Lauren Wagner Is Still on the Mary Kay Merry-Go-Round

Written by Frosty Rose and Parsonsgreen

We spend a lot of time here talking about Jamie Taylor and her national area. Why? Is it because she’s unique? No. Does she stand out? Only in her wide-open social media presence.

Jamie Taylor is the living, breathing embodiment of the impossibility of getting ahead in Mary Kay or any other MLM. Even at the tippy top of the pyramid, Jamie continues to grind away, churning through recruits and directors, as the sand slips relentlessly out from under her feet. And she teaches her offspring directors this mode of being as well.

Let’s turn today to Lauren Wagner. If you remember, Lauren was a director when Jamie first debuted as a national. But she “took a step back to fix her faith.”

Yeah, right. She lost her directorship because she couldn’t make production. And now she’s back in DIQ, churning through recruits, trying to fill a bottomless sinkhole by pouring in more frontloaded new consultants. (See what DIQ was like for Lauren last time in this video.)

But her Mary Kay training in the cult of responsibility has seeped through every fiber of her being, and she can’t help but see her own fault in everything. Even when she spins it as God’s perfect will. She’s being told, “Every setback is a setup for a comeback.” She says herself that her failure is all a part of God’s plan. But God’s plan for what? To glorify a company that abuses women? To drive Lauren and her underlings even deeper in debt in pursuit of Fame, Fortune, and the Title of NSD (which Jamie proves is not as secure as MK would have us believe)?

There’s not a single thing in the Bible I read that would support this level of prosperity doctrine. And there’s quite a bit about not leading others astray, not lying, and not cheating. Nowhere does it say “Take God as your business partner,” or “Pray like it all depends on Him, but work like it all depends on YOU.” I’ve never read anything about God caring what my title is, or whether I wear close-toed shoes. I would feel really sorry for Lauren if she weren’t perpetuating this crap to the people around her, online and undoubtedly in person.

Lauren, you don’t look grateful and energized. You look tired and overwhelmed (not with gratitude). I know little kids will do that to you. But so will grinding away day after day, building a castle in the sand that will crumble the second you stop to breathe. Take my advice, quit while you’re less behind.

And for those who are considering Mary Kay as a viable business opportunity, ask yourself this. At what level of the pyramid can you reasonably expect some kind of security in your position?

Consultant? They’re a dime a dozen.

Director? Lauren lost her directorship, along with 11 other directors in Jamie’s national area since her debut almost two years ago.

National director? This year, Jamie’s area will have to start keeping up with minimum requirements in order for her to keep her position. From the outside, it looks fairly certain that she won’t be able to do so.

All that work, all those lies, all that manipulation. It will all vanish like mist in the wind. And corporate will have made a hefty profit on all the extra orders made to give the illusion of success.



  1. Jamie, I know you read here so I’m just going to address this to you. This is your fault. You were so hell-bent on making NSD that you didn’t care who you had to manipulate and rush up the pyramid or what kind of financial hell you left them in afterwards. I’m sure you treated Lauren like stepped-in dog doodie when she lost her title. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that you’re the one behind her getting back on the DIQ hamster wheel, because you’ll lose your precious title without enough offspring directors. You suck.

    And MK sucks worse than a supermassive black hole, and those suck so hard that the laws of physics break down.

    • Jamie Taylor and all of her ilk are DISGUSTING. You talk about “empowering women” and uplifting each other and all the things…. and you know how the downline is suffering and not even making a living. Gross.

    • Jamie “did unto others” as “the others had done unto her.”

      She was in the right place, at the right time, under the right circumstances. Young and attractive, surrounded by gorgeous friends who were also cut from the same “cheerleader/beauty queen/college girl” fabric.

      A pretty Pied Piper.

  2. If MK truly cared about women they would have a process in place where you could pause your production requirements when you needed to focus more on your family and not your “product sales” or recruitment. All they care about is your star order.

    • Yep. No maternity leave, sick leave, disability leave. You can’t even take a sick day or play hooky, you have to be on and working 24/7 and projecting sunbeams and buttercups.

      • Yep. None of that for consultants.

        OTOH, check out all these wonderful benefits for the Mary Kay work force. This is easily found on Google which links to the MK official website. (Fact check) If I were a consultant, I’d be wondering:

        – Does MK not like us?
        – Not value our time as much as others?
        – Maybe we’re not who we think we are to them?
        – Is it because MK consultants are mostly women and not worth the extras?
        – Do they care if I don’t resell all my inventory? Does it even matter?

        Medical/Dental/Vision Coverage
        Short- and Long-Term Disability
        Flexible Spending Accounts (Health Care and Dependent Care)
        Life Insurance/Accidental Death and Dismemberment
        Tuition Assistance
        On-Site Training Opportunities
        Holiday Bonus
        Product Discounts
        FREE On-Site Fitness Center (Corporate and Manufacturing)
        FREE On-Site Health Clinic (Corporate and Manufacturing)
        On-Site Mammograms, Flu Vaccinations and Health Screenings
        Mother’s Room
        Tobacco-Free Campus
        Profit Sharing
        401(k) Plan
        Vacation Time
        Floating Holidays
        Parental Leave
        Personal Time

        *I know how MK works, and that all MLM companies are scum. Recruiting MLMers are party to the crime, wittingly or not. The above post is “food for thought” directed toward consultants, and for effect.

        • Damn, sounds like having a dreaded 9 to 5 job at Mary Kay has way more perks than Directorship! LOL

    • 100%.
      For a company that claims to put God first, family second, career third, surely they could waive directorship quotas for periods of illness or family leave. Mary Kay isn’t even paying the directors during this leave time, they’re just not getting as much money out of them as usual.

    • Amen. If the company truly puts Faith above Career, then when she “took a step back to fix her faith”, MKC would not have taken away her unit during the time she needed to repair her faith or whatever.

  3. Lauren, please consider. If you keep having to “take a step back” from being a director, maybe God is telling you something other than what you think he’s telling you.

  4. It always blows my mind how many of these MLMs, particularly MK, abuse and misuse faith. “I’m fixing my faith.” No, hun, you’re manipulating your beliefs to fit those of a cult mentality. There is nothing wrong with your faith, yet MK will FORCE you to believe that something IS wrong with it, that you HAVE to fix it. The religious abuse Lauren and so many others have experienced and continue to experience is sheer blasphemy.

    I also have a bone to pick with the “Take God as your co-pilot” line. The co-pilot (also known as a first officer) sits in the right-hand seat in the cockpit and is NOT the one leading. The PILOT, sitting on the left, is the one leading. So if you’ve taken your god as your co-pilot, you put him/her in the wrong seat.

  5. Tracy added that video of Lauren’s last DIQ experience after I submitted the article. I just watched it and, gah, that was painful! Remind me to never do that again.

    • Lauren’s in the process of reorganizing her apartment. She and her husband are trading their bedroom with the kids playroom. The closest in the new playroom will be her office, makeup area and PRAYER ROOM. (Per insta stories)

      • So not only are the kids losing their old playroom, the new one is going to be part of mommy’s playroom. That’s going to affect the amount of time that they can spend playing in there if mommy is being a Tippy Top Director Boss Babe who needs peace and quiet to Work Her Biz.

  6. “OK, God. I hear You and I’m being obedient this time.”
    “God does His best work when we are obedient.”

    Oh, please. Just stop. I’d love to know what Lauren means by “obedient.” I suspect she’s just repeating what’s being whispered in her ear by her up-line.

    Lauren needs to get away from Jamie, Megan, et al, who seem to be hooked on money-hungry fakers such as Steven Furtick, Michael Todd and Greg Groeschel. False Teachers and a False Gospel.


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