Mary Kay sales director Lacey Bradford is upset because people like us expose the truth about MLM: that you are almost guaranteed to lose money. When women are looking to earn money, MLM is one of the WORST decisions they can make. But that’s considered “hate” and “trolls.”

It’s interesting that she says she doesn’t get paid a dime when someone signs up and she gets no money from their sales. She is factually correct. Lacey gets money when they order inventory. It doesn’t matter if they ever sell anything to a customer. That’s why she pushes inventory packages on recruits. At least she’s honest about that part.

And then there’s Ellen Cox. She thinks it’s “smug” to want a job that actually pays you instead of being involved in an MLM where you’ll be paying money into the scheme.

And Nocona Koenig thinks we’re ignorant. Yeah, I’ll take my 20+ years of experience with MLMs, my successful real business, and my financial management expertise any day over the lies of a Mary Kay recruiter.



  1. This is so empowering! Taking the fight to the TRENCHES of social media, Mano a mano (well manicured manos, please) against the Boss Babes.

  2. IMO, Ellen seems to have so much contempt for everyone. First, immigrants who can’t speak English, now mothers…who’s next?

        • Lol, this makes me think of the “Antiques Roadshow” episode of Frasier (“VENEER!”) where the brothers think they’re descended from Russian royalty but it turns out their ancestor was a wh*re who slept with someone and stole the item rather than having inherited it legitimately…I picture Ellen’s ancestry (which I’m sure she’s traced back to William The Conqueror…news flash Ellen, so have I and millions of other people) having a similar tawdry branch on the family tree and how horrified she’d be to learn learn that she’s not the dignified descendent she fancies herself to be.

    • I wonder if Ellen is willing to give up her income from her military career in order to not be one of these smug women with real jobs? Because I’m pretty sure CardiacRN looked lovely Ellen up and found what level she is in the military and thus a range of what she’s paid for it.

      Rules for thee, not for me!

      • Ellen mentioned that she RE qualified for the MK car…so apparently she had a stretch of being a lazy looser who didn’t focus on her MK biz. I’d love to hear her excuse, certainly wasn’t HER fault ( nothing is). Tracy, I see you tagged Lacy in this post; can you tag lovely, delightful Ellen as well if you haven’t already? Lurkers need to see everything she has to say because heaven forbid ANYONE signs up in her downline.

  3. The DeVos family founded Amway before Mary Kay, but nice try making people believe Mary Kay with the long hyphenated last name was some direct sales pioneer seeking only to empower women.

  4. Oh, it’s very possible to make money in sales, when you’re working an actual sales job where you get a steady salary, a preset commission rate, a protected territory, and actual training on the products. Because the point of the job should be to get products into the hands of consumers in order to turn a profit, NOT to earn money because you coerced someone under you to order thousands of dollars’ worth of stuff they don’t have a snowball’s chance of selling, LACEY.

    I’m very glad to see Ellen Bowman Cox finally appear on the front page. I hope this will be the first of many appearances displaying what in infected, purulent hemmorhoid of a person she is.

    • One of my daughters earned hundreds of dollars in commissions during her shift on Black Friday or Boxing Day sales. People just love winter coats.

    • Not to mention selling products that people actually WANT to buy, unlike Mary Kay or any other MLM crap.

  5. Wow! I never met anyone cheaper than a broke Mary Kay sales director. Not saying this to be mean but when they are pretending they actually have money when they don’t, then I have to point it out. I prefer the humility of a stay at home unemployed mom.

  6. “MLM is one of the WORST decisions they can make”

    No wonder the Reddit Anti-MLM sub-group has more than 800K members.

    • I can think of six anti-MLM YouTube channels of the top of my head. Most of them are also on TikTok, instragramme and Twitter/X as well. The anti-MLM movement is fairly sizable.

  7. “I had three of the biggest money making months of my entire 26 year career.”

    But what does that mean, exactly? It could theoretically be anything from, “I became a millionaire in three months,” to, “I was used to selling ten dollars’ worth of product a month, and suddenly I was able to sell $15 a month for three consecutive months.” Without actual numbers, “biggest money making months” is meaningless. (Why, oh, why, do Mary Kay defenders never give actual numbers? Rhetorical question.)

    But she speaks of earning her car back, so I’m guessing she’s talking about commissions rather than sales. (I’ve never been a consultant, so please correct me if I’m wrong.) Does that mean that during the lockdown, she found an unusually high number desperate, out-of-work women who jumped at the chance to earn a little extra money? Never mind that those women probably ended up worse off financially than before.

    Just once I’d like to hear a Mary Kay defender give the real numbers. “I (or my downline) spent $X on product and $Y on related business expenses, and made $Z on gross sales.” That’s the only information that matters: not how much they love their business, not how pathetic their detractors are, not what a saint/genius/trailblazer Mary Kay was; just the cold, hard numbers.

  8. I once was approached by a lady in the 90’s at the store and she asked me if I wanted a facial.

    I was a teenager and got scared. Stranger danger!

    I said no, with confusion on why a stranger would want to give me a facial as I walked away.

    That’s a true story.

    I think how hard it was in the 90’s to sell mary kay. But I imagine now it’s even harder for them to sell with the pink truth website actually showing us real stories of women who left!

    Great article on the reality of what a mary kay lady does now to find people. They use the internet to recruit and that doesn’t even work for them! How sad mlms are officially over! Please keep us posted on any mary kay updates of signs of them going out of business. I’m not trying to be mean but I don’t know how they are still in business at this point in time! It must be happening soon sorry to say.

    • “I had 3 of the biggest money making months of my entire 26 year career”

      Nothing like profiting off the misery and suffering of others!!! She sounds sooooo excited by the pandemic. Ick.

  9. Mary Kay herself was in Stanley Home products, an MLM, before she started MK Corp & Mary Kay developed her compensation plan based on Stanley’s, so it’s ridiculous that person says MK is the first MLM. Being the first wouldn’t be any kind of achievement, anyway.

  10. “She wanted us loving, not competing”

    Then why does “she” want you to recruit your customers from whom you ostensibly make fifty percent profit to become your competitors via whose wholesale orders you might make a paltry percentage? That math doesn’t work. Recruiting your retail customers to be your competitor very clearly means giving up that retail markup for a tiny percentage of their wholesale orders. You cannot twist that math in any way to make it a benefit.

    • “everyone could win, not just some”

      I’m sure others have addressed this in the comments (I’m commenting before reading previous comments which is poor form and I apologize, I just got my panties in a bunch reading her comment and couldn’t wait): the entire premise of the MK “opportunity” requires everyone in it to need either a downline or end customers to succeed. And this requires an infinite population. It is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for “everyone” to win in MLM/direct sales/“dual marketing”, because for anyine to win there must be others buying or signing up from them or under them. It’s infinite. Her inability to understand or recognize this tells me what I need to know about her business-operating abilities.


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