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How to Finish Mary Kay DIQ (Director In Qualification)

Director in Qualification! DIQ! The one big hurdle any Mary Kay wanna be “big girl” has to clear. In order to become a sales director, the consultant must complete DIQ. So today, we are going to receive a lesson from Christina Mike, a Mary Kay consultant who just finished DIQ on June 30. She is going to show us how it is done!

The DIQ rules since 2009 require the following:

To enter DIQ:

  • 10 active team members
  • Must be a star consultant in the previous quarter (or have ordered $1,800 wholesale in the current quarter)

To complete DIQ:

  • $18,000 cumulative wholesale production in 1 to 4 months
  • At least $4,000 per month wholesale production
  • $1,800 in personal cumulative wholesale production during DIQ
  • 24 active unit members (23 recruits + DIQ = 24 total)
  • 10 of 24 unit members must have $600 cumulative wholesale production

So how does one meet those requirements? Through a combination of signing up friends and family members (and ordering products in their names, which is a violation of the rules) and purchasing as much  product as you possibly can to get to the $18,000 cumulative wholesale.

The consultant pictured above demonstrates how this is done. The picture is supposed to be of her celebratory glass of wine following the completion of DIQ. What she didn’t realize is that the picture shows how DIQ is really completed. See her credit card at the bottom?


That, my friends, is how DIQ is done. With the DIQ’s credit card. How much you wanna bet the “1500” written on the notebook is the size of order she put in to “finish” DIQ? No, she did not need an extra $1,500 wholesale value of products on her already overcrowded Mary Kay shelves. She had to charge that much in order to finish.

This reminds me of our instructions on how to finish a million!

Why do women in Mary Kay put themselves through such financial turmoil? Because nearly everyone buys their way up the Mary Kay pyramid, falsely believing that when they reach that next level, suddenly they will have a profitable and viable business.

And because after trying to make it through DIQ several times, the Mary Kay consultant is likely to do whatever it takes to “finish.” The DIQ pictured above appears to have been on her third time through DIQ: the first in November 2012, the second in and around April 2013, and the third completed in June 2013. (And who knows how many hundreds or thousands of dollars were put on a credit card by the consultant during those previous DIQ attempts!!!!)



And please note that no trip through DIQ is complete without begging for people to sign up!



Here’s the sad part: Your upline will tell you that DIQ is the hard part. That you should do whatever it takes (yes, cheating and going into debt are included) to just get through it. That once you get to director, everything will be wonderful. That is a lie. Directorship sucks.

And let’s not forget about the lies that are rampant in Mary Kay:


$100 did not change her life. Thousands and thousands of dollars of credit card debt changed her life forever. She will now spend years digging out of this financial hole that Mary Kay has put her in. All for the illusion that was created by her upline. An illusion of a viable business with “executive” income.



  1. Ah, the mirror foggers. Oh sweetie, new SD, you have no idea what is ahead for you. In a nutshell, a hamster wheel, increasing debt, tears, frustration, did I mention expenses?, counting on people to support you is also known as a long walk off a short pier, debt and more debt. Did I say something about expenses?

    Good luck making production in July as you tapped out your consultants and your credit cards. But hey, you will be able to wear that super special silk-like rose on your new director suit at seminar. Bless your heart.

    P.S. You will need much more wine.

  2. In addition, the DIQ can only contribute up to $4,000 in Section 1 wholesale, which means the team must make up at least $14,000 of the total production.

    Until a consultant is a director, she can only make commission off of her personal recruits (not her recruits’ recruits). Worst case scenario, if none of her personal recruits order, the DIQ will lose at least $5,800 to go through the process (1800 required before submission + 4000 personal contribution). She will lose more if she is making orders for her team or creating phantom recruits. Yes, she could be selling some, but with “black market” sales where she is advertising up to 50% off, what is her profit? ZERO! What about all those other expenses? Shipping, gas, unit meeting fees, etc?

  3. That coach wristlets she is advertising the drawing for? I can say it is easily a $15-30 prize… They aren’t that much if you know where to go…

    • Regarding the Coach wristlet, my director routinely runs contests and never gives away the prize.

        • Yes, she did! When I called her on it, she changed the rules of the contest and said no consultant had qualified and she would be running another contest anyway.

          • I wonder if they try to get a write off for their taxes if its for a “work” promotion…

      • Yep, a very irritated IBC told me about such an incident recently. She said the DIQ laughed it away as a “misunderstanding.” Luckily, the new IBC was on to the scam (without even reading PT) and isn’t interested in others making money off of her.

        • Every time I see a director offering a Coach wallet or Michael Kors purse as an incentive, I think they are fakes and knockoffs from the flea market.

          • There are many “wholesalers” who sell knockoff designer bags for super super cheap. You can generally tell they are knockoffs because they are using designs from seasons ago. Also, some knockoffs are really good, you have to know what you are looking for to make sure it’s a fake. Bottom line is, these directors are not going to give away a handbag that can cost upward of $300.

            • The stitching on the bag and the inside of it will tell you in a second if its real or fake…

      • They use the lies about “I’m giving away a prize” and “I’m in a huge contest” so often they don’t even think of them as lies. I heard these SD lies in YouTube training videos: “The biggest complaint we hear from MK customers is that their consultants don’t call them often enough”, and “The biggest regret we hear from consultants is that they did not purchase enough inventory.”

        • “Customers complain because their consultants don’t call often enough”—LMAO
          I actually had a woman at a party tell me flat out, “Don’t call me. Ever.”

  4. Just wanted to drop a comment and let you guys know that you’ve spared another life the MK hell.

    My former mother-in-law called me up, wanting to sell me on the idea. I’d been made aware of this website before, awhile in the past. So when she started talking, it came to mind.

    After doing some looking around, I called her back with a denial that I don’t think has ever appeared in a training script: No thanks. I’m a hardcore Atheist, and am not at all comfortable working for a company that is tied so tightly to a god I don’t believe in.

    Not that there aren’t a myriad of other reasons to say no, I just happened to think of that as one she likely wouldn’t have a response for.

    • I wouldn’t call MK tied to God. They can claim it all they want, but they don’t practice it.

      • What Marie said. Mary Kay uses God as a piece of recruiting bait, nothing more. NSDs love splashing bible verses all over their FB pages while claiming that He’s their partner while – at the same time – teaching consultants how to lie and disrespect their husbands in the name of the business.

        I would even go so far as to say that atheists follow God WAY more than Mary Kay culture claims it does. 😀

      • I didn’t mean to imply that I think they’re truly Christian, or that I think anyone here that believes in Christianity is like them. If I insulted anyone, then I’m really sorry.

        I was just using MK’s own terms to dear ex-MIL.

        • I don’t think anyone was insulted.

          And that’s a brilliant response to recruiting, because the “God Card” is waved at every opportunity as a recruiting tool.

        • I wasn’t insulted. No worries, BabyRaptor!

          I do believe that MK is absolutely NO place for anyone who is trying to walk out ANY faith (or non-faith) containing basic moral tenents, like “Don’t lie to others,” “Respect your significant other and those around you,” and “The practice of manipulating others to get what you want sucks about three dozen hard-boiled eggs.” 😀

          Sure, a stint in Mary Kay may improve public speaking skills or increase a woman’s confidence, but these come as a result of parroting scripts and using manipulative language like “Is there any reason why you can’t X today?”

          On the moral level, Mary Kay does not appear to improve women; quite the opposite, actually. Based on what I’ve seen many of MK’s NSDs and directors teaching (and higher-level directors who staunchly defend their unethical behaviors), the business seems to erode WAY more than enhance, particuarly at higher levels on the career ladder.

          • No apologies needed, BabyRaptor (I love that screen name, by the way!) I agree with Scrib–you might get some improvement in public speaking or confidence–but there are certainly cheaper and better (and certainly more honest and beneficial) ways to do it.

    • Along those lines, I was quite pissed when I hosted a party for my DIQ friend, and her SD showed up. She proceeded to give her MK testimony (after years in the pew, that’s how I think of it), and harped over and over that she made enough to put her children into private Christian school, strong pointed emphasis on the word Christian. Okay cool, that was her goal, but she was standing in MY house, talking to a group that included agnostics and my Jewish friend, and to the entire group who had our kids in public schools.

      I was told she was taken aback by our reluctance to join in to the games and prizes thing she did, but frankly, she had just insulted most of us.

      • that was one of the biggest turnoffs for me (luckily only in MK for a few months) was the fact I’m basically a atheist but I do respect others religion. The way these women sometimes pushed inventory and bragged about the “free” car and lifestyles they live supposedly didn’t seem Christian like to me, and the out right lies… No wonder I didn’t fit in.

        • Yes, I’m an atheist as well and the god card played so often was a real turn off for me as well These women really need to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone believes what they believe. But, I find this is true almost everywhere aside from MK. But, MK really pushes the envelope with their “take god as your partner” and god first, family second, mk third drivel. The constant references to bible verses in which most of the time taking way out of context or just made up.

  5. 10 years ago my then director was gong for NSD. in the matter of three months she pulled out of the bag the last directors needed for her NSD qualification. One of them was a ‘one month wonder’; the first one ever in our area and maybe in our country. I met that young woman that year and asked her how she did it. she said she ‘asked friends and family to help her out by signing up with $200 orders, and some qualified’. she also said how she “helped” her family members ‘help’ her. of course three months later, that one month wonder never made it. she lasted a few months, just enough to give my director (now NSD) enough time to replace her with another director to keep her NSD status. fast forward almost 10 years later, that ‘one month wonder’ woman is back and now going for directorship the long way. so far she has only made “future director” with 8 persons in the past six months. a friend of mine knew a friend of this one month wonder. she gave her the scoop that at that time of the ‘one month wonder’ thing, she had spent most of the production money herself. makes you wonder how she got her money back, OR if my then director had “helped” her out as well under the table. don’t know that one. This NSD I have learned has lost her original faithful crew of directors, senior dir, exec dir. and ended up with almost nothing, but for some reason was able to keep her NSD status. Apparently corporate ignored the stories and complaints of these directors and chose to keep their poster board NSD instead. in the meantime, i just saw this NSD the other day. she has new directors and is trying to grow them again to what it used to be. even trying to get me into MK again. good lord.

  6. Hello everyone,
    I’ve been a lurker for quite awhile; ever since I had this bad gut feeling about MK at a party my close friend was hosting. I was actually not surprised to read what I found when I researched the company. I expressed my concerns with her but she was unfazed. Fast forward a few months later, she is a star MK consultant. She hosts 2-3 parties a day, became queen of miscellaneous sales, and winning prizes here and there. Everyone is begging to know her secrets to success. Mind you, she’s still an IBC at this time but it was quite apparent she was the director’s favorite and hopeful future director.
    I didn’t want to probe her any further since she seems to be doing well as a consultant but that all changed last night. She called me to tell me she is very very close to reaching DIQ and needs my help. And my worst fears for her came true.. She asked me to be a consultant and to purchase the starter kit for $75. Now, let me tell you that she knew I had zero interest in the company and that I’m in grad school working toward my ultimate career. She just wants me to become a consultant to fulfill her requirements and she even offered me to give me the money to pay for the starter kit. She was so desparate. I told her I’d do it since I couldnt really say no to that offer. But I am so concerned about the slippery slope she will go through to get directorship. I am also concerned that I may be coerced to buy inventory to be considered active.
    Anyway, she told me I’ll be the last resort if she cant find anyone by the end of today. We’ll see how it goes.

    I will be very grateful if anyone in this community will give me any advice. Also, to educate me more on this DIQ process. Why is she in such a rush? Will she ultimately ask me to purchase inventory even if she offers to reimburse me? I am now legitimately concerned.

    Thank you all very much!!

    • CF – Please do NOT do it! You are not helping her. You are only enabling her to lose more money, as she will constantly be paying for inventory and starter kits to continue to make her quota. The best thing you could do is say no.

  7. Is there a way to replace the pictures that were with this article? (Maybe it’s my browser, but they no longer appear.)

    • They don’t appear in mine either. I think the pix were either removed from their original source or the image files became corrupted and no longer read

  8. So sad none of the women involved in this page have had a good experience with Mary Kay. This is my 3rd time but under a new leadership and just submitted my DIQ form. Not because I was pressured but because I know what it will provide for my family. I even had a team member google MK before signing up and found this page…she still signed up because the comments were about the wrong people they met through MK, not the products. My first director was just how you spoke, i became that way too because that is what I was taught….even quit because It became an issue between my husband and I. Left for 3 years and met my current director through a mutual friend who is not a consultant. She let me know what I was taught was not the MK way…and never asked me to sign up with her. I found her 1 1/2 years later when it kept coming back to my thoughts. My current director has taught me it is never about the first sale or first purchase….the 2nd purchase shows your client is using the products, and your team members 2nd order because they are selling the product.

    It really is a great company with amazing products and the ability to change you and your families lives. If you don’t let the world around you tell you other wise.

    Funny how that can happen anywhere in life…jobs, relationships, marriages, church. I suppose that is why it is so important to guard our hearts and minds throughout life.

    I really am sorry you ladies didn’t have a good experience in MK. Not everyone in MK is the same as the people you write about.

    • Wow! What cognitive dissonance you must experience after trying MK 3 times and still defending the company’s practices. You think it was just that you weren’t taught the right way. Sadly, it’s really just the system.

      I dare you to get through DIQ without anyone on your team who is a family member or friend that you conned into signing up to help you. You won’t be able to do it. If you don’t do it, you’ll fail and possibly realize we’re right. If you do it, then you’re part of the problem as your directorship will be a lie.

    • So, you want us to talk about the products? Let’s talk about the DRAMATIC increase in lipstick prices from $13 to $18 in just a couple of years. Or, the very late to the game vitamin c squares. Or the outrageously priced sheet masks. 4 for $70?!

      One of the reasons I resigned and sent my inventory back was because of the quality and lack of demand for the products.

      My skin has never been better now that I’m off TimeWise. Customers made the same comment I made, which is how it never felt like it all rinsed off.

      The foundations are RIDICULOUSLY bad in formula.

      And the mineral eye colors that have just a couple of matte shades? Way, way outdated. Matte is everywhere.

      And to have so few cheek colors to choose from? Have you just LOOKED at Bobbi Brown, MAC, Too Faced, or any brands on Sephora or Ulta? MK is just too limited in shade selection. Once again, missing the boat.

      So, there you have it. I didn’t mention the fragrances I rarely sold. Or the men’s line. Or the body care that only ever sold when it was first launched and then fizzled out.

      But, since you are such a bee-liever in MK, go have fun trying to make it to Director and then getting farther without a product line to support you or “all” those recruits you’re going to have to beg to stay with you.

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