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Do You Know What You Really Agreed to When You Became a Mary Kay Sales Director?

In talking with hundreds of current and former Mary Kay sales directors, it is clear to me that many of them didn’t realize what they were agreeing to when they signed their agreements.

It’s not because they didn’t read them before they signed them. It’s because after all the work they had done in DIQ, there was no way they were going to not sign that agreement and become a director. There was simply too much time and money on the line to not finish. And anyway… how bad could the agreement really be if 14,000 other directors had signed it?

But as I looked over the agreement, some things jumped out at me. I’m not an attorney and I’m not giving legal advice here. I’m just giving my understanding of certain parts of the agreement. I think you’ll find this interesting. See all the things you agreed to when you became a sales director… Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Like a Gambling Addiction?

A former Mary Kay sales director shares how her her story was like a gambling addition, waiting to hit the jackpot with the big commission check. 

My journey to the end began the day I was on the computer looking for something and I stumbled upon Pink Truth. It was a shock to see this because I thought everything about MK was great. It was like a splash of cold water. At first I was angry but I kept coming back because deep in my gut I knew there was some truth to what was being written. The doubts started. So of course I went to my SSD and she told me, “never look at that again. It is poison and it will ruin you.”

But I also knew the reality of being a MK director. DIQ was absolute hell. I said and did things I never thought I would so that I could be the “find a way, make a way” type woman and I naively believed that once I became a director, I would have arrived to all my success. Because most of the women I signed up that last month came in to do a one time order, I did not have a unit. I did not really have a team. I was also deep in credit card debt, because I made up the difference each month chasing the mirage of my MK dream. Continue Reading →


Mary Kay Sales Director Earnings: Less Than Minimum Wage

The hallmark of pyramid schemes (masquerading as something legitimate under an innocent-sounding name like multi-level marketing) is false earnings claims. We at Pink Truth know that time and again, research shows that more than 99% of people LOSE MONEY in MLM.

Nonetheless, practically all you ever hear about is how much money participants are making. And these claims are largely lies. When confronted with the reality that so many people lose money in MLM, the companies themselves resort to excuses like “women don’t really want to make money with Mary Kay… they do it for fun and as a social outlet.” Continue Reading →


Excess Mary Kay Inventory

Two of the biggest problems in Mary Kay Cosmetics are the lack of retail sales of the product and consultants and directors having large stockpiles of inventory. This issue was highlighted on ABC’s 20/20 segment about Mary Kay and Pink Truth. Watch below and then continue reading.

If this video doesn’t play for you, please watch it here.

When asked by 20/20 how Mary Kay knows “… that the product isn’t ending up in people’s basements,” Laura Beitler replied:

“Oh, trust me Rebecca. We know that women love to buy Mary Kay products over and over again.”

See what she did there? She didn’t answer the question. She was asked about products being stockpiled in basements, and the best answer she could come up with is that women buy Mary Kay products. Continue Reading →


Why I Had a Huge Mary Kay Inventory Stash

mary-kay-inventory-overloadThis article was written in response to a common question that has come up since the Mary Kay story aired on ABC’s 20/20 news program. Five Pink Truth members appeared in the segment. All were sales directors for years, something Mary Kay tells us is the picture of success.  This is the “top 2% of the company.” Why, then did four of them end up in debt and ultimately lose money? One big reason is the constant pressure to buy more and more products, even when you’re not selling enough to justify more orders. Pink Truth critics want to know why. Why were you ordering more Mary Kay inventory when you knew you were losing money and/or in crushing debt?

Written by PinkPeace

When disclosing the thousands of dollars in inventory that I maintained as a Mary Kay sales director, the most frequent question I get is, “Why?”

  • Why did I have so much product?
  • Why did I think I was going to sell all of that?
  • Why did I keep ordering, even when I clearly had plenty of product on my shelf?

Reason #1 – I thought Mary Kay was a real business.

Everyone had heard of Mary Kay Cosmetics and that sweet old lady, Mary Kay herself. She was like your grandma – if your grandma had big hair and had built a cosmetics empire. We knew about the pink Cadillacs and fur coats, and if we hadn’t already been to one, we’d at least have heard of Mary Kay parties. It seemed so innocent and kind of fun. Go to a makeup party to “try before you buy” and shop from the convenience of home. Who would have suspected that there was a dark underbelly to the whole pink enterprise? Not me. Continue Reading →


A Mary Kay Sales Director Faces Failure After 30 Years

This is the story of a senior director who has been with Mary Kay for almost 30 years. And what does she have to show for it? No retirement savings.

I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and I think it’s time I tell you all my story. I may alter a few dates to protect my identity since I’m still in Mary Kay.  I am a Senior Sales Director and have been in Mary Kay close to 30 years.

When I joined Mary Kay I was a depressed wife of a professional man who didn’t want me to go back to work.  I wasn’t very good at the housework thing but I did enjoy spending the time at home with my two small children.  I decided to join Mary Kay against my husbands advice.  He was worried that people would think he was failing if I had to go peddle cosmetics. Continue Reading →


Pink Cadillac Drivers Earn Big Bucks?

cadillacctsThe most clever marketing ploy ever instituted by Mary Kay is the PINK CADILLAC! It screams success. The general public sees a woman in a pink Cadillac, and assumes she is very successful and earning the big bucks in Mary Kay.

The sad reality is that most of the Cadillac drivers are making about $30,000 to $40,000 per year. That’s not executive income! And these women are in the very upper ranks of Mary Kay. Continue Reading →


Advice From a Former Mary Kay Sales Director

quit-mary-kayThis is the advice of a former Mary Kay director who quit, sent back tens of thousands of dollars of inventory and sent back her “free” car.

It has been almost 3 years since I returned my product, returned my “free” car and began my humbling journey of becoming normal again.  All those friend Directors?  Haven’t heard a word from anyone, even in my darkest times.  (With friends like that, yada, yada)

I see there are many newbies on here who are confused, considering and I hope that my post sheds some light on what I have come to realize about my 20 years in the business as a Director and help you with your own confusion….. Continue Reading →


Women Are Taught to Lie In Mary Kay

mlm-liesThis is the story of a former Mary Kay director who was taught to deceive women in order to get the numbers to move up. When her directorship finally ended, she and her husband were forced to put their dreams on hold while they recovered from near financial ruin.

Here is the truth and nothing but the truth. I have always tried to be straight forward and honest, but sometimes we lie to ourselves.  Well over the last few months I have come to see clearly some things I have lied to myself and others about.

I signed up for Mary Kay 2 ½ years ago just to get my product at cost, since I was using plenty of it anyway.  Well after doing some reading I found it was much more profitable than the MLM I was doing for 1 year before Mary Kay.  It also offered a lot more as far as support and training. Continue Reading →


Pink Truth and Mary Kay on ABC’s 20/20

pinktruth_on_2020Tune in to 20/20 on ABC on Friday October 2  for a story on the truth behind Mary Kay’s multi-level marketing “opportunity.” MLM is not a business opportunity, it’s a clever scam that has been made to look like a business. Host Rebecca Jarvis takes a look at long-time multi-level predator Mary Kay Cosmetics. Those on the side of MLM say you can make “unlimited” money on your own terms, while those who are on the opposite side have found that 99% of distributors actually lose money.

Four long-time Pink Truth members were interviewed at length for they story. They were all sales directors, and therefore part of the “top 2% of Mary Kay.” These women are part of the Mary Kay Cosmetics success story. Or are they? The truth is that the majority of the sales directors are barely making a minimum wage living, while some of them are actually losing money.

This story digs into the Mary Kay con that has been crafted and refined for over 50 years. Please take the time to watch this story. And if you have any friends or family involved in multi-level marketing, please encourage them to watch too.


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