How to Make $100,000 a Year as a New Director

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Mary Kay nsd Cheryl Warfield tells women they can make $100,000 a year as a brand new Mary Kay sales director.

Cheryl uses a little Mary Kay Math to come up with her $100,000 figure, and of course, she pays no attention to the fact that the sales director has expenses that must be paid out of that fictional income! I love that her example was Allison LaMarr, who later became the most famous Mary Kay Failure. Here’s how Cheryl Warfield introduces the chart to her area:

20 Reasons I’m No Longer Pursuing NSD

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A piece written by our member JTA, a longtime Mary Kay sales director who came close to becoming a national sales director, and then decided to give it all up.

1. I really analyzed my offspring’s production – About 1/3 of my offspring are at Grand Prix level doing that production regularly. After expenses, as you can see from the info posted on PT, that Grand Prix directors do not make very much money, 20k per year at best. The other 2/3 made and missed production, mostly every other month. Many of these were actually placing HUGE 2-4k orders on the odd months themselves to make the production happen. Almost always, in my National’s newsletter, the majority of the top 10 of personal wholesale were from my future area. This is heart wrenching. It is listed to be celebrated, like their personal sales are so huge, but I KNEW then and KNOW now that they were not selling this much. The orders are placed simply to make production. Add to this that several of those do National Court of Sales. So they are celebrated for this, when behind the scenes there are major debt issues, warehousing of product, etc. Very sad.

The Lengths Mary Kay Directors Will Go To In Order To Make Production

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Written by JTA

Since transitioning out of the role of “NSD to be”, I have observed some very interesting and disturbing things with my offspring with regard to them doing fake orders to make production. These are things that have happened in the past but I either did not notice or chose not to face what was really going on.

I share this in the hopes that if you are doing any of these things you will see the futility and STOP. Or if you are a leader that you will notice this behavior and work in a positive manner with your offspring to help them to maintain their unit legitimately.

Tips for New and Growing Mary Kay Directors

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A misguided attempt to teach new directors how to really work Mary Kay. She is realistic about how few will order and work, so directors desperately need new unit members with large inventory orders. Former directors, please give us your thoughts on these pointers.

Tips for New or Growing Directors

Unit Size Matters!

One Third of your Unit will order and the average order is $200 so if you have a unit of 40 then expect 13 to order and that will be $2600 base production.  How to increase the average?  Teach them to sell.  How to increase your base production?  Increase your unit size.  Simple Math!

The Moral Compass of a Mary Kay Sales Director

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Written by SuzyQ

I want to talk to you about being a Mary Kay sales director. We are not all monsters. There are some who are monsters… and those women should not be allowed to work with people anywhere. But for the most part, something happens to a normally decent, smart and loving human being when she becomes a director with Mary Kay Cosmetics.

There is so much stress in achieving the position in addition to learning new things everyday about how the company really works and pays. There are many things that are not discussed.

Unsuited: The Reason Why I Never Became a Mary Kay Sales Director

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 Written by MKDV24

For the majority of my Mary Kay career, I was a “sales only” consultant in a high producing, top unit. And even though I wasn’t interested in doing anything more than selling Mary Kay products, I still attended my director’s weekly unit meeting.

Rain or shine, snow or sleet, I never missed a week. I was loyal and attentive. I took notes, and contributed by providing sales ideas. I could recite every single booking script put in front of me. I was a consistent seller – thinking like a retailer.

For Mary Kay Sales Directors Who “Stumble Across” Pink Truth

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Written by SuzyQ

Dear Directors,

Many of you have “stumbled across the Pink Truth website” and have read with horror and anger some of the posts and responses. Someone used the “watching a train wreck” metaphor and that is pretty descriptive. I did the same thing not so long ago.

I was bored and googled “negative Mary Kay” and found enough reading material on a variety of sites for several days. I was stunned. I ended up reading everything on the Mary Kay Sucks (now Pink Truth) site.

The Ethical Pink Truth Director

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Written by Raisinberry

One of the common denominators shared by “career path consultants” on Pink Truth is how they know they are responsible for the decisions they made in Mary Kay, yet they still feel as if they were “led” and manipulated, by the “do what your Director says” training they absorbed “sitting at the feet” of their upline.

Some people want you to think that our concerns here at PT are abnormal and do not reflect the “opportunity” that the majority of Mary Kay Directors have experienced. This has intrigued me on many levels, since so many want to blame MK Directors for what has happened to a great deal of them as if they hadn’t an ethical bone in their bodies.

Sales Director, Please Stop Telling Mary Kay Lies

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Written by PinkyMcStinky

This is the final letter I sent my Mary Kay sales director, who told me she felt hurt when I decided to quit. I needed the closure of this letter, and it felt good to speak my mind!

Sales Director,

I understand that you FEEL hurt. I FELT the same way when it finally and fully occurred to me that this “opportunity” was built, and unfortunately continues to thrive, on outright lies, half-truths, master manipulation and the fleecing and frontloading of brainwashed consultants. But what I’ve FOUND is that the joy I have in sending back thousands of dollars of product, and the knowledge I now have of how MK and all other MLMs destroy people’s lives, and the intent I have of encouraging everyone I know to stay out or get out of them will enrich my life forever.

My Observations on Mary Kay’s 2% Club

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Written by Raisinberry

The farther away I get from my resignation date, the greater the clarity returns.

Any great lie always has a bit of truth in it – else it wouldn’t be so easy to “sell”. One of these is that “carrot” held high above the Mary Kay Consultant’s head described as “being a 2% er”.

The 2 percenter represents that woman who is so rare and wonderful; she is Martha Stewart, Lara Kroft, Mother Theresa, Julia Roberts and Oprah all in one. And believe it or not…  this woman wants to be a Mary Kay Sales Director. It’s the only place where all her gifts can be utilized!