looking for some former consultants who may have discontinued inventory sitting on their shelves. Specifically I am looking to buy some Intrigue perfume. It was my favorite scent and I am having a hard time finding it anymore. Please contact me if you have any to sell.

      1. MK Customer

        I’ve been buying MK for years. I never understood the changes of products, especially lipsticks and lip gloss. My rep. never told me. She kinda laughs it off. As a customer, I often feel pressured to over buy because the colors I like disappear. Women want their lipstick color. Many wear the same they’ve worn most of their lives. Now I know why this is happening. I do like their products but not sure about these schemes.

  7. Zaya

    Thank god I was never suckered into this scam but I very recently got a “facial” and a “makeover” the latter of which I was asked why I wouldn’t purchase my starter kit right there. I was a little misled I felt when I realized my “facial” was actually me scrubbing about 10 different products onto one half of my face so I can compare how great the MK side feels. I was being pitched the whole time about why I shouldn’t mix brands (MK apparently has advanced chemists putting together such unique formulas that I’m not kidding she told me little chemical explosions could happen on my face if I mix bramds-this girl is college educated by the way) I also wondered why she kept showing me gaudy mirrors and pins etc one can “win” since this was supposed to be a facial. A funny note is after i was done my fiancé said what did she do to your face don’t go again you look better before lol. Then for the makeover I also went through the whole skin care regime plus using brushes that left bristles on my face trying to smooth and blend the chalky clown colors. My face literally hurt and felt gross by the end of it all. I just happened to stumble across this site while researching out of curiosity after my weird MK experience. I have more thoughts and comments but this is long enough. But can anyone tell me where and by who are these ridiculous amounts of products manufactured?

    1. princess lea

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but much of the makeup and skin care products are produced at Mary Kay’s Dallas, TX manufacturing plant. Things like the compacts, brushes, etc. are made somewhere in China…

      Oh, and all those ‘amazing’ prizes? They are CHEAP and always made in China. In case you were curious 😉

      1. Zaya

        Interesting. I had a weird thought about if MK puts mind control chemicald in their products because they all seem so susceptible to the MK cult conditioning and they use the products more than anyone else. Then I read on here that the products contain a pharmeceutical muscle relaxer. ..

  8. keldub

    Whats so seemingly interesting is that if this miracle “prestige” line of crap sold its self so well. Direct marketing pyramid scheming would be obsolete with the internet. It always bothered me that the products were so over priced but yet are really then cut in half cost wise making them cheaper than mass market brands. Seems like quality could be super low.

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