Mary Kay Directors Wanted

A “wanted” ad for women who seek unlimited income is sometimes presented with additional information about being a sales director. What they don’t tell you when focusing on directorship, is that being a Mary Kay Sales Director actually sucks and that even driving a pink Cadillac doesn’t mean that you’re making great money.

Remember, too, that hundreds of Mary Kay sales directors  step down, quit, or are fired every month and they can vouch for the fact that directorship sucks. It’s not really about leading or helping women. It’s about signing them up fast enough, and getting them to buy enough inventory, so that the sales director can “move up” and make more money.

Here’s what they say about being a director:

  1. Directorship is not a position in Mary Kay. It is just a higher level of service. You are able to help that many more people. And you are rewarded in direct proportion to the amount of service you render.
  2. Directorship is not leadership with a push, but leadership by example.
  3. Directorship is believing first and seeing second. Belief is the golden thread that makes things work.
  4. Directorship is a level of purpose. There can be no defeat except defeat of purpose.
  5. Directorship makes the most of what you have.
  6. Directorship is persistence. In spite of obstacles, it keeps on moving.
  7. Directorship is believing in you before you believe in yourself.
  8. Directorship is doing for others not because you have to, but because you want to.
  9. Directorship is a lesson in unconditional love.
  10. Directorship realizes that all our limitations are self-imposed.
  11. Directorship knows the 10 most important 2-letter words in the English language: “IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME.”
  12. Directorship is a goal setting life. It leaves nothing to chance.
  13. Directorship is a challenge, a job, and an opportunity to make dreams come true for yourself and others.
  14. Directorship, like success, does not wait for a person. YOU must go get it.
  15. Directorship does not pay a price for success it enjoys.

We should go through all of these points individually to debunk them. Have at it!


  1. I fixed a couple of these:

    “5. Directorship takes the most of what you have.”

    “9. Directorship is a lesson in unconditional devotion to exploiting your down-line.”

    “15. Directorship does not pay a price for success it enjoys. This is what the down-line is for.

  2. 9. Directorship is lesson in conditional love. As is your senior and those around you will love you more when you join “the big girls club.” But the second you step away, you are ostracized.

  3. Do these ever sound cultish! Essentially, they say one is supposed to crave mindlessly working for MK despite any obstacles cause it’s a “higher purpose”.

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