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Mary Kay is Open For Business!

Although Dallas County is under a “shelter in place” order (i.e. mandated quarantine of everyone except essential services) due to COVID-19, Mary Kay Inc. will continue with business as usual.

Mary Kay executives Melinda Sellers, David Holl and Nathan Moore  sent an email to corporate employees yesterday letting them know that MK Inc. has been granted an “essential service” exemption and the corporate offices will stay open.

If corporate employees do not wish to come into work because of concerns over Coronavirus, they are required to use their accrued sick and personal leave. Employees are allowed to accrue a negative balance of leave during this time.

Mary Kay is definitely enriching the lives of their employees by pretending that cosmetics are “essential services” and requiring employees to use up all of their leave if they do not want to come in. Working from home has not been approved for U.S employees (although other MK region around the world HAVE approved it for their employees) so that’s not an option right now.

Tell me again how Mary Kay cares about its people?




  1. morningstar

    MK corporate have been greasing the Dallas area skids for a long time. Hob knobbing does pay off… in thiscase takes more money away from downline to pay Melinda Sellers, David Holl and Nathan Moore the same salary while the whole works is going south.

    So get to work…..I mean order now ladies, the new smaller inventory warehouses are bursting with items, including the limited edition for 2020 spring.

    Soon we will see this spun into a reason to join, as in this week.

    1. COLLEEN

      I work in Dallas County and live in Collin County. Shelter in place is not a mandated quarantine. it is intended to limit outings beyond going to the grocery store, going to work, outside exercise etc. There is also no formal exemption. You either meet the requirements or can justify your being open or not. No one is going around checking, just like the police aren’t pulling people over to see where they are going.

      That said, my employer has us all working from home and if any one can’t do their job from home (ie receptionist) they are still getting paid. None of this use your leave crap.

      Oh and we were already on voluntary work from home before the mandate. One we had a possible case, the office was closed. If MK really did have a verified case and didn’t shut down they are both irresponsible and an anomaly.

  2. NayMKWay

    This stinks to high heaven. In what alternate reality is make-up an essential service? There has to be some political mutual back-scratching going on. And as if that were not dirty enough, Mary Kay doubles down on the evil by mandating employees give up their benefits if they decide to do the socially responsible thing and stay home. My 3-day-old sweatsocks smell better than this.

  3. Shay

    I bet everyone at corporate makes over $90,000 so they can’t get that $1,200
    oh! that’s right. either can MK consultants, cuz being a consultant is not a real job.

  4. Ruby Slippers

    I just got an automated “Care” text yesterday and directors are doing I care calls.
    They are on a particular FB site following a post about “care” calls and scripts.

    Today I got another auto update text and also a text regarding “order now as things may close up”

    How do I know these are auto …because I used to send them when you was a Director!!!!

    I’m so glad I am out of the pink fog.

  5. BestDecision

    David Holl and Nathan Moore are horrible leaders. The whole company is sinking, and that’s how they treat the employees left? I’d love to see a major walk-out from admins to finance people.

    Run, people, run!

  6. Jla

    Cleta Colson-Eyre was encouraging everyone to order inventory on her Sunday night Boss Babe call. She didn’t want them to miss out in case more of the distribution centers close. So gross.

  7. pinkblacksheep

    That’s ridiculous. Best Buy emailed customers to say that employees can work on a volunteer basis at increased pay to fill curbside orders. Anyone who doesn’t want to work will get paid while staying home. No sick leave required. This company cares nothing for its consultants or employees. Other companies closed their warehouses and aren’t filling orders, but Mary Kay is too greedy and struggling to care. So glad I’m out.

  8. morningstar

    Corporate should give grace to production terms during this virus outbreak.

    Ha Ha! They won’t or maybe a rear view mirror approach….Hey…we have a deal for our sales force…….Let’s keep the caddy campaign.

    Directors are left holding the bag as they say. May this be the wake up call the universe is trying to give corporate.

    Here we expose how they treat their people internally along with the sales downline….you just aren’t that special darlin’

    And no one needs more product ‘cuz you care enough to mention I need to look slammin’ during the state lockdown.

  9. Anabella

    So lets think: “what would mary kay ash do?”
    Ooh I know encourage to continue selling.
    Whatever is a earning for mk Company.
    Do you remember: Family before company?
    Whose your family ma’am MaryKay?

  10. Bea

    I am a corporate employee with over thirty years with the company. I also have underlying health issues that increase the likelihood of complications from covid19. Others in my department were given the option to work from home but I was told my position was “essential” and had to report to work yet I am not performing any of my normal job duties. I am doing work that could be completed at home. We were told they were exempted from shelter in place since they sold “hygiene” products. Well then they should only be allowed to ship said hygiene products until this pandemic is over. They are essentially choosing lipsticks over lives.

    1. MLM Radar

      That really bites. It could be that you’re being required to report to the office because MK realized they didn’t have enough VPN capability for everyone to work from home.

      If so, then it’s just another case of corporate profit being more important than people.

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