A More Truthful Seminar Speech

Written by Raisinberry

Pink Truth has examined the seminar speech that every Mary Kay “top director” gives. Now we get to see what the speech would sound like if the top director couldn’t tell a lie…

It is so great to represent my Unit, “Christie’s Chargers,” here today in the number two position in the Pearl Seminar! Ladies, stand up you are amazing! I couldn’t have done it without you! This year had a slow start because of July, where hardly any orders came in because everybody spent their money on Seminar, and had also ordered a bunch of product In June to win the June wholesale prize, and help us finish big… which put us all in a pretty big hole for the beginning of this year.

I called like a fiend in July but no luck… we had to be happy with a $4,700 start. But I never gave up hope. My Goal was to get 10 women in red jackets and 5 women in red cars! Since nobody was working it took some real serious prizes to get women ordering… I mean working. Whitney had these tacky bracelets for $2.50 and I ordered a few for a $400 wholesale and 3 classes. So in August I had 3 New red jackets, as we got six new recruits and two women reactivated their terminated relatives. Our New Team members came in with Star orders so we knew God was with us! It was going to be our miracle year!

By September the frenzy had begun as I had Pink Caddy Posters all over our training center. We decided to do the 100 face race because everybody needed real money and real recruits! Most of us ended up doing the 8, 16 or 20 face race, and we kinda broke even on it because the hostesses were promised quite a big discount to gather up their friends…. most of the guests didn’t even know they could buy something! So, we gave them all marketing info and Miracles happen when you “ask” ladies! That month we got 15 new team members. Our Team Leader Christy Jones went on target for her car. She was short about $1100 wholesale but shoot, who wants to lose all that production for car so I told her just to put it in herself – she’ll sell it! That’s what I did!

November selling we expected a huge bump in Holiday Sales. We all went to a holiday packaging workshop conducted by someone who supposedly sells $50,000 every season. We stocked up on all the things women buy like lotions, and gels, and satin hands, and perfume sets… that really hurt us badly when January came and all that inventory was still on our shelves. BUT! We never gave up… and that’s the secret to success in Mary Kay. Never be negative and press onward.

The Pop we needed happened at January Retreat where I managed to get 15 of my Unit members to show up. In 24 hours we broke thru mental barriers that enabled our Unit to FOCUS on our Million Dollar goal! We were recruiting maniacs… we just had to tell other women about this AWESOME COMPANY. By January end, we had $25,000 in production and a new vision!

In February we started using that new inventory sheet that has the $5,400 level and things started going crazy. We held debuts for all our new people and were getting them in their Red Jackets in the first week! You can not even imagine the excitement of recruiting 2 or 3 or 5 women from a consultants business debut! These gals were Team Leaders before they actually held a class! To get that 13% though they had to order a $600, so that kept the production up there and growing.

In March we connected with a Director’s husband at a finance company who offered to help our consultants get start up inventory! We were on our way! We were moving people up, getting their wholesale ordered and building their personal teams. Even with the drop in retail selling, we still managed to keep production up as everyone was committed to the goal.

On the last day of June, I knew we did our best but there was no way we were going to be able to hit our mark. Every order that could have been ordered came in. All former consultants reached, all prospects called, every team member who could order, ordered. I at least wanted to hit the extended Trip numbers.

I prayed about it and asked God for help. Suddenly I got the idea that I could call all my relatives for space on their cards and with the huge commission check I would get in JULY, pay them all back! I got busy on the phone! It took 5 hours of convincing and pleading but my miracle happened! We crossed the Finish line in the $850,000 Circle of Excellence! All Glory to GOD!

I stand here today representing a Unit of women who are so deep in debt they could barely afford to be here, but they came anyway because they wanted to see our Unit in the Spotlight! As I prepare for the chargebacks that are sure to come from this year end push, I also look forward to representing Christie’s “Chargers” on the Top Trip and the NEW YEAR, where in Mary Kay, you can make your dreams come true!

Set your sights, Ladies and find a way or make a way! And we’ll see you at the TOP!


  1. So good Raisinberry! Not a mention of any real customers or sales to outside folks other than those coerced into buying with the stipulation of being “paid back.”

    I had a family member who peddled the Excel MLM in the 90s (long distance and pagers…remember those?). She was near the end of a qualifying cycle, and asked me if I would buy 2 or 3 pagers to help her achieve some goal. Just think about that for a sec.

    I am continually amazed at how blind these folks are to how ridiculous this all looks from the outside. They are lead to believe they are in a special club that everyone would want to be part of…if only they could see the vision for themselves! Meanwhile, from the outside these folks look like a bunch of fools fawning over a bunch of scam artists at the top who take their money and in return bestow upon them faux recognition, ridiculous titles and cheap trinkets…paid for out of proceeds from the consultant’s own orders!

    The trinkets on up to the MK Pink Cadillac remind me of the folks who see all the glitzy hotels on the Vegas strip and fail to understand where all that money comes from. Yes, there is an occasional winner, which is needed to keep hope alive. But the cumulative losses of the masses are what fund all that glam in Vegas.

    And the same applies to the MK Pink Caddy.

    • It’s so silly and DUMB looking at this mess from the outside. I always want to ask why it is called “Queens Court of SALES” when Corporate does not track sales and does not care if consultants sell one thing.

      Be truthful and call it what it is – Queens Court of Ordering Inventory.

  2. There was a phenomenon in early video games called a “kill screen,” which came in two varieties. The first was when some parameter in the programming was exceeded and so the game basically went nertz, cramming random data in wherever and trying to make sense of it so you’d end up with a screen full of glitchy nonsense that was unplayable, so your game was over no matter how well you’d been doing. Stealing Data Junkie’s point above about how absurd the whole MK thing looks to an outsider, this is what we see: random nonsense crammed together. It’s unplayable and unwinnable, and maybe the other kids in the arcade gather around and go “ooh” but it’s just a fleeting novelty – like the ones who signed up and washed out within a year when they realized what they’d gotten into.

    The other type was when gameplay was not affected, but standard difficulty ramping (how much time you’re given to finish a level, how many enemies appear on screen, etc.) exceeded human capacity. In other words, a human being can only move so fast and do so much. With practice, you can navigate the levels faster and shoot down more enemies, but at some point even the best player is going to hit their limit.

    That’s like the MK “lifers”. They make it through their first year/level. They go to Seminar and get props for earning the stage walk/rescuing the princess, but you can do better! Oh, and the princess is in another castle! But they’re all fired up for the next round and they’re going for [insert goal here]! But their progress isn’t quite as blazing so they don’t get quite as many rewards, and the new Seminar year is starting, and the damn princess isn’t in this castle, either. And guess what’s ahead?

    Rarely, some determined person will get past a type 2 kill screen. The most recent I heard of was a guy who passed a screen of Donkey Kong that was considered unwinnable for 30+ years. Every evening, he’d record himself playing DK for hours just in case he managed to make it. After decades of this, he finally did. He got some minor admiration from the retrogames community, but on the whole people just felt kind of sorry for this guy who spent decades of his life trying to pass a video game level.

    And after all those years of trying, what did that guy get for all his trouble? ANOTHER, EVEN MORE UNWINNABLE, KILL SCREEN.

    MK Ladies, please quit stuffing quarters into the SeminarQuest 9000: The Revenge of Lipstickula and go outside and play.


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