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Lying About Mary Kay Product Sales

Chelsea Claytor is lying about her sales of Mary Kay products. And so is her upline.

To hear her tell it, she’s sold $40,000 of products in 8 months. It’s a blatant lie, and all part of the scheme to use false earnings claims to recruit people into MK. 

What you are looking at is the Mary Kay system, which is telling her she has $40,000 in “contest credit.” What does that mean? It means she has likely ordered $18,000 wholesale value of products. Double that for the suggested retail pricing, and you get to $36,000. Then add double credit of $4,000 (a contest that inflates your “retail” numbers), and you get to $40,000.

So the truth is that Chelsea has spent $16,000 on products since July. She sold some amount of products, offered a bunch of discounts, gave some products away for free either as hostess gifts or BOGO promotions. If she sold all the products she ordered (highly unlikely), she’d have $12,800 gross profit under the best of circumstances.

But she knows that people think MK ladies make 50% profit, so everyone is going to assume she made $20,000 on product sales in the last 8 months.  She WANTS them to think that. She is actively and purposely misleading people with her false income claims. It’s sick.

Her senior sales director Jamie Taylor gets in on the lies. She comes right out and says “she profited $20,000” knowing darn well the $40,000 included a bunch of double credit, that Chelsea didn’t sell everything she ordered, and that she most certainly didn’t sell all of it at full suggested retail.

Her NSD Lynnea Tate participates in the lies, saying that Chelsea “sold 40k.” No she didn’t!!!

Here’s Chelsea showing us all of her sales slips for calendar year 2019. Yes, that’s a lot of sales slips. No, she still isn’t making the money she’d like you to think she is.

And here’s part of Chelsea’s inventory stash. She’s paid at least $6,000 to have this unnecessary inventory in her home. You see, she admits to $10k-$12k retail ($5k-$6k wholesale) on hand. But we know that she bought her way into a pink Cadillac, so surely she has spent more than that on products. (I wonder if her fiance has ever seen her credit card bills???)



  1. Shay

    Let’s pretend she “sold” $40,000 (which she did not), even if she did she still did not profit 50% after you take out taxes, expenses and all that other stuff like um.. free product to get people to buy..
    LOL you all think people are stupid. Please lurkers, don’t believe this, you will not make money in this scam.

      1. Mountaineer95

        In looking at all of the sales claims she is making in this post, I could possibly believe that she sold everything she ordered (I know, not likely, but I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt in this argument). I could also believe that she’s counting the double credit wholesale as retail purchases, and on a REALLY good and flexible day, I could believe that she sold these double credit terms at quadruple the cost (thus allowing her to count the double credit wholesale purchases she made as part of her normal earnings.).

        But what I cannot and will not believe is that she sold every single item she bought (at “wholesale”) for exactly twice its cost. That is not possible, and we need only to look at her social media to verify this. The forty percent off inventory reduction sake CANNOT possibly be argued in a way that it isn’t part of her retail sales claims.

        She makes such easily refutable sales claims,. Does she know she’s lying? I guess if she truly doesn’t know, and believes she sold this much, she’s not lying but instead is ridiculously delirious. And if that’s the case, she is in NO shape to run her own business and be a “boss babe”. Especially not if claims like this are used to recruit people under her.

        1. TRACY

          Double credit doesn’t mean she got extra products. It literally means that she does something like pays $1,000 wholesale for products, and instead of the company counting that as $2,000 retail toward court of sales, they count it as $4,000 toward court of sales.

          And yes, she knows she is lying. She justifies it by telling herself that’s just the way they say it in Mary-Kay-speak.

  2. Char

    Why lie about product sales? MLM/MK is about the opportunity to sell the opportunity. That means you must make the “opportunity” look as good as possible even if you have to lie. Because remember, you’re selling the opportunity to advance up the chain – not re-selling the product.

    Any product re-sold by the consultant does not directly benefit upline. Recruiting new consultants who purchase big orders from the company does. Upline doesn’t want a consultant to re-sell and pocket the profit no matter how small it is. They want you to recruit and order. A consultant re-selling enough so she will place a new order is merely a consolation prize for upline if and when that happens.

    They sold you the “opportunity” by faking the numbers, among other things. Otherwise, you might not have signed up. Duh.

  3. PeachyNotPink

    The interesting thing is that when I got sucked in as a PUC, I was sold the 50% profit line “in case [I] wanted to sell to friends and family”. I found PT a day or so after signing the contract. Then, once I had access to InTouch, I found all the compensation documents. After reading through all of it, I realized that MK really wasn’t as “different” as I was lead to believe.

    Of course, the push to order inventory started at that point – despite being clear I only wanted to be a PUC. I was also angry when I learned that I had to order $450 retail each quarter to keep my discount AND it wasn’t a rolling three months.

    And despite the fact that we spar on here at times, I have to credit Char with getting me to see that I am not “helping” my friends by supporting their MLM endeavors – either by ordering product or becoming a short term PUC. They really do have a fantastic way of putting how we view MLM behavior into an eye opening perspective.

      1. BestDecision

        Agree! New grads in my line of work make at least $60,000/year which is more than I profited after expenses as a Cadillac Director. The problem is no one wants to talk about NET profit. They ignore that taxes have to be taken away from their annual commissions, and most don’t even keep receipts to deduct expenses. All they brag about is their highest check from YEARS ago, and they refuse to admit how much they really make.

        I was scolded, made fun of, and told I was a liar when I said I was resigning and returning to my former career where I’d be making more money than in MK. I have years of experience and make well more than new grads. Cadillac Directors maintaining their minimal production without co-pays only have $48,000/year gross commissions, and we know a lot are struggling to get inventory orders in right now with everyone at home.

        What’s funny is how many will brag about signing people with this new $30 e-commerce New Consultant offer, but I bet what they really experience is low inventory orders because people think it’s easy to sell from a website and don’t need inventory.

  4. NayMKWay

    Even if we took the fake numbers at face value, it shows how difficult if not impossible it is to earn a living selling Mary Kay. Without her downline, Claytor’s best-case income selling products was be $2,500 per month. That comes to $577 per week, or less than $15 per hour at 40 hours per week. And we all know the typical week is more like 60 hours, or less than $10 per hour. Some “executive pay.”

    These dismal numbers are trumpeted as “OMG, can you believe it?” and they’re pitiful. Yet the truth is even more pitiful. Wake up, lurkers!

  5. morningstar

    So ridiculous. The lying by all, reeks desperation. Chelsea loves the attention so it feeds her audacity to continue. This is obvious and actually sad that the CON has to try to generate attention on social media. One thing corporate did not count on during their blind open range style of letting the women lie about claims is now it is now imprinted in social media. This is a detriment to MK corporate to allow all these rampant BS stories documented in mass. And I used to think smart people worked at corporate. Smart in con not in life reality and they should be raging soon in some manner, oh the bleeding of lower sales, NSDs leaving (shame of it all), cheaper quality Korea, and china items. Matter of time before a reorg or chapter filing, to keep them in duck pate.

    The above clip from the status is complete BS, corporate knows how to make it look like you sold the mega amounts. You see even your personal stats by corporate are tailored to a white lie. You have to do your own math to figure out the actuals.

  6. Enorth

    “Her senior sales director Jamie Taylor gets in on the lies”

    Jamie needs Chelsea and heaped effusive praise on her:

    — “Chelsea is an inspiration to me and so many others for her faithfulness. Chelsea never stops showing up. She never throws in the towel or gives up. She never stops believing in herself, her friends or her team. All these years of faithfulness have led to her building an INCREDIBLE customer base …She is PHENOMENAL at her job and it shows. Chels I’m so proud of you for building a legacy of integrity and faithfulness. You are going to make an amazing National Sales Director one day.”

    Insidious fakery all around.

  7. J

    Another example of fogged, pink lenses. When I was a consultant, I drooled at the site of inventories this big (I only ever filled one bookshelf). But now looking at this picture gives me stress, the flimsy shelves, products in ‘fancy’ cardboard boxes, and general sloppiness gives a very discounted Ross vibe, or Kmart…on Black Friday… in its prime.

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