Losing the Title of Sales Director

One of the many sales directors Jamie Taylor has lost since finishing her national area in Mary Kay is MaryLei Applegate. (If you don’t want to read the linked article, the summary is that since finishing the requirements for NSD on March 31, 2021, Jamie has lost 4 first line and 8 second line directors.)

Last month MaryLei posted the following on Facebook. I think it’s interesting to see in the mind of a sales director who is losing her unit. It’s interesting that she admits that in 4 years, she said “I missed my goal” over and over and over. She does admit what a toll that takes on you. And that’s part of the problem in MLM: It’s not a real business. It’s a pyramid scheme in which almost everyone fails. And yet they want you to believe that YOU are the problem.

An interesting comment from MaryLei: “What if people look at you and think the business is a sham and everyone walks away?

The Mary Kay business is a sham. And everyone should walk away. Your hard work and repeated failure is evidence of that, and yet you (sadly) still internalize it and think it’s your fault. No, it’s the system’s fault. It’s a system designed to guarantee failure of most, while those at the top of the pyramid get rich.

Since this October post about missing production for the Equinox in September, Marylei has actually lost her unit and is now a consultant.

But she hasn’t updated Facebook. (I don’t blame her. The upline makes it very embarrassing when you “get demoted.”)



      • I was a Sales Director in MK for a hot six months. I had even “won” the car. Oh I wish I could go back and not have listened to my former SD about stretching. One of my recruits became a director before me and her momentum of earning her car, helped me finish my unit and car. But, things fell apart during the start of the pandemic. I am in so much debt because of MK. It’s terrible. I will forever warn anyone away from team building with MK. It’s not worth the stress and humiliation of being in so much debt. Plus, I still love $800 for the car because I stupidly decided to keep it when I no longer had the team and production to maintain it. I did eventually send it back.

  1. “Those emotions had robbed me of the joy and love for what I do both in this business and OUTSIDE OF IT before I even became aware they were missing.”

    This right here, y’all, is the danger. She got so wrapped up in this artificial goal of achieving a step on the career path that she lost sight of the rest of her life. Out to dinner with her spouse? Gotta take business cards and warm chat the waitress. Going on vacation? Must have full makeup and look your best at all times–what if you run into that one sugar-sharp woman who will turn your whole business around? Playing games with the kids? Oops, the phone pinged, I bet that’s a customer ordering a Repair kit or a new consultant ready to place her full store inventory!

    This “business” is all-consuming. It erodes your sense of self, confidence, image, time, and (most obviously) finances. AND, if you “fail” without Pink Truth in your corner, the Mary Kay machine convinces you that all lack is within YOU. The company is perfect, the products are perfect, the opportunity is perfect. If you can’t succeed, (and I feel like this has become my mantra on here) IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!

  2. My grandmother used to say that those nagging doubts were Jesus tapping you on the shoulder trying to tell you something.

    Right now Jesus is right in front of her bouncing on a trampoline while screaming “Get out, Marylei! It’s not going to work for you!” and honking an airhorn, but she’s still too far in the bubble to hear.

  3. “My team and I didn’t finish our Equinox”

    Oh, my. Placing some blame on your team?
    “Our” Equinox?? No, it was YOUR Equinox.

    I see many ex-SDs “forget” to update their FB profiles. Meanwhile, the expensive suits they had to purchase are relegated to the back of the closet.

    • I kind of don’t blame them for forgetting to update their profiles. They make it so shameful in MK to get “demoted.”

      I remember when I was in MK… I wanted to become a sales director and was working toward entering DIQ. And I saw the light about what a scam it was. I lost a couple of recruits, and suddenly I wasn’t a Red Jacket anymore.

      The absolute GLEE my sales director had when she told me “don’t you dare wear your red jacket to our next unit meeting because you lost that right…”

      I wasn’t going to wear it. I wasn’t a Red Jacket. But her getting so much pleasure out of saying that to me and humiliating me was gross.

      • Exactly the level of maturity I’d expect from a grade school girl telling a classmate she can’t wear her special necklace because she’s out of the Cool Girls Group.

      • Funny. YOU purchased the jacket and someone else thinks they can tell you when you can and cannot wear it. I get the “meaning” behind the jacket, but when you think about it, what a hoot!

    • Ugh jamie with her cute heart hand emojis 🤦‍♀️ girl emojis don’t pay the bills 🙄 keep going she says! 😒 Jamie’s selling point is her cute bs life and pics. She is totally faking it because that’s her job to fake her perfect life!

      She is basically an instagram influencer but she gets paid with mary kay sign ups.

      I don’t know how mary kay works does Jamie_v_taylor get demoted from her mary kay title like the other girls do?

  4. I have to give her credit for not plonking down her own credit card to get there. I’m sure it was a suggestion.

    • Very kind of you CarolAnne to credit her for not whipping out the credit card to reach the Equinox, but my excessively cynical side says Marylei has maxed out her credit cards, or partner has removed her access to them. Most likely she charged her way to director and charged onward to maintain and now – everything has a limit for most of us.

      • Truth I am sure. I simply meant this time she did not do it. You are right I’m sure it did not go over well when she was denied access. Make no mistake, I am not rooting for any of these pink huns.

    • Honestly, she probably HAS put a bunch of products on her credit card in the past to meet production. And either she ran out of credit this time OR she finally said no more.

  5. Wow. Tell me again how Mary Kay “empowers” women. Sounds like her self esteem and confidence have had a rough four years and we all know her finances have been trashed.

    • So I’m curious… What happens to Jamie Taylor now? Does she lose her an SD title or does she have to replace all of those directors or ???? I mean me personally, I hope she gets demoted as an NSD but I’m sure Mary Kay will probably give her some break or another!

        • The $100,000 in NSD commissions seems straight forward. If she weren’t able to maintain that, I wonder how long she’d have to maintain the unit requirments. (Would see have to have 8 first line sales directs the entire two years?

        • Essentially, Jamie has four years to meet and maintain only ONE of the NSD requirements:

          – $100K in commissions
          – 8 first-line directors
          – 20 area directors in the first through third lines.

          Let me get the popcorn and watch the show.

          • I wish we could set a reminder like you can on Reddit…as in, “remind me” in 3yrs 6mos to start watching the Jamie Taylor threads here on PT. Because the crash and burn of her national area will be fun and I don’t want to miss it lol.

            • To the hun that gifted me with a Ridiculous Downvote ™ three months ago, why don’t you look at the most recent posts here about the Verge Area? Crashing and burning, indeed!

  6. One thing I’ve realized with Mary Kay is that the consultant is the consumer. Mary Kay would NEVER survive as a cosmetics brand if it had to be purchased at an Ulta or Sephora, heck, even a Walmart. It only stays in business because of women who compete to be thought of as “winners”. So they buy their way to what they think is “success” and the Mary Kay company couldn’t be more happy about that. It’s sick.

  7. Funny. YOU purchased the jacket and someone else thinks they can tell you when you can and cannot wear it. I get the “meaning” behind the jacket, but when you think about it, what a hoot!

  8. Hey, MaryLei? You are not Peter. Because that would make Mary Kay Jesus. And in the immortal words of Captain America, “There’s only one God, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.”

  9. MaryLei states:

    “I’m a high achiever and extremely determined when it comes to
    things I’m passionate about”

    If only she would take her passion and her desire to achieve and apply them to something OTHER than any MLM, she could forge a great career. I hope she decides to do so.

  10. Question! Is there anyway to be notified everytime you post about Jamie? I want to know thanks!
    It just goes to show how her perfect instagram life is fake, fake, fake when you are showing the truth, the pink truth I should say.

  11. It always cracked me up when our now former Director (who’s only just a lowly Consultant at the current time, online and selling expired products) wanted the Unit to get the Equinox. No, it was for HER and HER son, not for anyone else but them. You think there would be a less biased and obvious way for them to get to their goals…

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