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Become a Mary Kay Sales Director in One Month!

Ridiculous.  This entire document is ridiculous. It’s supposed to be an instructional document on how to become a director in one month. There is absolutely no instruction to it. There are no “how-to” hints. All it does is tell you that you should want it enough, bee-lieve in yourself and work hard.

Really? Gee. Work hard. That’s all? Because the thousands of women who visit this site each day worked hard. But they didn’t make director in one month. Continue Reading →


No Executive Income in This Mary Kay Area

Today I’m ranting again about the lack of the “executive income” in Mary Kay. Oh, I know the arguments by the Kaybots…. but what if women really don’t WANT to make an executive income.

I dunno. I heard so many women recruited with the promise of executive income and I heard so many women in Mary Kay talking about wanting to make an executive income… that I believe there are many, many women in Mary Kay who would like to be able to do it!

The fact is, almost no one is making that executive income. If they say they are, they’re probably lying. Continue Reading →


Sales Directors Who Think They’re Doing the Right Thing

I think many Mary Kay sales directors have convinced themselves that they are “working ethically.” That they’ve made themselves believe that there is nothing wrong with the Mary Kay pyramid scheme and nothing wrong with the fact that almost all women will lose money in Mary Kay.

Here is an example of just such thinking. This Mary Kay sales director thinks she’s doing the right thing by “only” having consultants purchase $1,800 or $2,400 of inventory when they start. Even though we all know that “part-time” consultants don’t need that much.

The email I received: Continue Reading →


Directors, You Are the 2% That Keeps Dreams Alive

Another one of those nauseating emails circulating amongst Mary Kay sales directors.  Are you convinced about how fabulous being a director is? Well it is! Even when you and 98% of the other directors aren’t making a decent living! Don’t forget – God wants you to sell Mary Kay and recruit more victims.

Dear Directors: this was on my heart this morning so I wanted to share.

Give yourself lots of credit! You are the top 2% of our entire company in Mary Kay out of thousands of women! Do you know how blessed you are that God chose to work through YOU to touch other women’s lives through Mary Kay? Not everyone makes it to Director- but you have! Not everyone is trusted by God to make a difference through offering the opportunity to women to change their lives- but you ARE! Continue Reading →


Where Did All the Debt Come From?

Written by Pinkpeace

How many times have we heard it or read it? “No one put a gun to your head to make you go into debt.” Well, technically Ms. Kaybot, that is a true statement. Nearly 13 years ago at my inventory talk, I don’t recall my sales director pulling out her .45, placing it at my temple, and removing the safety.

What I do recall is her insistence that the very best way to run a Mary Kay business was with a “full store.” That was a $3,600 wholesale order, and with tax and shipping, it was around $4,000. Continue Reading →


Do Sales Directors Depend on Others For Their Income?

In Mary Kay, the pyramid-toppers want you to believe that you control your own income. That you don’t depend on others. If you want a raise, you just go out and get it for yourself. You, as a director, can control your income with the amount of activity you do. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Directors are almost completely dependent upon others for their income. The idea that they can “just sell more” or “just recruit more” is not as simplistic as they make it seem. The director is dependent upon others being willing to open their checkbooks or lay down their credit cards in order to be paid commissions. Dialing for dollars? Sure sounds dependent upon those who answer the phone. Continue Reading →


Do You Know What You Really Agreed to When You Became a Mary Kay Sales Director?

In talking with hundreds of current and former Mary Kay sales directors, it is clear to me that many of them didn’t realize what they were agreeing to when they signed their agreements.

It’s not because they didn’t read them before they signed them. It’s because after all the work they had done in DIQ, there was no way they were going to not sign that agreement and become a director. There was simply too much time and money on the line to not finish. And anyway… how bad could the agreement really be if 14,000 other directors had signed it?

But as I looked over the agreement, some things jumped out at me. I’m not an attorney and I’m not giving legal advice here. I’m just giving my understanding of certain parts of the agreement. I think you’ll find this interesting. See all the things you agreed to when you became a sales director… Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Like a Gambling Addiction?

A former Mary Kay sales director shares how her her story was like a gambling addition, waiting to hit the jackpot with the big commission check. 

My journey to the end began the day I was on the computer looking for something and I stumbled upon Pink Truth. It was a shock to see this because I thought everything about MK was great. It was like a splash of cold water. At first I was angry but I kept coming back because deep in my gut I knew there was some truth to what was being written. The doubts started. So of course I went to my SSD and she told me, “never look at that again. It is poison and it will ruin you.”

But I also knew the reality of being a MK director. DIQ was absolute hell. I said and did things I never thought I would so that I could be the “find a way, make a way” type woman and I naively believed that once I became a director, I would have arrived to all my success. Because most of the women I signed up that last month came in to do a one time order, I did not have a unit. I did not really have a team. I was also deep in credit card debt, because I made up the difference each month chasing the mirage of my MK dream. Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Sales Director Earnings: Less Than Minimum Wage

The hallmark of pyramid schemes (masquerading as something legitimate under an innocent-sounding name like multi-level marketing) is false earnings claims. We at Pink Truth know that time and again, research shows that more than 99% of people LOSE MONEY in MLM.

Nonetheless, practically all you ever hear about is how much money participants are making. And these claims are largely lies. When confronted with the reality that so many people lose money in MLM, the companies themselves resort to excuses like “women don’t really want to make money with Mary Kay… they do it for fun and as a social outlet.” Continue Reading →


Excess Mary Kay Inventory

Two of the biggest problems in Mary Kay Cosmetics are the lack of retail sales of the product and consultants and directors having large stockpiles of inventory. This issue was highlighted on ABC’s 20/20 segment about Mary Kay and Pink Truth. Watch below and then continue reading.

If this video doesn’t play for you, please watch it here.

When asked by 20/20 how Mary Kay knows “… that the product isn’t ending up in people’s basements,” Laura Beitler replied:

“Oh, trust me Rebecca. We know that women love to buy Mary Kay products over and over again.”

See what she did there? She didn’t answer the question. She was asked about products being stockpiled in basements, and the best answer she could come up with is that women buy Mary Kay products. Continue Reading →


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