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The Dozen Deadly Mistakes Sales Directors Make

A national sales director offers more “advice” to sales directors, even though we know that little of it really makes a difference when you’re working in the no-win MLM system.

This little gem comes from a Mary Kay national sales director who has been begging her area to increase her personal income for the last year. (Yes, you read that right.) From her sales director newsletter:

I believe I’ve come up with a TOTAL AREA WHOLESALE number that will take us to DIAMOND CIRCLE (my commissions=$200,000) and INNER CIRCLE ($325,000) Let’s shoot for Diamond Circle this year as a stepping stone WHILE WE BUILD to INNER CIRCLE!! Continue Reading →


Top Ten Reasons to Get Out of Mary Kay Directorship

Written by Raisinberry

#10- No longer having to attend the annual clap and cry session in Dallas, awarding women for their ability to use multiple credit cards.

#9- To relearn proper spelling of words like, “bee-lieve”, Bee-come, Bee-long, Un-bee-lievable, bee-tween, bee-half, bee-no, un-bee-table….

#8- To develop intelligent language skills to replace, “awesome! dream big! pink hugs!love and belief!, fake it till you make it!, you bring about what you think about! and restore normal, thoughtful communication. Continue Reading →


The Real Cost of Mary Kay Directorship

Written by PinkPeace

Nobody tells you what it costs to be a Mary Kay sales director. If they did, no one would want this position. It’s the sales directors I feel sorriest for in this business, because they are squeezed from both sides in order to try to be successful.

The minute you finish DIQ (and girlfriend, I know you put in a whopping amount of personal production to make it happen), you are confronted with expenses you didn’t realize you’d have. Continue Reading →


A Letter to My National Sales Director

Written by Raisinberry

My Dear NSD,

The letter you are about to read is coming from the heart of every Director in your National Area, who has had a breath of fresh air long enough, to evaluate the reality of their business. Parts of this letter will be painful to us both, and parts will offer healing. When I review my career in Mary Kay, I am left asking myself some very hard questions and these questions I am asking of you as well. Continue Reading →


Never Miss Production Again!

Who would have thought that a Mary Kay director would brag that other directors “deserve” to earn $15,000 a year?

I mean, after all, if you’re working full time for $15,000 a year, that’s about $7.50 an hour. Doesn’t that sound grand? Boy. I can’t wait to be a Mary Kay sales director!!! But the below email suggests exactly that… directors deserve to earn $15,000 a year.

And the truth comes out! This director admits that if you’re getting monthly production of the minimum $4,000, you’re only making about $600 a month as a director. Can you get excited about that? Someone in Mary Kay is finally willing to tell the truth about this loser of an opportunity. (The email also mentions the real deal in Mary Kay… recruiting!) Continue Reading →


The Glory In Wilted Laurels

Written by Raisinberry

It occurred to me the other day that Mary Kay Ash transferred her unhealthy workaholic tendencies to thousands of women all over America.

What seemed like good counsel was her notion that each achievement one attains should only be celebrated, briefly, with the next goal clearly in view. I believed this whole heartedly. I won my first car in Mary Kay back in the days when they sent you a small car poster cut in 4 parts, and as each month of $4,000 wholesale was completed, then sent you the next part. Continue Reading →


The Myth of Stability In Mary Kay

A favorite passtime of many Mary Kay sales directors is bashing “Corporate America.” They refer to jobs as “J.O.B. – Journey of the Broke” and generally criticize the lack of flexibility surrounding traditional jobs.What they forget to mention is the steady paycheck, the benefits, the paid vacation, and all sorts of nice things.

One of the big fallacies they promote is that Mary Kay offers stability, while Corporate America does not. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, things in Corporate America can change quickly, and jobs can be lost. But Mary Kay is really the height of instability.employers offer to their employees.

Ask any sales director or former sales director. “Dialing for dollars” is a monthly ritual. Your earnings are based upon whether your unit has had a good recruiting month. You depend upon orders by consultants (usually for unneeded products) in order to earn your living. Continue Reading →


Job Description For a Mary Kay Sales Director

 This is another one of those writings that gets emailed ad nauseum from Mary Kay sales directors. News flash: The hundreds of Mary Kay sales directors who step down, quit, or are fired every month can vouch for the fact that directorship sucks.

It’s not really about leading or helping women. It’s about signing them up fast enough, and getting them to buy enough inventory, so that the sales director can “move up” and make more money. Continue Reading →


Premier Club Director Gail’s Earnings

I wanted to examine the income of a Premier Club sales director. There are about 13,000 sales directors in the United States, and only a few thousand of those are Premier Club or Cadillac drivers. When you make it to those levels, you are assumed to be doing well, as not many sales directors get there.

I did a sample calculation based upon the estimated income and expenses of Gail, an actual Premier Club Mary Kay sales director. She said that her Mary Kay business contributed a “significant portion” to her family’s income. That suggested to me that she must be approaching or at that “executive” level income. I was wrong! Continue Reading →


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