The Mary Kay Way: Burn Those Bridges

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 Written by SuzyQ

Burn those bridges, ladies!  It’s the right thing to do!  Trust me!

Oh my.  Did anyone else hear those words in Mary Kay?  Of course you did, especially if you became one of the TOP TWO PERCENT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (that would be a director, of course), or at least in the company.  I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard “Mary Kay doesn’t like her directors to work.  It makes it look as though you don’t trust the company or the position of director.”

Why $10,000 Unit Production Still Does Not Give the Director an Executive Income

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mary kay executive incomeWritten by PinkPeace

Hello Lurkers and those still thinking that directorship is the way to real money in Mary Kay!  This is especially for beauty consultants who think that if they just can make it to the “elite 2% of all those in Mary Kay” they will have their ticket to financial freedom and flexibility.

I’m going to show you how a unit with production of $10,000 in a given month STILL isn’t much of a wage in Mary Kay. The vast majority of sales directors do not have production of $10K in a given month. They DREAM of $10K production, but they are probably going between $4K (the bare minimum to keep their units) to $8K (the bare minimum to have the sales director car without copays). Let me stress again, production of $10,000 in a month is very unusual in Mary Kay.

A Sneaky Way to Get Production

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Here are a couple of tactics that are used to help make production goals. There’s always a push at the end of the month for new recruits toward the goals, but a recruit without a wholesale order is useless. So here’s how to game the system.

The key is to place an order for the new recruit in the amount of $600, $1,200 or $1,800, and on a credit card that you KNOW will be declined. (Not too hard for the typical sales director with maxed out cards.)

Real Numbers on DIQ from a Former Mary Kay Director

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Written by Pinkslipping

Why do I share this? Because I’m not an exception to DIQ – I was the standard!!

Not to make excuses, but I was being led by my senior and her senior by with sayings such as “you are a find a way, make a way gal“, “you’ll never work as hard as you do in DIQ” and “the only way to fail is to quit“. Oh and my favorite line of all while I was in DIQ: “Your debuting unit is never the unit you have a year later“.

Another Mary Kay Sales Director Lying About Her Income

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Here’s what a current Mary Kay sales director posted on her personal website:

I also am an Indpendent (sic) Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. I quit my full-time job more than 2 years ago and I’m making an executive income while working from home with my Mary Kay business. It’s amazing and more info can be found through my website: xxxxxxxxxxx.

From Independent Beauty Consultant to Production Cow

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Written by Raisinberry

You never saw this coming.  This one is going to be painful. This is one for the “career path” consultant.  You are sitting down… that’s good.

This is a recap of your life in Mary Kay. Some of the facts will vary, but the general “technique” should open your eyes fully. Hopefully, today is the day, you see how it was done. And then you will have a decision to make.

You just recruited your first recruit and boy are you excited! Your upfront recognition is great and you get to pin her and feel excited for her all at once!

How Much Do Mary Kay Sales Directors Make?

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We at Pink Truth are very familiar with the often-uttered phrase “My director makes six figures!!!!” Women believe the hype that Mary Kay Sales Directors are making big money. So how much money is “big money” and how many sales directors are making it?

Here are the numbers, straight from the horse’s mouth. From a randomly selected Applause Magazine, we have the top 100 sales director incomes in each of the 5 divisions for April. These 500 sales directors represent the top 3.5% of all sales directors, and the top 0.07% (yes, way less than 1%) of all consultants in the United States. 

How to Make $100,000 a Year as a New Director

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Mary Kay nsd Cheryl Warfield tells women they can make $100,000 a year as a brand new Mary Kay sales director.

Cheryl uses a little Mary Kay Math to come up with her $100,000 figure, and of course, she pays no attention to the fact that the sales director has expenses that must be paid out of that fictional income! I love that her example was Allison LaMarr, who later became the most famous Mary Kay Failure. Here’s how Cheryl Warfield introduces the chart to her area:

20 Reasons I’m No Longer Pursuing NSD

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A piece written by our member JTA, a longtime Mary Kay sales director who came close to becoming a national sales director, and then decided to give it all up.

1. I really analyzed my offspring’s production – About 1/3 of my offspring are at Grand Prix level doing that production regularly. After expenses, as you can see from the info posted on PT, that Grand Prix directors do not make very much money, 20k per year at best. The other 2/3 made and missed production, mostly every other month. Many of these were actually placing HUGE 2-4k orders on the odd months themselves to make the production happen. Almost always, in my National’s newsletter, the majority of the top 10 of personal wholesale were from my future area. This is heart wrenching. It is listed to be celebrated, like their personal sales are so huge, but I KNEW then and KNOW now that they were not selling this much. The orders are placed simply to make production. Add to this that several of those do National Court of Sales. So they are celebrated for this, when behind the scenes there are major debt issues, warehousing of product, etc. Very sad.

The Lengths Mary Kay Directors Will Go To In Order To Make Production

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Written by JTA

Since transitioning out of the role of “NSD to be”, I have observed some very interesting and disturbing things with my offspring with regard to them doing fake orders to make production. These are things that have happened in the past but I either did not notice or chose not to face what was really going on.

I share this in the hopes that if you are doing any of these things you will see the futility and STOP. Or if you are a leader that you will notice this behavior and work in a positive manner with your offspring to help them to maintain their unit legitimately.