Mary Kay Marketing Video: Do You Believe Everything You Hear?

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mary-kay-video-marketingWritten by Raisinberry

I was recently prompted to watch a Mary Kay recruiting video, and I couldn’t help but feel the pull all over again. These ladies are good. Really good. I know what’s going on under the surface of Mary Kay, and even I was smiling and nodding! Why, any outsider would have no idea how rehearsed and perfected these little talks are. How they are practiced at every skin care class till they are memorized, with inflection, and breaks, and smiles and nods dropped in at all  the appropriate places.

I even remarked at how some of the quips and sayings were mine, but then, it is hard to remember what you came up with yourself and what you borrowed. One thing is for sure-they know what works. And if you can hit all the key hot buttons aimed at today’s woman, you will have her on your hook.

So the lady on the video wants us to be amazed at how early in her business she won her pink Cadillac. She leaves out all the advantages she had and all the obstacles, and promotes the idea that you just go to work and it happens.

50 Reasons I’m Happy I Quit Mary Kay

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Written by SuzyQ

Years after leaving Mary Kay, I think about the emotions I had when I left the big pink cult. The first thing I felt was relief. It was really, really over, and I didn’t have to worry about Mary Kay any more.  To this day, I still reflect sometimes on all the reasons I am happy that I quit Mary Kay. I thought I’d start with the top 50 reasons:

  1. Not having to worry about production. I know exactly what I will make each check, when it will be deposited, and I have all the usual “corporate” benefits from a J.O.B.
  2. I don’t have to go to events anymore. Events include the usual MKC ones like Leadership, Career Conference and Seminar, and all the others like weekly meetings, director’s meetings, area events, nsd events, retreats, power up days and on and on.

Premier Club Director MaryBeth’s Earnings

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This is the tax return data for MaryBeth, a solid Premier Club sales director in Mary Kay. I’ve heard many figures thrown around, and most often seem to hear that car driving directors make between $40,000 and $50,000 per year on commissions alone. Not even close!

If you do the math, you’ll see that it is almost mathematically impossible for a Premier Club director to make that much, because it would require more than $16,000 wholesale per month (and almost the entire unit would have to be the director’s personal recruits). No one whose unit does that much month after month is still in a Premeir Club unit… they’d be a Cadillac unit.

A Million Dollar Director Month (Part 2)

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Part 1 of this training was all about squeezing as many orders and recruits out of people as possible. This one is more about the director working her business.

But then we get to the good stuff. Notice the emphasis on recruiting and frontloading. If the newbies don’t order lots right away, chances are they won’t order much ever.


_____ Have you REALLY established personal activity goals for Seminar 2008 that you are completely committed to accomplishing?

_____ Did you do GENX or GENX Elite personally? Answer this, deal with this, reward yourself or FIX and schedule this RIGHT NOW! :-)

A Million Dollar Director Month (Part 1)

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This is the first part of a series on a “million dollar director” month. It’s part of a lengthy email that was sent out by Mary Kay national sales director Pamela Shaw. Pam promotes heavy recruiting and frontloading, as well as sales director tactics like “dialing for dollars.”

I always get the impression that she’s encouraging directors to roll over anyone who gets in their way. It’s always about “what you can do for me” when she’s instructing directors on how to move up in Mary Kay.

Directors, there is so much inside of me that I want to pour into you. Recognizing that you are all at different levels of understanding, skill mastery, commitment to your leadership often hampers me. I know for some of you a read is ‘’Good grief, I know this” For others it is “ANOTHER email, arg” But IF for one, it is a gem, a God-send, a missing piece, an AH HA, then at the risk of distracting some of you, I pray to support the ONE in this checklist.

Simple Math For a Mary Kay Sales Director

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Another Mary Kay sales director has been kind enough to share with us her numbers from her Mary Kay “career.” She left a $60,000 a year job with full benefits to do Mary Kay. And in 4.5 years of Mary Kay, here’s what she had to show for it.

Less than $14,00 of income per year. And that’s being very conservative on the expenses included here. There are likely more expenses…

Oh, and she was even a Cadillac director. So much for the argument of not working hard enough and being a lazy loser. The Cadillac directors have really “made it” in Mary Kay, right?

The Reality of “Cadillac Director” Earnings

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 You know I love to get my hands on these things: the real, live numbers that prove how few people are actually making money in Mary Kay. Now let me set this up for you to prove that almost no one is making that “executive pay” in Mary Kay.

A sales director driving a Cadillac is supposed to do $96,000 wholesale production over two quarters. That works out to $16,000 wholesale per month, which equals a commission check of about $3,200 monthly (using an average commission rate of 20%). That equals $38,400 per year gross commission if the director is just meeting the Cadillac minimums. (And then you have all the business expenses that must be paid out of that!)

A Little Formula to Figure Out if Your Mary Kay Director is Making “Executive Income”

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Written by Raisinberry

July is one of the few times during the year that you might actually find out how well your Unit is doing. Mary Kay publishes commissions in Applause Magazine, the top pyramid dwellers, but the vast sea of some 13,000 North American Directors will never grace the pages.

In July, however, many Units announce where they finished at year end. If you can find out what your “Seminar Year End Goal” was to hit “whatever” Unit club, or how far away you were, you can easily estimate your Director’s paycheck. When your Director keeps this quiet,…well you know.

The Value of 3 Pesonal Recruits a Month in Mary Kay

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It’s all about the money from the downline in Mary Kay. It doesn’t matter that your recruits will have a difficult time selling products. Sure, they will make some sales. But it is nearly impossible to sell the products consistently at any level that gets you something more than a little extra pocket change.  But your director and recruiter have one goal in mind: to get you to order on a regular basis, regardless of what you are selling (or not selling, as the case may be).

Linda Toupin provides the following information on The Value of 3 Personal Recruits a Month. Please understand that the numbers are completely fabricated. Pieces like this are produced with fake information in order to keep recruiters and directors on the hamster wheel. Give them fake numbers and they may just stay on the wheel a little longer, thinking “if only I can get to that level..”