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Another Reason to be a Star Consultant: Your Director’s Paycheck

Mary Kay executives, directors, and national sales directors always focus on certain activity levels that they say help the consultant. When I say “activity levels,” I really mean buying levels. So for example, you’re encouraged to order enough to be a “star,” or recruit enough to be a “red jacket,” and the like.

Why are these levels important? Well it’s definitely not for the benefit of the consultant. It’s for the benefit of those above you in the pyramid. Certain ordering levels can give your director a bonus or extra car credit.  $600 is the magic number in Mary Kay, and once you find this out, you can see the manipulation your director uses surrounding this figure. She’s always trying to get $600 more out of people, and with good reason.

But Mary Kay is never a company to shy away from continuing a charade. The very existence of the company depends on continuing the charade and the fantasy.

Once and a while, Mary Kay comes clean with the game that is being played. Here they are promoting the benefits of being a star consultant for your director. Yes, it’s all about the profit and the pocketbook for your director, so order up and help her get her bonuses and prizes!

We thought it would be helpful to provide some clarification to help you and your sister Sales Directors better understand the quarterly Star Consultant Bonus and year-long Star Sales Director Program:

Star Consultant Bonus for Sales Directors (based on number of Unit Stars in a contest quarter):

  • 5 – 9 Stars in an individual quarter = $300
  • 10 – 14 Stars in an individual quarter = $400
  • 15 + Stars in an individual quarter = $500

Star Sales Director Program year-end prizes (based on total number of Unit Star Consultants for the year):

  • 20 – 39 Stars for the year = choice of prizes including $75 gift card, gemstone necklace and earrings
  • 40 – 59 Stars for the year = choice of $200 Dooney/Burke gift card, iPod and speakers
  • 60 – 79 Stars for the year = choice of 32″ flat-screen TV, Xbox 360 with games, $600 shopping card, plus invitation to Seminar All-Star Luncheon
  • 80 – 99 Stars for the year = choice of vacation travel reward, MacBook laptop, 7-piece patio set, plus invitation to Seminar All-Star Luncheon
  • 100 + Stars for the year = choice of washer/dryer, Queen or King Heavenly bed, $2,500 American Express gift check, plus invitation to Seminar All-Star Luncheon

Unit Stars Campaign Goal for Sales Directors:

To support the Company’s “5 by 50” goal ($5 billion in wholesale sales by the Company’s 50th anniversary in 2013) and the goal to grow quarterly Star Consultants to 50,000 and beyond, the Company launched the Unit Stars Campaign at Leadership Conference 2009. Sales Directors were asked to play a key role in helping us all reach these ambitious goals by increasing their Unit Star Consultants in the December 2008 – March 2009 and March – June 2009 contest quarters. While each Sales Director has her own individual Unit Stars goal, her target number does not change from quarter to quarter.

As you can see, it pays to keep track of your Star Consultant numbers! You might consider making a chart of these three contests, and display it at your unit meetings to help clarify these unit goals, as well as to inspire your unit members to achieve Star Consultant status and earn fabulous prizes themselves. Of course, prizes are just part of the rewards associated with being a Star Consultant. The solid foundation of customers and retail sales you build for your Mary Kay business — along with the prestige, recognition, jewelry and pride of accomplishment — are among the even richer rewards of this heritage program created by Mary Kay Ash. Visit Mary Kay InTouch® for full contest details.

Keep the Star Consultant program at the forefront of your communications with your unit members. When Seminar 2009 begins in just three short months, will we have reached 50,000 Stars – or more? With such contests and promotions like Stars in Red, White & Blue and Great Start adding momentum, 50,000 is not only reachable; it’s just the beginning!


  1. Sapphire

    Thought 1: Mercenary as Usual; with nary a thought for the IBC who has to figure out where she is going to get the cash/credit for the minimum Sapphire Star.

    Thought 2: Maybe if they TEACH the IBC how to get, keep and maintain a “lively” customer base, how to SELL the products she is ordering and actually PROVE how this is a VIABLE Business for herself and her family, then maybe it might be able to see the worth of being a “Star Conslultant”.

    Anything else is just Bull Dinky

    1. MLM Radar

      Mmm hmm… It would have to be a lively customer base. A very large, lively customer base. Because the best you can hope for when you’re selling Mary Kay is to have customers who consistently buy $60 retail a month… or LESS.


      Because $75 x 3 = $225. That’s why.

      As soon as your consistent customer approaches $70 a month average she’s going to do a little math. She’s going to figure out that for just a few meager dollars more she can have twice as many products. She’s going to sign up as a personal use consultant. Overnight you lose 90% of the profit on what she buys.

      Bye-bye $30 a month. Hello $9 every third month.

      You’re in a pretty pathetic business if you’re hoping you have a boatload of customers who each purchase $60 a month or less. It’s a logistical nightmare. But that’s the best things are ever going to be. Until, of course, you “wise up” and start to believe that there’s more money to be made persuading other women that THEY can have a viable business selling less than $60 a month to their customers.

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