Lauren Wagner, Mary Kay Thousandaire

Hello, false earnings claims from MK consultant Lauren Wagner. Lauren is a former sales director. Multiple-time contestant as a DIQ. Currently on the DIQ hamster wheel again. She likes to say that you do the “princess court” which is $20,000 retail, meaning you profited $10k.

No. The princess court means you bought $10k wholesale value of inventory. You made no money unless you sold it. And the only way you’d profit $10k is if you sold everything at full suggested retail pricing (LOL) and if you had no related expenses. Doesn’t happen.


  1. False earnings claims aside, in the thumbnail on the main page she looks just tired and dispirited. It’s never happened in the past and it’s not going to work this time either, Lauren. Get off the hamster wheel before it grinds the life right out of you.

  2. “Multiple-time contestant as a DIQ.” Good one!

    Her director was offering the fake diamond ring as a bribe (oops, prize) for ordering $10K in inventory? LOL
    Now, Lauren will have to bribe customers with discounts, freebies and BOGOs to sell the products. In fact, her FB page today is announcing a giveaway: “Cozy Uggs, Gift Card, Cold Hard Cash”

  3. Lauren was going to finish this round of DIQ completely in the first month. She did not.

    She didn’t even make the minimum production for that month.

    But this success can be yours too. Sign up for my team today.

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