How to Make $10,000 a Month After Only 6 Months in Mary Kay

Yet another bunch of “false claims” coming from Mary Kay Inc. national sales director Tammy Crayk. She calls this a “tried and proven” plan, and I would love for someone to show me ONE person who did this. I bet she can’t.

And even if she could, you’d be talking about one out of millions. Oh, I know. That just shows it’s possible. It’s not Mary Kay’s fault if all of you are too lazy to do it. You could if you really wanted to.

Well, of course, I disagree with that premise. Even if a plan like this is theoretically possible, everyone needs to know that it’s not even remotely probable. The chances of a consultant being able to pull this off are so slim, yet no one in Mary Kay will tell them that.

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How a Mary Kay Director Treats Someone Who Decides Mary Kay Is Not For Her

We’ve all heard that Mary Kay is for some, and not for others. That you won’t know unless you try. That it’s your business and you make the decisions. That some will, some won’t, who’s next. That you control your own time and earnings. That you can just give Mary Kay a try for a low, low cost, and if it’s not for you, then you haven’t lost much. That your director will support you in whatever way you want to work your Mary Kay business.

Until you decide to quit. No one is really supposed to quit Mary Kay. I think Mary Kay is like a cult. When you want to leave, they make it awfully hard. And if you do escape, they will shun you and tarnish your good name. Your director – – who pretended to be your friend while you were ordering products – – will suddenly turn on you and urge everyone to stay away from you. Continue reading “How a Mary Kay Director Treats Someone Who Decides Mary Kay Is Not For Her”

Just the Mary Kay Facts

Mary Kay Sucks
Mary Kay Sucks

Written by JTA

If you are considering ‘moving up into management’ in Mary Kay, ‘promoting yourself to Director’,  or even just getting started in the business, here are some facts that you might not be aware of.

Fact 1: The majority of Sales Directors make very little money.

To check this fact, you can do a couple of things.  One real eye opener is to ask the Directors you admire to provide their 1099s for the last few years.  They can easily access these from Intouch.  Some may argue that this does not provide a true picture of income since it does not show expenses.  However, even without deducting expenses you will be surprised at how low this number is. Continue reading “Just the Mary Kay Facts”

The Desperate Denial of a Mary Kay Sales Director

Written by Raisinberry

What I am about to say causes me the greatest heartache. The life of a current Mary Kay Director is one of desperate denial, and it is the saddest story to tell.

The old timers believe that the Mary Kay life they lived 20 years ago surely must still exist, and their loyalty to all things Mary Kay blinds them to the reality of who they have become, what they have done, and how far off the road they are from being that “woman of excellence” they pretend to be. Continue reading “The Desperate Denial of a Mary Kay Sales Director”

In Defense of Mary Kay Directors

Written by Raisinberry

Why Mary Kay still won’t work when you grow a conscience.

There is a part of this whole Pro-Mary Kay/Anti-Mary Kay debate that needs to be addressed that usually isn’t. In most comments, consultants share the nasty self-serving character traits of their Director, when probably 90% of Directors are actually good women, following a success plan that was taught to them by their National and Senior. Continue reading “In Defense of Mary Kay Directors”

Building Mary Kay Sand Castles

Written by SadNPink

 When I joined MK, it was to purchase the products at half price and maybe… MAYBE dabble in the business a little to make extra money. I never intended to really go full force into this business.

In fact, my husband told me two things before I plunged in: 1. Have fun. If you cannot have fun, then don’t do it. 2. This is a multi-level marketing business like the other two I had been in. Continue reading “Building Mary Kay Sand Castles”

Another Mary Kay Sales Director in Denial

One of our members responded to an email sent by her sales director, including her entire unit in the communication so they could see why she was quitting Mary Kay. This is the sales director’s response, complete with many Mary Kay-isms and fogged thinking.

I am saddened to know that you feel your experience in Mary Kay was not a positive one.  My experience has shown me that most who have complaints are people who choose not to work their business.  They do not show up for educational opportunities or put forth the effort it requires to run their own business.  Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone.  It requires discipline, pro-active work, problem solving skills, a positive attitude, and a willingness to generate business by talking to people about our products.  This business is not for everyone, and that is truly ok! Continue reading “Another Mary Kay Sales Director in Denial”

Become a Mary Kay Sales Director in One Month!

Ridiculous.  This entire document is ridiculous. It’s supposed to be an instructional document on how to become a director in one month. There is absolutely no instruction to it. There are no “how-to” hints. All it does is tell you that you should want it enough, bee-lieve in yourself and work hard.

Really? Gee. Work hard. That’s all? Because the thousands of women who visit this site each day worked hard. But they didn’t make director in one month. Continue reading “Become a Mary Kay Sales Director in One Month!”

No Executive Income in This Mary Kay Area

Today I’m ranting again about the lack of the “executive income” in Mary Kay. Oh, I know the arguments by the Kaybots…. but what if women really don’t WANT to make an executive income.

I dunno. I heard so many women recruited with the promise of executive income and I heard so many women in Mary Kay talking about wanting to make an executive income… that I believe there are many, many women in Mary Kay who would like to be able to do it!

The fact is, almost no one is making that executive income. If they say they are, they’re probably lying. Continue reading “No Executive Income in This Mary Kay Area”

Sales Directors Who Think They’re Doing the Right Thing

I think many Mary Kay sales directors have convinced themselves that they are “working ethically.” That they’ve made themselves believe that there is nothing wrong with the Mary Kay pyramid scheme and nothing wrong with the fact that almost all women will lose money in Mary Kay.

Here is an example of just such thinking. This Mary Kay sales director thinks she’s doing the right thing by “only” having consultants purchase $1,800 or $2,400 of inventory when they start. Even though we all know that “part-time” consultants don’t need that much.

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